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  1. Brilliant video Alan! Only recently found the channel thanks to Jim White @whitedetails and have been loving the videos. New style of video worked well, reminded me a bit of the old 'How It's Made' programme. Keep up the good work!

  2. Shame SKS are so far away! I'm in London – though I hired a Caterham last year from Highland Caterham Hire which is about 10 minutes from SKS! Any recommendations for Essex are greatly appreciated!

  3. Alan, what are you replacing the AM Details Fiesta with? Maybe you could shoot a video of the arrival and preparation of it's replacement? Cheers.

  4. Love the video. Great bit of work. Your a natural in front of a camera. Need to fix the focus tho. Went in an out a little at the start. But very professional!! Thumbs up

  5. Great video, Alan. I had to get two alloys powder coated after the previous owner kerbed them to buttery. Three years on the alloys still look as good as new, it really is a science.

  6. Morning Alan, regarding wheels, whats the durability of your wheel wax like? ordered some at the weekend with some other bits and pieces from you. Additionally, I will be putting the wax on polished faces of wheels on a 2nd set of alloys I luckily managed to pick up, the originals suffer from the white worm effect under the lacquer on the polished face, will the wheel wax restrict the moisture/water from getting to and under the lacquer? cheers!!

  7. powder coat was never designed for alloy wheels, no car make powder coats wheels from the factory. powder coat being a more economical time saving process then wet paint. they would use it. look into the annealing temperature of aluminium. annealing is using heat to soften the metal. it makes them weak

  8. The video was fairly "good", but I did not like the presentation or the presenter. If he was supposed to be funny well he was not. All I wanted to know was how are alloy wheel's powder coated. I was not looking for a comedy routine.

  9. Good video. I’m a keen follower of Jim White (White Details), so already knew about you guys!

  10. Desperate to powder coat my alloys black on my white Ibiza but it seems like it’s too expensive and I’ve been told not to coat my stock wheels. So do I buy new wheels or what? Ughh so many questions 😂😂

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