How to Program Toyota Transponder Chip Key: 4Runner, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Sienna, Rav4, etc.

How to Program Toyota Transponder Chip Key: 4Runner, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Sienna, Rav4, etc.

– Welcome to Tomahawk
DIY everyone. I’m Mike. Today we’re gonna take a look at a Toyota Sienna, and programming a key. This is a 2008 Toyota Sienna, it has a transponder chip
in the end of the key. We lost ours. The dealer said that they
wanted about 150 bucks to make a new one. We were able to find a key shop that could make one new
one for half that price. Then I ordered on Amazon a
replacement transponder key. I’ll include a link in the description. You can order these. Then you just have to get
the key cut at a key shop. A whole lot less money. And it’s really easy to program. So let me show you how to do that. Now, I want to point out as
well, the clicker button. This is a separate device. This is the fob that
opens and closes the locks and undoes things, opens the door, rings alarms, that kind of stuff. I’m gonna put a link for this as well. I’ve got a separate video that
shows how to program these. So again, buy the parts on Amazon follow the instructions in these videos. This works, not just for the Sienna, but also for a lot of
other Toyota vehicles in kind of that mid 2000 range. Please leave a comment if you use it and it works on a different vehicle. And I’ll try and post those
down in the description so folks know what makes
and models and years, which Toyota vehicles it works on. So let’s take a closer look. All right, first, you need to make sure you’re using a master key and not a valet key to program from. I’ve got, I’ll show you the difference. There’s two quick and
easy ways to find out. This is a valet key. It
will not open the glove box. (key clicking in lock) It doesn’t turn the lock. And this is a master key. (key clicks) It does turn the lock. You need to be using the master. So that’s one way to tell. Let me show you the other way. All right, the other way to tell if it’s a valet or a master key, is to find your blinking light. It’s kind of a security light. In this vehicle it’s on the dashboard. Looks like a car with a
black key in the middle. Sometimes it’s a blinking light that will be over near your
radio, just a little red light. This is a really important
trick to be aware of because when I first tried to do this, I didn’t know about the trick. This is really important to know because if you try to program with a valet key, it’s not going to work. So you see the blinking light here. The blinking light is just
above my finger, right there. So when you insert a valet
key, this is a valet key, that blinking light will stay on. See it stay on for a couple of seconds? Then it turns off. That means it’s a valet key. If we insert the master key,
it won’t stay on at all. So insert it, doesn’t turn on. So again, here’s the valet. The light turns on for a
couple of seconds and stays. And insert the master, no light. So once you’ve confirmed
that you’ve got a master key, you’re ready to do the programming. And just to show you that
there is a transponder chip, I’m going to take my master
key and turn the vehicle on. (engine starts and car door chimes) Okay? Vehicle turns on, you can hear it. (Key clicks in the ignition
and car sounds cease) I also have a key that doesn’t
have a transponder to it. This will unlock the doors,
but it won’t do anything else. It’s not going to turn the vehicle on because it’s missing that chip. It’ll try to for a moment,
but it just won’t turn on. (engine sputters and stops) All right, so now that we’ve confirmed we’ve got a master key,
I’ve also got my blank. It’s important to know that this is a 4D-67 transponder key. That’s the code. I’ll
include the link on Amazon. It fits in here. As you know I haven’t
cut this blank already. I’m gonna get it programmed, make sure it’s turning on the car, first. And then we’ll get it cut. We’re gonna take this. So, it’s important to note this is a time-sensitive operation here. Within 35 seconds we’re going
to insert this five times, and then we’re gonna open and close the driver door six times. So, in order to start, we need to make sure our door is closed. (door bangs shut) Okay, got my driver’s door closed. No keys in the ignition. Gonna turn my timer on here. All right, here we go,
we’ve got 35 seconds. One, (key clicks in the
ignition repeatedly) two, three, four, five, leave it in. Do not turn it on. Open the door six times and close it. (car door opens and bangs shut repeatedly) One, two, three, four, five, and six. Okay, within ten seconds, you’ve got to insert the
key to be registered. And now, within 60 seconds
our flashing indicator light, security light, see how it’s flashing? It will stop flashing. Okay, it stopped flashing. There we go, just under a minute. So with that, our key’s programmed. We’re gonna remove it. Okay, you see how it’s flashing? Now, obviously, it’s still flashing here. My key, this being the blank,
it can’t turn the car on, but it’s going to stop flashing when I insert it, just
like the master did. I put it in, it stopped flashing. See the light stopped? Pull it out, it’ll start flashing again. That lets you know it’s working. So, to demonstrate, I’m going to take this one that wouldn’t
start the car earlier, Turn it on- I’m gonna hold
this right next to it. (key clicks in lock, car
engine and door chime start) There we go, and the car starts. (key clicks, engine and chimes stop) So there you have it, pretty easy to do. Just kind of like playing
those old Nintendo video games where you get the secret
code, A, B, B, C, up, down, left, right, start,
stop, that kind of thing. Just doing that with your vehicle. Now I’ll just have to
go and get this key cut. I programmed the transponder first because I wanted to make
sure it was actually working before I went to the effort
of getting the key cut. I’d appreciate it if you
buy your transponder keys through the link in the video description which is an Amazon affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything more, but Amazon sends a little bit of the money from the purchase to Tomahawk DIY which then helps go towards
the mission of Tomahawk DIY to help people build better lives in some of earth’s most
dire circumstances. You can read more about
that on the website. Thanks for watching. Have a great day. Remember to leave a
comment if you use this on a different year and model
of Toyota or other vehicles, and I’ll try to update
that in the description. Thank you.

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  1. This is a great video for those who are about to duplicate their master key to secondary key. But better if you may upload some video in the same instructions manner in which you should demonstrate how to program a key when all keys lost.

  2. I just bought a new key transponder at amazon, do you have the programming instructions for toyota camry 2003?

  3. how did u find out about how to program the key (the ignition insertions and opening door within a certain time frame) ?

  4. Are you sale the transponder keys?
    Please let me know if you so?
    I am trying for tundra 2012
    Last question can you program the key with no vehicle present?

  5. I saw this video and would like to know if this method works for 2004 Alphard I do have a master key but the chip is lost because the holder was broken leave only the metal and it won't turn the vechile on

  6. Is the programming procedures the same for Avalon,Camry and others Toyota model and from what year to what year? Thanks

  7. my key lost inmy house fire, I have a new key, any one help any information how to program it, my car is Toyota Avensis 2002

  8. Hi, great demo. I have to do this with a key that has the remote lock/unlock as part of the key – no seperate remote. Once you go through the transponder process, does this programme the remote function as well? Thanks.

  9. Say I send my car for servicing and I left him my master key. Wont that allow him to duplicate my transponder chip using my own vehicle to steal it later? There's another video that shows you how to duplicate the remote also. Both remote and transponder could be duplicated and that's scary. This video is useful but it also leaves open the possibility of car theft. I guess from now on I'd rather give my mechanic the valet key instead.

  10. Hi Mike. I was programming the keys on my 2007 Highlander but when I was almost done, I screwed it up. Don't ask… lol. But can I start over with this key or do I have to order new ones now? Thanks for your instructions.

  11. Dude u rock I ordered 2 keys from Ebay some time ago came with Instructions on how to program the doors open close but i couldn't start the engine until i followed you instructions and u can add 2008 Toyota FJ to your list thanks.

  12. 2009 Rav4 “dot” key that I bought on EBay for $35, didn’t work. It was said to be Genuine Toyota, but after the procedure the light was blinking (I even waited for10 minutes once). After doing this 3x I notice after doing the procedure, 30 seconds in with the new key, I hear a thud noise. Does that noise mean anything for it failing to register the new key? Update: I came across this. Does anyone know if this works to delete entries?
    Delete all keys other than present master key
    1. Make sure all windows are rolled up and all doors are shut.
    2. From outside the car LOCK the car door with the key.
    3. From outside the car UNLOCK the car door with the key.
    4. Enter vehicle and close all of the doors and do not lock them.
    5. Start the car’s engine.
    6. Turn engine off and remove key.
    7. Simultaneously depress and release brake and gas pedals 1 time.
    8. Place master key in the ignition lock. (DO NOT TURN ON.)
    9. Within 15 seconds press and release the gas pedal 6 times.
    10. Within 20 seconds, forcefully press and release the brake pedal 7 times. The Security light will blink.
    11. Within 10 seconds, remove the master key. All other keys should be deleted from the car’s computer.

  13. Hello- I have a 2008 Matrix. It requires the same transponder that you are doing demo on. But… I don’t have a red light that comes on when I stick the key in. Should I just keep it he blank key in for 90 sec? And than vomit it cut ? Worse case I lose $9 bucks. Thanks!

  14. I have an old set that no longer works, bought a new key from the dealer that got lost. Question: can the old master key, with the old programming, be re-programmed by this method, or do I need a blank?

  15. This is what is called the "chicken wing" procedure for programming keys. Yes, it does work on mid-1980s cars. Newer cars require Techstream.

  16. I tried this on my '06 Rav4 and there's no light in the dash at all. Any idea how to program if i can't see it? Thanks in advance!

  17. Needed a new key for a Toyota Yaris and had it cut at the local locksmith. I also bought a transponder from e-bay and put them together and used your method to program it. Worked first time. Thank you for the info.

  18. Hi we lost both master keys. We have the locksmith made one then my daughter bent the New key and we start all over again. All Keys won't work, I have another locksmith do it and he messed up some more. We finally took our Toyota rav 4 to the dealer first they said $480 come back tomorrow, the next day they told us $690 and they could not do it. Now they said $2,400 gran. It's Xmas time and we Don't have that money. They said they will Change the whole computer system. I THINK they're scamming us. I bought a transponder on line. I think I will try what you did.. do we need the master transponder in order to start the car?

  19. Thank you for the video
    You say open and close driver door, what about UK cars? Driver on the right side, is it still driver door?

  20. Hi will this method works for Toyota Aygo 2005 car. I have ordered a transponder key from Toyota and I have to program myself as they would charge.

  21. This worked beautifully on a 2007 Toyota sienna. Your checks for master key were right on. Unfortunately my master key won't open the glove box or pass. door. Assume new keys were programmed at some point. The key I copied did shut off the security light. Many thanks and all the best.

  22. I have 2 keys fr Toyota vehicles not horrible my truck was told it can be used if I just program at the dealer it's a 2006 tundra would this method work either the 2 keys was told Toyota keys a all the same and it's originally Toyota key not aftermarket .

  23. Thanks so much! I locked my keys in the car recently and now wanna make a master copy! I JUST got my blank transponder key in the mail today! So excited to try it!

  24. I have a Toyota Sequoia, 2001. Will this procedure work on this and will I be able to program this from my master key?

  25. Hi Tom !! Are the Toyota Transponder keys better than the ones that are not? And I Noticed that on some Toyota keys they have a letter on them like a O or H or C what does that mean??….

  26. Question went to a locksmith made some copies just for the doors and none worked does it need transponder too for doors

  27. Worked on a 2007 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition. An essential instruction is that you have 35seconds to complete the key inserts and door actions!!

  28. I have 2015 camry,
    it didn't work for me, I followed all the instructions and steps.
    Can you advise. …

  29. Hi, Can I reprogram a used/already programmed key on 2017 toyota tacoma used key from another vehicle, or a used key must be unlocked somehow? I am using Techstream.

  30. Turn those tunes a little louder I can still hear you barely…just kidding- good video but the music..oh boy

  31. Anybody know how to program the the auto door locks on a new 06 Scion TC key. Plenty videos on the chip that starts the car but it's a two part job.

  32. Don’t work on my 2009 Corolla manual XRS ?!?
    Many YouTuber use this method but tried it many times and the programme mode don’t come on!?!
    Is there another sequence for my car model?

  33. I am going to keep the chip in my regular master key on my key chain but I have removed the chip from the the second master key and I will put the chip inside of some small incognito looking thing, like a small vehicle air freshener and then hide it (possibly in plain sight) in the vehicle away from the antenna ring, I still want the added security. I also have a non chip key in my wallet and will stash a non chip key outside the vehicle.

    That way if I lose my regular key I will not have to pay hundreds to get a copy, just pay the regular $2 for a copy.

    The Transponder chip doesn't have to stay near the antenna ring around the key socket, it just needs to be there to start the engine then it can be removed (I personally tested this).

  34. I have a 2017 Toyota 86 base. How do I get it programmed. I got the key on EBay. It's a flip key. I got it cut it unlocks and licks door after locksmith tried to program it. He said. My car already had 4 registered programmed keys, that I needed to remove the chip from one of my spares. Will it work ?

  35. Good Video! Have you lost your car emergency blade key? Do you want to know your key code? This video for you! (:

  36. Do you know how to pair a blank transponder key without software for an 09 Corolla? It has no buttons, is already cut and has a chip

  37. So, @Tomahawk DIY, as you can see below my first attempt worked perfectly. I decided that I would want a spare so I got another. This time though was a different story. Did it exactly as I did the first time but after 4 tries it wouldn't start it.

    Is there a limit on transponder keys? This would be 3 total that I have now with my original broken key.

    Any advice or insight would be appreciated!

  38. How do I know what type of key I have? It just has a dot on the key. I followed this video for my Toyota Sienna 2010 with a G replacement key, but it didn’t work. Thanks in advance!

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