How to program VIN after ECU swap.

How to program VIN after ECU swap.

(sharp beep) – [Narrator] Hi, Dan
here, from Today, I will show you a
little video about Toyota. This one is a Toyota Corolla O7. a common problem on Toyota and Lexuses, ECU would throw a transmission code, and it will not ship properly. I’ve seen, actually,
some with a VAP issue, so the ECUs do go bad
on these, fail often, and when you do replace one of these, you get one from a junkyard,
the car will not start. I have a video, actually, several videos, one of them, some of the older
ones, you can actually swap the E-prompts from one to another. That will swap the number, and that will also swap the immobilizer information. Some newer ones, like this
one, it has a processor. You will not be able
to swap the E-prompts. Processors are super hard
to swap, so don’t even try. I have a video on how to program. What you do is just install a new or a used ECU in the car, 30 minutes. You’ll have to short out
OBD, and 30 minutes later, the ECU will be programmed to your car. Immobilizer will be programmed,
it will start the car. Now, the VIN number on
this, you will still have to write the VIN, because
you will not pass the DEQ. So, since I already
programmed the computer, shorted it out, if you do
need to know how to do that, go to, and there’s a video, ECU Immobilizer Program. Otherwise, once you’ve done
that, get the VIN number. You will need a scan tool to program. This one is a snap-on, so
pretty simple, nothing fancy. And you will go to VIN Read-Write. And once you’re programming,
it will not program if the car is running, so
when it says ignition on, make sure it’s in the ignition on. I already did the programming
of this VIN number, but I will show you that you
can just read off the VIN, matches my VIN now, it’s good to go. Otherwise, when you do VIN Read and Write, it takes a while. And then you push VIN Write. And then, obviously, it
gives me a good current VIN. You just say yes, and then enter the VIN. So, thanks for watching. Like my videos, subscribe, comment.

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