How to post an ad for Cars in OLX

How to post an ad for Cars in OLX

Yeh olx pe bech do. Wohi se Badi le lo
Hello OLX pe trucks bhi mil sakti hai.
You know, there is something for everybody,except for Sentiment.
Sentiment, gaadi toh chala nahin sakte tv toh chala do!
How to post an ad for a Car Download the OLX mobile App or visit
Click a picture of your car Catchy title likho
Mention the price And Post your ad for free

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  1. i want to know how buyers shipped the products . i want to buy a piano which is listed as in mumbai , i live in rajasthan , i can meet the seller but the problem is how will i transport it to rajasthan , any help ???????
    any one ??????

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