How to Position Your Hands on the Steering Wheel

How to Position Your Hands on the Steering Wheel

[TITLE: HOW TO POSITION YOUR HANDS OIN THE STEERING WHEEL | PASSING A ROAD TEST SMART] Hi there smart drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test. Another quick tip for road test smart—steering wheel hand position for
the purposes of a road test. You must keep both hands on the steering wheel at
all times unless you’re driving a manual. The only time you can take your hand off
the steering wheel is when you need to shift. So shift the gear, and then
immediately put your hand back on the steering wheel. As a driving instructor – if
I had that on a recording: “two hands on the steering wheel driver!” Every time – two hands on the steering
wheel for the purposes of a road test. 10 & 2 or 9 and 3: either of those is
acceptable. As well, current theory is that it’s 8 and
4 – down here at the bottom. Unfortunately on this steering wheel on
my on my Honda CRV, it is not comfortable because the steering wheel is broken up
here. And i’ll take a picture of that and show it to you. So that it’s not
comfortable down here. The reason for 8 and 4 is air bags. If the airbag
deploys, its not going to injure your arms—your forearm. So the reason —10 & 2—up here is perfectly acceptable. For turning corners… hand-over-hand – so bring your hand over
and I’ll do a demonstration – I’ll show you how to do that. You can do
hand-to-hand, but in many circumstances it’s just too slow. Hand-over-hand is
much quicker and it’s perfectly acceptable on a road test. As well, when
you come around a corner and you turn, you don’t have to manipulate the
steering wheel back. Simply open your hands, keep your palms in contact with the steering wheel – when the steering wheel stops coming back, simply close your
fingers. I’m Rick with Smart Drive Test. If you
like what you see here share, subscribe, leave a comment down in the comment section. All that helps us out. Remember, pick the
best answer, not necessarily the right answer. Have a great day. Good luck on your road
test. Bye now. [CLOSING CREDITS & MUSIC]

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  1. How far do you move the steering wheel? My first class I was completely lost with how far I had to turn the steering wheel on different types of turns.

  2. Very useful videos.. They helped me a lot to get my driving license.. Thank you very much for all your kindness

  3. I did very things well but I full because I have my method to hold the wheel. I very upset. is there rule obligation to hold the wheel?

  4. my driver instructor said i should go 10-2, but i've been usually doing 9-3 and it's more comfortable that way… also he said that instead of opening the hands to let the steering wheel back, i should do hand over hand again?

  5. Does the position of my thumbs matter at all? My mom is concerned because I don't grip the wheel with my thumbs much at all but I didn't know if that really matters or if it's something they will notice when I take my test?

  6. Thank you for this video because i was wondering for any Road test where i put my hands on the steering wheel

  7. Hello sir, I'm 16 and I'm looking to get my G2. Problem is, I'm not sure how the driving instructor wants me to steer (the steering method.) Is a way that I MUST use for the test?

  8. My daughter failed when she let the wheel correct itself!! Both hands are NOT on the wheel – this guy contradicts himself!

  9. Im glad this is the proper way i need go do my license an was unsure of my techniques i appreciate the info an hope i pass my test later this month

  10. I have a two spoke wheel, 3 and 9 is the best position, for three spoke wheels 2 and 10 is best position, for four spoke 2 and 10 as well.

  11. Place your hand at 9 and 3 that way should you need to swerve your hands can turn the wheel better and you know when the wheel is centered again. I also use the matching hands position when turning it is as fast as any if you keep on turning. The thumbs should be on the front of the steering wheel not tucked around the wheel. You have a better grip that way. Never take you hands from the wheel for hand gestures to your passengers when talking.

  12. Driving correctly and according to the law is not only required for the driving test they are requirements for the life of your driving. Including stopping at stop signs, not keep rolling because you did get there first and obeying speed signs.

  13. If you can't remember the speed you're in just look at the road conditions. Is there a center divide? Are there side streets? Are there house drives directly leading to the street? Is there 2 way traffic? How many lanes are on the street? Is there street lighting? Match these conditions to the speeds and remember what they are.

  14. I am a bit confused, if you can help me with my question it would be grateful. Anyway my question is, am I allowed to like let the wheel slide on my hand, so it can be aligned. Because multiple people told me to do that, and some told me to keep my hands on and go the opposite way.

  15. A lot of people say to use hand to hand on drivers test but I find it difficult to do. Just wanted want to make sure hand over hand is okay in California.

  16. In certain states if you let the steering wheel slide they take points off. I know someone who took the test last month and failed. Ridiculous I think!

  17. Next summer I’ll be taking my class 5 advance road-test. All these basic tips will be a great help to me. Your videos are my refresher course.

  18. Hi, I live in NYS and am very concerned as to whether or not I’m allowed to use the hand over hand method of steering. Some of my friends say it’s ok, and others say it’s not because you have to cross your hands while doing it. I don’t know who to believe. Please help!!

  19. I have a road test next my question is what should we do when a garbage truck is front u we have to follow truck or we can

  20. What position do you think is best personally? I think 10 and 2 works best for me. Praying I can keep both hands on the wheel during my test haha

  21. When you turned left you let the stearing wheel slide in your hands here in qld it s a fail you have to control it at any time

  22. Hello Rick! Tugging on the steering wheel is my problem. I tug on the steering wheel during shifting(not much, but I don't want to get used to it). Since you're a good instructor, could you please tell me how to release this bad habit? Maybe I grip the steering wheel tightly? Thanks in advance! Regards: Nikosz from Hungary

  23. Thank you Ric for all the videos.. it’s really helpful and good job to you. I passed my license in surrey, BC. And thank you for advice of hand over hand technique.. ☺️

  24. Hi! I have a question that I am getting different answers for. When making a right or left turn, is it okay to let the steering wheel straiten itself out or as you put i the video, letting the steering wheel "come back" then closing your hands? Is this okay to do on an ICBC road test? I'm from Kelowna British Columbia and my road test is a week away so I need your help with this! Thank you!

  25. Hello , I find your video absolutely helpful , Thank you. I have my driver's test tomorrow morning and I have pretty much everything down , I just need to practice more my left and right turns , What driving drills do you suggest for me to do in order for me to improve on my turns ???

  26. Can I drive with hand position 12 and 6? My stearing wheel is like yours and its very comfortable to drive like that, but let me know if that's an ok driving hand position, thanks. I hope you see this immediately, because my road test is tomorrow, and I'm a good driver, but I'm not use to driving hands positions at 10 and 2. Also, any other advice you can give me would very appreciated. Thank you.

  27. I tried to do hand to hand on my road test, but the examiner said it’s not allowed and should always be hand over hand, well I tried my best. My friend who took it same day with a different instructor said that they didn’t care about hand to hand. I’m sad 😢

  28. Hi Rick! At 1:15, there's an addendum to always keep the hands on the outside of the wheel. Could you explain in more detail? Thanks!

  29. Hi rick I’ve watched a lot of your videos, but I e just subscribed today.
    my road test is today, and your videos have been very helpful.
    I just need to relax. The people I’ve had driving with me say I can pass I just need to stay relaxed.
    Hopefully I’ll have good news later.

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