How to Powder Coat – A Demo From the 2016 Summer Classic Car Show – Eastwood

How to Powder Coat – A Demo From the  2016 Summer Classic Car Show – Eastwood

what we’re doing today I’ll start with
this is our coding we talked about this with powder coating
system some of you guys are familiar with the
powder we were the actual innovators of the DIY
system back in 97 we brought it out we can sell in this unit we’ve had other guns and analysis are in
and out of the line over the years this is about you know basically the
staple what it is is powder is actually over eyes plastic there’s two chemistry’s there is
polyurethane polyester that’s what is it’s a dr form so what happens on here your particles
are applied to the peace it’s applied to the piece of a drive for
him with the gun and then it’s he cured in the oven the power go through transformation will
turn to a solid to a gel State not a true liquid but a gel State and then
back to a solid matter then you have your final cure it’s in the about 400 degrees it’s in
the oven it could be in there anywhere from 20
minutes to a half hour depending on the size of the piece what you end up with powder and one of
the benefits is the flexibility this is just some aluminum foil that we
had done just try Rumble that up and then spread it back out if there were
any type of liquid coating you won’t be able to do that would actually do
laminate off the surface yeah another thing you have with it from these Springs will do one of these
today powder-coated 10 minutes later you have this type of durability also the
impact and chemical resistant . 3 brake fluid m EK doesn’t affect the powder
some cleaners like we found is the the bleach type white wall cleaners you have powder on your wheels it may
download a little this is how you take care of its our
power policy just brought this out simply use a microfiber rag friends that
brings the gloss right back up so this is the gun itself what we do here the powder is filled
into this canister we’re running air in here comes down here actually fluidised
suspend suspend the powder in air comes up and out the nozzle on the end of this
emitter here when you hit the button is about 15,000 volts now it’s down around 20 micro amps it’s
about equivalent to a shock off the doorknob if you didn’t touch it but what that does is ionizes the air at
the size of a golf ball in front of this nozzle the powder comes out picks up
this high voltage charge and then goes to a ground an object so some people
think it’s electromagnet some of the things just pure magic but it’s actually electrostatic charging
the particle has a negative charge and it’s going to a ground that object to
anyone out there with electrical theory that doesn’t seem right but it’s the
same reason lightning will hit the ground and trick the same principle so we’re going to do this timing chain cover we’re doing a
translucent red which is a prouder that looks great over any type of polished
surface this is how easy it is just going to
transfer fill the cup about halfway and then on to the gun yeah you wanted you could yep so out of the system on the floor
here we plug it into just a 120-volt outlet we have a grounded grab clip here which
is going to go on your part and then this is what puts high voltage to this
emitter so that’s what you see you release the
switch you can touch your matter if i hold the
switch Botox is the matter who gets shocked so yeah so the part prep is no different than if
you’re going to do a nice quality paint job we’re going to wipe the piece down with
our pre-painting prep which is a solvent face and some clean rag we don’t pay for this so we spray it
like it’s free yeah what we’re doing here is removing any
grease oils this was plated so you’re going to have some residuals on it what we’re using for this demo today
that little toaster oven there I like just taking a tack rag as your
final right before even if its liquid pain or powder and a tip with these
things don’t get the tack rag that you’re going to find at home depot or
hardware stores down from a paint supplier there is a difference between using
these when you’re walking piece of furniture or wiping off of metal
substrates all we want to do is just pull anything out of the hangar here
that may have landed on it that’s it now we’re ready so i got the ground that
object here it is we’re just going to run about 10 psi to
the gun so it falls on the floor here on this gentleman’s bike we could simply
blow off with a blow gun or sweep up I hold the button which again energizing
the emitter just aim towards the part you don’t need any technique watch how close my eyes that’s how easy
this is what you do want to do theoretically stop and just check the
piece you’re just looking for light spots you see any just go ahead and hit
them the powder itself is considered a
nuisance the same as what sold us will be so you
can wear just a small the cotton dust masturbate get see we have enough
ventilation this anger it’s not affecting them that’s it now if this were liquid paint I’d be
carrying a wet edge and try not to run down these side areas here with the
powder the parts only going to take so much powder build about three mills and
then that’s it you’ll just notice moreover spread if I decided at this
point shit that’s the wrong color simply take
the blowgun blow it off wipe it down again start with different
color I thought it’s just exactly so what we’ll do what we’ll do now we’re going to put it
in the oven we have the oven already preheated at 400 400 F you’ll see in
probably two minutes just going to go to its gel State you’ll see it go from this matte finish
to a high gloss once that happens this is this how easy
it is to powder we’re going to watch that happen once
the entire piece goes to that the loss gel State we set our timer for 20
minutes you go ahead you clean up work on
something else in the shop your timer goes off it comes out once it’s cool
goes back in service so you’re not worried about 24 hour cure
anything with the liquids while that’s happening there I want to show you what to do one of
these Springs so this is just a little rack we made
oven rack just something to hold it somebody wants
to try this more than welcome here here’s color
change yeah you just blow the gun out that’s it now we have we sell other bottles and kits anybody wants the starter kit i’ll give
you one of these for free you can buy a gun over there it’s great to have the extra bottles we’re going to use black on that spring yeah I like doing this fine at home I just
shoot out of the same boat as you you know we could dump this back in and
clean it no time for that so back on the gun get our ground clip I’m going to go right onto the spring
this time and then once I coat the whole piece i remove that ground claim just
hit where that was now this is this electrostatic I didn’t hit this side yeah but because of the wrap and the
attraction is the side that was facing you guys now coated so what I want to do
this little area inside its well yeah and that that’s the night that’s why i
like to it you stop now you look into ok i’ll hit those spot and I just take my time and hit those once everything is covered I just hit
where my ground clip was how did that change there’s there’s our
flow out so once this entire piece you look at
your oven once the entire piece like that we go
ahead and set our timer what we’re going to do for this demo is
I’m just going to pull it out we’ll throw this one and you’ll see it it will
be cooled down and that firm now the translucent to go right over
from play college balloon and polished stainless with with the same and even as what was on that little for
was not stop nothing was done today swap just put him on top a gentleman asked if we need to scuff
the any of the chrome plating of the substrate the answer is No that’s that well let this one in here the same thing
that black now is this same it’s the same high gloss the same as this one is what’s going to happen every what you
have what’s on there now you know is that satin doll look on
there that’s the beauty with powders you can tell right away when it goes to jail
state the reason for that gel State there’s cross-linking same as your
things your to catalyst for you to 2k up liquid coatings what it will do each particle when it turns into the gel
bonds to the particle side of it and then to the substrate and it goes
through its final cure that’s what gives powder the adhesion chemical properties
impact properties that it has a temperature yes what the temperature is 404 her
Fahrenheit yeah the valve cover yeah this is actually this is a
reflective chrome that we’re offering powder and this was done hear there’s a
tape line there so yeah you can it’s just a chrome
player yeah but what you do yeah and with that is exactly what this
is this is high temp fiberglass so it can take the blue is more for your fine
line if you want to do some you want to explain or something like that to just
slide out with this tape duct going to get the whole thing you know that’s what
great question yes yes up would you take the whole thing out this
is your new masking paper now so that’s what would happen if you cure yep wake up foot so you would have this
will be your new masking then run your tape line same thing if you have any areas where
you have holes yeah and i just saw the boy away if you have any threaded holes where you
didn’t want powder high temp silicone plugs same thing they go in your powder
the peace throw it through the cure let it cool
down come out and remove the plugs whatever powders on this silicon simply
rub with your fingers here and flakes right off so these are reusable this is now this
is just a safety wire you don’t want to use a coat hanger
because coat hangers or lacquer coated and in the oven that laughter what
withstand temperatures this is just stainless wire this is that what you used to hang stuff
if you want to lose you love me back there you don’t have to set everything on top
of the oven rack you can hang stuff underneath them you didn’t want anything pieces up
pieces that you didn’t want you to see the oven rack the hamburger lines in it simply hang
underneath big help now you what we recommend is used an old
electric kitchen size of it that way you can get an 18 inch wheel in there ok ok yeah it’s not a lot well yeah that’s the thing is you know
the only thing that limits you now is decide yeah it’s cheap because that the powders
here these are like seven ninety-nine yeah about eight dollars for a half
pound this will do to valve covers of a small block chevy for eight dollars so you can go down to Home Depot or pep
boys to get a7r can of paint for the same price you put the durability of
powder on it so I’m thinking of a number what’s the number i’m thinking up all right he gets it I what’s what was the theory of how did I
want to see because even pay attention anything I said how is the power transferred to the
piece electromagnetic is like there you go we also have a I’ll get
both you guys these are great if you want to pick the guns that we got
specials going on today I think it’s like 10 or 15 but I don’t
want to load yet but we can ship you that you these guys are from Oregon that’s the starter kit gives you powder
the high temp tape we talked about the plugs everything in there these are the is it a new colors that we launched we
have all of your standard colors for restoration and customization we have
your bare metal finishes so if you want to replace the spindle or something like
that we have what looks like a jackass we have cast aluminum steel stamp steel
but then yeah no no these are additional to this
this is your base colors these oh this chip chart itself we’re looking to get some made right now
this is the only one we have this is just for today yeah or you can buy each of the colors
and do it yourself you can buy each of the colors from some powder your own
cases I didn’t think something any questions what I do like doing them so you want to do a lower a-arm your
suspension can put in something that’s really going to get hit it’s gonna be
under abuse their I will blast that last one aluminum oxide make sure you get
everything off of it now when you put the powder on their
think of it at the at the microscopic level the profile that is going to look
like a little mountain range when the powder same thing is liquid when the
power goes to its gel State it’s going to level that out but it’s
going to grab in each of those peaks and valleys and that’s what gives you that’s
the everything green you see on here is powder in something like this this is our are matte black this is a
nice casting on here so the same thing Luke you look at that profile that’s
going to be that’s where you get all of your occasion for the powder yeah yes this gun here let you do three colors so
you can go ahead you can do this trans blue and then say
you wanted to have some accents just go and read you go ahead and do the
blue let it cool down tape off you know aluminum foil maska spray your red here
that come out and then you can put you under clear everything you can also do process set them East we
came up with back in the nineties but taken on by industry now it’s called hot
flocking you put a piece in the oven this is just a chrome piece you put this in the oven get it up above
280 app so you put in the oven at 400 sitting there for about half hour bring it out spray the part the powder
will melt right on for the part then you go back in the oven for a final
clear in front of your body now at that point you don’t need it yeah
that’s what you use that your final when you think they’ll do up a aluminum
intake manifold say for a small block Chevy or Ford about this size fits nice
and kitchen oven last it powdercoat whatever color you want put
it in those things take about 40 minutes to cure just because of the casting is such a
heat sink just soaks up the heat the powder flows out you leave it for 20
minutes bring it out now you have the gun all
set up with your clear spray the clear on and you see it the clear is white
form but then it turned so up you know water clear the whole thing you just see
the clear happening done spray put it right back in the oven for 20 minutes
makes it quick and easy in about an hour you can have the whole thing done and
then you let it cool down any other questions or anyone want to
try it now rust now because the rust will start
the laminating under your powder and elite but if you do need to do any
smoothing we have a product called metal to metal which with Stan’s 500 degree so you can put that down as your filler
or bondo level it’s and it level it to everything you need then powder

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  1. How many are you giving away to people who watch the video, my number guess is 5😀. Nice looking product. Thanks for taking the time to show us.
    Have a nice week.

  2. I would love one to teach my son how start working on powder coating his only 16 an i will do anything to keep him out of streets ..his my only boy thank you I would of appreciated you would help me out thanks again ,from Texas ..

  3. I found this video very informative, thank you. I am in the UK, and researching table top ovens all of them I find listed online only go up to a maximum 230 degrees. You mention 400 degrees and I see yours shows 400 on its temperature dial. How critical is the 400 degree temperature or would 230 be OK? I'm guessing it would be a high cost to ship your oven to the UK, and then there is the voltage issue so that's a no no. Your advise would be most appreciated, thanks. Alan

  4. my biggest question is engine components. if it only 280f to melt it, then whats to stop it from remelting again. when it heats up?

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  8. I know this is an older post, I refurbished a VW early in 2000. I purchased the Eastwood system and did all the parts I could fit into an electric oven. I had a lot of fun with the project and the Eastwood people was accommodating. I want to start the Hobby again but gave away all my equipment years ago. I want to do my own bicycles and small projects that no one else wants to do, can wait to get started again with Eastwoods help and powders.

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