How to recover your device

How to recover your device

How to recover your device Before you start Your device has to be charged for at least 2 hours to make sure it has enough battery power to go into the recovery mode Connect the USB cable that came with your device to your computer but do not connect the USB cable to your device yet You should plug the USB cable directly into a USB port on your computer and not into a USB hub or USB port on a keyboard or monitor You cannot use the windscreen mount to connect your device to the computer Switch on your navigation device While your device is switched on press and hold the power button until the device shows white text This can take 10 seconds or more When the white text is displayed quickly press and release the power button 3 times in quick succession Getting the timing right is one of the critical steps of this process The screen goes black and after a few seconds the device reboots into recovery mode Quickly connect the USB cable to your navigation device while the wheel is spinning As soon as your device is connected to the computer MyDrive Connect starts restoring the software on your device You can check the progress in MyDrive Connect The recovery process can take between 5 and 30 minutes depending on your internet connection Leave the device connected to the computer whilst your device restarts Once you see the map screen you can disconnect your device from the computer and use it as normal again

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  1. suivi la procédure jusqu'au bout , mais au moment de récupérer la carte , l'écran reste noir avec le chargement au centre qui tourne en bug … et il ne se passe plus rien!!! que faire ???

  2. 1. Does it work on macos?
    2. Need a laptop or desktop for recovery process?
    3. I have macos and laptop. Still not recovered.
    Thanks for reply

  3. The video is incorrect at least for the 6600 series. Firstly tho (make sure you've not already got My Drive Connect open on screen) you have to click & hold the power button until the text appears then release, then 3 quick clicks, then connect the cable to the device while spinning wheel appears. then reinstall happens. However, for me, it still fails because my screen then says NO MAPS AVAILABLE. How can I reformat my 16Gb Memory Card via the device as directed when that screen doesn't allow access to any apps?? (I already formatted vis pc (fat32). I need my device soonest.

  4. Well it looks like my Tom Tom is dead! 1005 camper has bitten the dust. It is disappointing that it can no longer be mended out of warranty. It makes a nonsense of updates for life. I think this is the last Tom Tom we buy…. The other makers are probably the same… Only time will tell… I did do all the steps that are shown in the video and the instructions but it is dead!!!

  5. Why do you not detail a phone number – I have wasted a day trying to get this damned thing working ( Rider 410 model) – completely frustrating when the Robot appears, sends you a link to the same section you have been following – extremely POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE / EXPERIENCE. Trying to get the map updated shouldn't be this difficult.

  6. Absurdly complex. I paid £200 for my TomTom and it appears to be scrap after 6 years. Should have been told that it had such a limited life. No helpline. No address.AVOID in future!

  7. The instructions given in this video are very hit and miss. It works for some models (which use the MyDrive Connect software) but not all, like the GO 500 and GO LIVE 1005.

    I have three GO 500s and two GO LIVE 1005s which all report corrupted maps with 0 bytes free via MyDrive Connect (v4.1.8.3755). Although all of the devices can be put into recovery mode (as shown in this video), they can not be restored to factory settings and made functional again.

    It is as if the internal storage can not be wriiten to or wiped – MyDrive Connec reports "Your device is not responding" every time recovery is attempted.

    This is a very similar condition to Windows NTFS formatted external usb caddy drives which have been improperly disconnected from the computer, say, caused by a power loss. Windows will lock the drive and prevent any subsequent writes and deletions until a system cache status file is deleted from the drive (you mount the drive using Linux to do this).

  8. Following these instructions sorted out my satnav fine, although it wasn't quite the same as this video. There was no 'spiral', but instead a set of gears and a toolbox was shown while it was rebooting, also it didn't come up with a map when it had sorted itself out (even though it was connected to the laptop for an hour.

  9. Tried this over thirty times, doesn't work. Contacted TomTom customer services they wanted to charge me £119.99 for lifetime drivers for my device WTF

  10. Absolute rubbish. My TomTom start 20 will not connect to Windows 10. It`s about time TomTom sorted this out. The problem lies with TomTom not making My Drive Connect compatible with Windows 10. They know there is a problem, but refuse to recognise it.

  11. I have two expired maps on my VIA62 but have lost my Lifetime Europe map and can't find out how to get it back.

  12. I'm having problems with my go500. I do a reset and it gets as far as 2.11 but then instead of seeing a map it asks which language I want, after that it asks which country, but it does not show any countries to choose from nor will it let me continue. Any ideas please?

  13. Mine worked after I connected it to my pc and pressed the power button for 30 seconds..
    Works as normal. I love it. It turns my phone into a hands free device in my older SUV..

  14. This doesn't appear to work on VIA 135 either. Tried 5 times. TomTom My Drive Connect, screen flashes, but does say "Restoring your device 100%-Do not disconnect your device." Via 135 screen has the GPS icon with RED X, connect to computer, with > to Tool Box and wrench, and what I think is a Download sign. Under that it says This quite annoying. Customer Service what gives?

  15. My tomtom trucker 6000 gprs disconnected. I have purchased 18 month traffic subcripition but can not use it. Any advice please?

  16. Paid over 300 euro for my go 600 , tried to update and it froze . Contacted Tomtom support but to no avail , they tried to get me to buy a new one. Very disappointing , no more tomtom for me. Useless piece of crap.

  17. Hi, my TomTom 5000 keeps resetting to the menu with the white writing when placed in the dock even without being plugged onto the car power socket and keeps restarting over and over again, when not placed in the dock it works fine.. help please! Thx

  18. Very frustrated. I have a Start 50/55 which I have always been very happy with. Now I am unable to update it because a message keeps telling me to download Tom Tom Home which I have done numerous times but I get a message saying that I do not have the app to open Tom Tom Home. I have been going round and round for about 5 hours on and off. Then tried to reset it but of course unable to do anything because unable to install, run or update my device. Nearly tearing my hair out 🙁

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