How to Prevent a Rollover in Your Car, Old School Scotty Kilmer

How to Prevent a Rollover in Your Car, Old School Scotty Kilmer

rev up your engines,
before I started my YouTube channel 11 years ago, I used to do a TV gig, yes it was called
crank it up, here’s one of my old shirts don’t make fun of the name,
I did that on CBS TV for a couple of decades and people are always saying Scotty whatever
happened to those old videos you did, well I dug around in my messy garage and found
a bunch of these old videos, so here’s some old school scotty,
some tips on how you can keep your SUV upright in this mornings crank it up,
are you worried about your SUV rolling over, look out,
so before you find yourself upside down, I’m going to give you some tips on SUV suspension
systems, so before you take off on some wild and crazy
summer trip, here’s some tips, the first thing to check
is your air pressure, if your vehicle has the wrong tire pressure it can easily flip
over when you corner hard and if you have a newer vehicle like this 2006 ford explorer
what this, we’ll let some air out of this tire and the
computer in this vehicle will know that this tire is low on air,
when you start the vehicle, it gives you a warning with a light and with a read out,
now if your suv doesn’t have a tire monitoring system, check the tires when their ice cold
first thing in the morning and put in the recommended amount,
this tire is 30 pounds per square inch, and if you haven’t already purchased an suv but
your looking, make sure the vehicle your looking at has
some type of stability control system, ford calls theirs roll stability control and
here’s how it works, there’s an electronic gyroscope inside the
vehicle that measures the angles the vehicle is driving at 150 times a second, if it sees
a problem, it lowers the power of the engine and it can brake any of the different wheels
to make the vehicle sit straight again, this system is totally automatic if you start
cornering too fast, the computer realizes it, and you see this little light where the
car skids come on, that means that the system is activated itself and it will keep your
vehicle stable, now normally that light will be turned off,
the system is still working but when it activates itself the light comes on to give you stability,
then when your done, it turns the light back off,
but the system is still watching, now many cars have anti lock braking systems since
the early 90’s, this is a much more complex system though it uses the anti lock braking
system but it also lowers the power of the engine to keep the vehicle stable using very
complex sensors, so if you want to have some safe fun driving
your suv, steering’s a little loose,
now you know how to drive safely in your SUV because it’s a jungle out there, this is scotty
kilmer helping you crank it up, just woke me up with that t-shirt of his,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. So, Scotty, are the roll over systems better now? You were a cute young boy back about then – no crows feet no squint so no shades.

  3. Yea….. my '01 Mountaineer rolled liked it was made to do it. Dead stop, crank the wheel and floor it. Looked at my passenger and said "We'er going over." Thanks to Scotty, I now know better.

  4. Now we know once up on a time Scotty did not mention Toyota. Such a relief. Humor aside the highly skilled Scotty has mastered the mechanics of Motor Vehicles and thankfully shares his expertise with everyone on youtube. Can't help but look forward to his every video.

  5. Scotty, you have the same 5 gallon drums of used oil sitting in the same exact places alongside your driveway and garage… it’s time to clean up the yard a little bit!

  6. tractor trailer trucks actually have this " anti roll " feature if turn too sharp brakes come on but thing is if you push too far it can roll…

  7. Wow OK Scotty is an O.G. in the automobile game. But it looks like that's the same garage and house from the most recent videos…nice. Old school for really real.

  8. It’s so weird to see a car that you own be used in a video by Scotty. I own a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT V6. I also own a 1998 Acura Integra LS sedan manual transmission with 340,000 miles on it! Scotty you should make a video on an Acura Integra.

  9. Wow, I bet you don't miss those days where you had to make videos for the local yokel TV station. Now you're on your own and ALL OVER THE WORLD!

  10. It's all become clear now. Scotty is the human version of a 90s Toyota Celica. Dude's immortal! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  11. The best way to avoid a rollover is don't buy an SUV. They are roll over death traps. Amazing they're allowed on the road.

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