How to Prevent Vintage Auto Theft : Using Steering Wheel Club for Vintage Auto Theft Prevention

How to Prevent Vintage Auto Theft : Using Steering Wheel Club for Vintage Auto Theft Prevention

Hi! I’m George Stonebrook for Expert Village
here talking to you today about preventing theft to your vintage car. We’ve talked about
many ways of keeping a car from being taken. One of the easiest ways of course is removing
the keys. The things you might not think about doing is perhaps the newer cars come with
a locking steering columns but in cars this vintage, there is nothing that locks the steering
wheel itself. So anyway a car can come out of gear or park, that car could be driven.
One of the things that is on the market and available is a device called a steering wheel
immobilizer. They have names like the club.Most of them are made out of a very difficult to
break steel. An idea is to clamp them around the steering wheel itself and then reach down
to where the brake pedal is thereby eliminating the movement of the steering wheel. Some of
them are lengthwise so that the steering wheel can only go a certain vintage, can actually
go around and some of them are just made so that the steering wheel can’t move at all.
That is just one of the issues that has been corrected. One of the small things you can
do to prevent your car from being stolen.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. hahaha! "Remove the keys" Search for Mighty Mods and see the video about making a killswitch – will cost $1 and take 5 mins to do yourself.

  2. Older cars have solid rod steering wheels that take long to cut and are hard to cut even with bolt cutters.. Most all of these useless junks can be picked way faster! I actually used the club I found under the seat from one stolen car to "pry off" the club on another car. If that wasn't bad enough, I never noticed the car was parked in front of a substation. I was driving away when I seen the Sheriff logo on the car next to me…

  3. You can cut through a shitty club too so long as you have a cordless recip saw.
    Wheel clubs are garbage.

  4. lol if anyone buys this this crap wheel lock theres something you should know
    1. its called a bump key.
    2.any theif just needs to buy one of the following .
    the club the crap lock in this post and a few others.
    all from walmart.
    3. take the keys and cut em down into bump keys .
    4 a hockey puck or screw driver .
    5, a nice set of auto jigglers (store bought or homemade.
    6.35 seconds
    this kinda crap is laughable…
    buy a real system for your car not one of these things!!!!…

  5. best anti theft device ever 2 pit bulls in the back seat with the rear window rolled down a lil for them too breath

  6. @emusylate I agree, it's like the lowest pedestrian level of thinking, treating people like they are children.
    Why should we take this guy's "expert" advice on car theft prevention when he is driving an Edsel the classic all-time lemon…?! LOL

    By the way, is there a Dummies Guide To Reading Those Dummies book yet? LOL

  7. @xXventanaXx I knew a guy who made a good living selling a fake anti-car theft kit at swap meets. It was only $20 and included a fake Club bar, alarm system warning stickers to put on windows, and a small red LED blinking light to glue to the dashboard.
    Since 75% of The Club's success rate is based on being a deterrent, many thieves see The Club and move on to easier cars. If they see a fake one? They move on to easier cars. Badda-bing!

  8. this is very lazy made LOL i can picture myself in the crew having no idea or plans to make this video, so we borrow a friend dad's old car and just talk for 3min about self awarenesss. very impressive.

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