How To Properly Prep Car For Paint Correction – Audi A5 – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Properly Prep Car For Paint Correction – Audi A5 – Chemical Guys Car Care

As you can tell we’ve brought this Audi inside. We’re going to start with the claying process. We’ve already inspected it so now we’re going
to clay it. After we washed it we removed all the surface
debris but it still feels and sounds rough. That is all the impurities stuck in the pores
of the paint, now we’re going to use our Clay Block cleansing system with Clay Luber to
remove all of that. The Clay Block is a synthetic rubberized material
and using the Luber to lubricate as we remove the contaminants. This is a big job and we only have this car
til the end of the day so we’re bringing in another hand. We have Joe, all the way from Canada, who
wanted to help us with this Audi. So we’re going to get started and then we
can roll into the next step of polishing. After a clay bar service we have removed the
surface contamination to revive that smooth feeling and now we’re going to move on to
the polishing steps. For polishing, we’re going to use the TORQ
10FX with an Orange Pad and V36. This is a great cutting combination for minor
scratches and swirls. This car has holograms which is a fine amount
of scratches clumped together, so to remove them we’re going to work the polish back and
forth in straight lines. That’s going to even out the clear coat to
reveal fresh paint. So once we’re done polishing we’ll seal the
paint to bring back the shine of this black Audi. Like I said we have the TORQ 10FX set up with
an Orange Hex-Logic Cutting Pad using V36 but first we’ll shake it up. This mixes all the chemicals together to give
us the perfect shine. The micro abrasives refines the paintwork
to show fresh paint. After applying five dime size drops to the
pad we’ll spray it with Pad Conditioner which lubricates the pad to reduce friction and
it is also lubricating the chemicals to give it the proper amount of time to break down. Lets start off by dabbing out the polish in
the small section we are starting on. Blotching it out on the door is where we’ll
start. On the lowest speed setting we’ll spread it
out and we’ll also keep the cord away from the paint. The car looks amazing after using V36 with
an Orange Pad. Javier you did a great job for being your
first time polishing, most of the scratches and swirls are gone. The holograms have been removed to really
show that shine. Now we have this deep reflective black shine
and now we need to protect it since we’ve opened all the pores of the paintwork. We’re going to apply JetSeal to lock in all
the work we have done to add shine while repelling any kind of stains, UV rays and water spots. So using the 10FX again and a Red Finishing
Pad which is meant for applying glaze, sealant and wax to ensure a fine bond that will buff
off easy since you are using less product. Same thing, we’ll shake it up and apply five
dime size drops to the pad then we can spread it on the vehicle. We’ve given JetSeal about fifteen minutes
to bond to the surface and now, Javier, we’re going to buff it off using these Happy Ending
Towels. Why aren’t we using the other towels? Good question, the reason we are using the
Happy Ending Towel is because they are ultra soft and plush, also they have a laser cut
edge which prevents scratching. These towels have been on these carts for
a long time so they are abused and we don’t want to add new scratches in the freshly polished
paint. Again, we’ll place it on the paint and gently
work back and forth while avoiding circular motions as we pull off the JetSeal. As our final step, we are going to wax this
beautiful Audi. Using the Black Wax with a UFO Applicator,
just melting some on to the applicator and dabbing it on the paint. Javier see how I’m just gently dabbing it
on the paint and then working back and forth in straight lines to apply an even coat. So following our five tips, we started by
showing you the inspection process on this Audi. We checked the paintwork to show you it has
scratches, swirls, oxidation, a repaint and holograms that needed to be addressed while
we polished. Moving on to the clay process we used the
Clay Block which can be used on any painted, shiny or clear surfaces it made the paint
feel super slick. Then we rolled into polishing to remove the
paint imperfections to bring back this mirror like surface. Applying JetSeal locked in all the hard work
we did which protects the paint for up to 12 months against water spots, UV rays and
harsh elements. Finally, finishing it all off with this Black
Wax is really going to make it pop. It’s pushing the paint over the limit to give
it a super reflective shine and added protection. So if you guys want to learn more about these
products go to our website If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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  1. I have always been curious, how often can you use a polisher to remove swirl marks and minor scratches? I would assume the least you do it the better because you strip the clear coat.

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    Your number one fan


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