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  1. i have watch a lot of video,but i like yours because the viewer gets a  chance to see the ground work that is   needed,

  2. I have clear coated aluminum wheels, how can I remove the old coating without hurting the machining marks? I just want to re-clear coat, I don't want to paint them, is that doable?

  3. i guess taking your time is key my wheels are snowflake wheels i have 5 one has curb rash so that will be the test piece. complete color change they are silver and grey going to black and sunburst orange

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  5. Whenever I do this then paint them I still see the areas I've sanded? How can I avid this? Am I sanding with too much pressure? Ps I'm an amature not a pro

  6. What kind of sanding pads are those for angle grinders? Can't use wire wheels on aluminum so wonder what I could use. Instead of sandblasting which I will probably do since I got a compressor now..

  7. This guy's english is just fine,,maybe those that cannot understand needs to go back to school and brush up on their english..english is english no matter where you go..accents change from place to place but if you open your ears and pay attention you can understand whats being said !

  8. i have allow wheels. it's pretty brand new no scratches or deep gash. do i need to sand it to prepare it for spray painting? thinking of just using the primer and spray painting it afterwards using rustoleum or duplicolor

  9. hi gun man i refurb wheels as a job and ive started getting a few wheels come back flaking where the paint hasnt adhered to the primer what would cause this my process is clean with panel wipe, sand damage,key with red scotch and clean with panel wipe again,prime sanded areas with rattle can,dry and sand with 800 grit,clean again(panel wipe)and spray colour two coats then clear two coats any suggestions would be great i follow those steps every time

  10. Good advice about the adding of rocket! I have just done a set of wheels and got a few run marks on the edges, I tried to blow them out best I can by adding more clear, still not 100% but a little better.
    Great video too 👍 you should do more wheel videos as there are very few on youtube and all usually done with aerosol.
    Good work as always, keep it up 👍

  11. Hey great job on the rims! Btw how much paint do you use per set of rims? Paint and Clear coat. Thanks

  12. Everything's fine dude …but is it your real voice or it comes out of an Electrolarynx?..In all your videos you sound like that.

  13. I have a set of mint shape bmw rims that have oem paint and clear coat on them. I want to paint them a different colour, do I have to strip the paint and clear coat down to the metal before applying primer or can I Just rough up the clear coat with 300-400 grit sandpaper and then apply primer?

  14. Finally a video that doesn't try to complitacte things and explains everything simply! I haven't got a spray gun but unsure I can get a good enough finish if I'm carefull with a can. Thanks for sharing

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