How to Remove a Toyota Camry Front Bumper Cover

How to Remove a Toyota Camry Front Bumper Cover

2010 Toyota Camry Front Bumper Removal. First, you’d like to start off at the bottom of the bumper and take off the screws. Take off the screws that’s going to be
running along the bottom of the bumper. Usually it’s right here. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Usually, there’s seven or eight of them. But, once we remove them, I’m going to show you exactly how many of those screws we need to take off. So, it looks like there’s six of these screws right here on the bottom of your bumper. Just take them off with a 10 millimeter. And then, just go to the side of the vehicle. On the bumper, you’re going to see this right here. It’s like a pushpin, basically. Just take it off with a flathead screwdriver, and there’s going to be two… one on each side. And, I’ll show you that now. So, basically, you just basicallly take it off. So, on each side of the bumper, you’re going to see this little push pin. Basically, you just take it off with like a flathead screwdriver. You may want to sometimes just go ahead and rotate it. It comes off a little easier, and we just take it off. And, that’s about it. Then, you’re going to go to the fender liner and basically, you’re going to come over here and try to take off the fender. So, now, you’re going to go ahead and try to take off the fender liner just a little bit. And, you’re going to find this screw on each side of the bumper. It’s a ten millimeter. Basically, just go
ahead and take that off. So, you remove this screw on each side of the bumper. Then, you’re going to go on top of the bumper. With a Phillips screwdriver, just go ahead and take off this right here. And, also, the other one, one the other side. In the middle of the bumper, you’re going to see one more screw just go ahead and take that off with a ten millimeter. And basically, that’s it. All right, on top of the bumper, you’re going to see these they’re like…you push them in basically. And, just lift up. And, they just come off that easily. There’s going to be one, two three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine, ten eleven, twelve of them. All right, once all those screws are removed on the top and the push pins are removed also… basically, what you need to do to remove the bumper is start off on the side. Go and, pull it out like that. Easy as that. So, as you can see, removing a front
bumper on any vehicle, basically, is just your
standard sockets and flathead screwdrivers and just taking off a few screws and pushpins here and there.

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  1. I just finished replacing my bumper and I wanted to say thank you again. I watched your video probably six times to make sure I did everything correctly. The car come out looking incredible and it only cost me a few hundred dollars for what insurance was prepared to pay some body shop $2,400 to do. Again thank you for all the help and I sure am glad I found your video.

  2. Thank you. This works for the 2013 Camry too.

    I just want to add that, at least on the 2013 Camry, you do not have to remove all the push pins along the top edge, only two.

    The two that need to be removed are the second in at each end. At 3:43 you will see two push pins shown and the screwdriver is pointing at the one that needs to be removed. The same on the other end.

    If you look closely you will see that these two are slightly different than the others. They are longer and a bit larger because they connect to the headlight assembly. If you do remove all the pins be sure to get these two back in the correct locations.

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