How To: Prepare Your Vehicle For Fall

How To: Prepare Your Vehicle For Fall

Hey everybody—Roger here from O’Reilly
Auto Parts with some tips on how to prepare your vehicle for fall. But before I get into
that, I wanna give you an opportunity to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already, so
you don’t miss out on any of our new content. When temperatures start to get cooler, it’s
a good opportunity—before it actually gets even colder—to do some basic maintenance
on your vehicle. If you live in a warmer climate, you may not have a harsh winter to deal with,
but this is still a good time of the year to give your car, truck or SUV a good once-over.
Let’s get right to it! A good place to start is a thorough cleaning.
You may have done a spring cleaning, but you’ve probably used your vehicle a lot over the
summer, and now’s a good time to dust, vacuum, wipe down the consoles, armrests, steering
wheels… and clean those windows. Not to mention that a good wash and wax will help
protect your vehicle’s exterior from whatever weather you might see in the coming months. Checking your tires before driving in the
added precipitation of fall and winter will keep you from slipping around. Be sure to
look not only at the tread, but also the tire pressure, to make sure it’s at the inflation
level that’s recommended by the manufacturer. Your tires could mean the difference between
staying on the road and NOT staying on the road. Get a partner to help you check all the exterior
lights on your vehicle: headlights (don’t forget both high and low beams), tail lights,
turn signals, hazards, brake lights, and any auxiliary fog lights or light bars you might
have. As you know, the days are getting shorter, which means you ARE going to be driving in
the dark more, so these exterior lights are essential to your seeing the road and other
drivers seeing you. It’s recommended you change your wiper blades
every six months or so. This is partly because they wear out, and partly because not only
do spring and fall happen about six months apart, but those are also the seasons that
typically feature the most precipitation. So, especially if your old blades are streaking
or smearing, cracking or splitting, new blades will make navigating this season that much
easier. Turn on your defroster and heater to make
sure you’re not only getting a good stream of air, but that the air from the heater is
adequately warm. It’s common for passengers in a vehicle to make windows fog up as temperatures
steadily get cooler, so it’s essential to have a way to see clearly. This is also an
ideal time to consider changing your cabin air filter to keep the air inside your vehicle
clean. Maybe it goes without saying, but before winter
sets in, have your battery tested to make sure it’s got the juice to keep you going.
Believe it or not, it’s the heat of summer that wears a battery out, then when the cold
sets in, the weakness of a battery can be exposed. Stop by an O’Reilly Auto Parts
store—we’ll test your battery for free and help you find a replacement if needed. If you’ve noticed your brakes not working
as well as they should be—or as well as they used to—we’ve made a couple of videos
that could be helpful to you in determining what could be going wrong. We’ll show you
what to look for if you physically inspect them… how to do a brake job yourself…
or in some cases, you may decide to take your vehicle to a professional technician. Issues
in the hydraulic system or in the pads and rotors—or drums and shoes—can cause a
number of symptoms that can become dangerous if they’re not addressed. Fall is also a time when a lot of people choose
to do an oil change, since the heat of summer has calmed down but it isn’t super cold
yet. Oil changes are recommended by vehicle manufacturers at specific intervals, and the
type of motor oil you choose is also a factor. It’s a good idea to head into cooler temperatures
with a clean oil filter. Lastly, this is a great time of year to check
all your fluid levels, especially your antifreeze. You should also check the water-to-antifreeze
ratio. We carry simple testers that make this a pretty easy thing to determine. If it isn’t
time for an oil change, at least check the oil level, and make sure you have plenty of
windshield washer fluid. You might consider choosing a fluid with deicer to help with
light frost or ice. And that’s it. Your vehicle should be ready
for fall! You’ll find everything you need for this and other jobs at your local O’Reilly
Auto Parts store or Our DIY videos are designed to help answer
questions we get in our stores every day. If you found this one helpful, subscribe to
our channel to get all the latest. We’ll see you again soon.

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  1. "Maybe it goes without saying, have your battery tested to see if it has enough charge?". That's the MAIN THING I got from this vid. I don't think that can be said enough!

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