How To Protect And Shine Classic Car – 1955 Chevy – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Protect And Shine Classic Car – 1955 Chevy – Chemical Guys Car Care

Previously in the Detail Garage we washed
this 1955 Chevy using EcoSmart which took care of all that light dust and the finger prints. Also I cleaned up all the chrome using Butter Wet Wax
to give it a high shine and a durable protection. Now we want to finish off the rest of this car giving it more gloss, more depth and more shine. I’ll be using E-zyme which is the most pure
carnauba wax you can get. It’s going to coat this car very nicely and
give it an overall warm glow. So to get started I have my E-zyme and you
just need to apply it to an applicator, work it back and forth, let it dry and then buff it off. So as I had mentioned E-zyme is the most pure
carnauba wax that you can get. All you have to do is get it on your applicator
and then work it back and forth in straight even strokes over the entire vehicle. It takes about five to ten minutes to cure
and then you’ll buff it off with a clean microfiber towel. So you want to be sure to go in straight even
strokes back and forth over the entire vehicle, no circles because that is how you add
scratches and swirls. Also if you cover fifty percent of your last
pass it gives it a nice even coat. It doesn’t take a whole lot of wax to cover
the entire surface but once your pad goes dry you’ll want to add a little bit more so
you don’t drag a dry applicator over the surface. That is how you get scratches and swirls. And it smells great! So now after letting the E-zyme sit on the
paint for about ten minutes, it’s time to buff it off. I’ll be using these soft microfiber towels. These are the Happy Ending Black Towel. Whats great is edgeless so won’t drag across
the paint and cause any scratches or swirls. Also it is super plush so it is almost like
a pillow top. Now that I’ve placed it on the paint I have
all this extra space between my hand and the paint to give it more of a cushion. Just wipe off in one direction back and forth
picking up all the E-zyme. It comes off nice and easy already I can see
the high shine and the surface is super slick. This towel is making the job of removing the
wax super easy. It is a super plush soft towel that is easy
to use. Now you could have used any wax if this were your car. I chose to go with E-zyme because I wanted
the highest shine with the biggest difference from a typical wax. Also I wanted something I could do by hand
because this car has a lot of personality and it is something you don’t get with a new car. Old cars have a soul to them or a personality. They’ve been places and seen things so treating
it right with a nice wax is just giving it the respect it deserves. Well guys the Chevy is all done. We got this show shine now. He’s going to take it to the show this weekend
and it is going to stand out. This car is already a head turner but now
that we’ve this wax on there it really stands out above the rest. If you liked this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to check out our website where
we have over eight hundred videos showing you how to do just about anything. You got a nice car lets keep it clean…y’all
know the rest. We’ll see you next time!

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  1. Has to be one of my favourite cars of all!! You guys are so lucky to be able to clean cars like that you guys always have fun doing it man what an awesome job you guys have keep up the great work!

  2. I wish he wouldn't say applying wax in a circular motion would cause scratches and swirls. If your car is clean and ready for wax there is no reason for scratches to occur. If that wax is causing scratches then you need a better wax, my $25 wax doesn't scratch. That $250 wax better not scratch. Just keep in mind, that DA machine that runs in circles the whole time its on the car removes the scratches so circles cant be all bad. 🙂

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