How to Remove Car Smells in Your Car (Odor Eliminator)

How to Remove Car Smells in Your Car (Odor Eliminator)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car is really starting to stink
inside, then throw away your gas mask, I found something better,
it’s called zeo trap and it comes in a bag, you just ripped the bag open and
it’s inside, now you just take the bag and either put it under a seat, just
stick it under the seat or throw it in the trunk, wherever it smells the worst, and
the bag absorbs moisture and smells, because inside the bag are these
minerals that are made from volcanic ash, extremely porous and they’re great at
absorbing all kinds of smells and moisture, and I was sold on them years ago
when I came outside, found out I left the window open,
the neighbors cat got inside, of course the cat jumped out, but it left
something inside, a whole bunch of cat pee on the seat, and if you’ve ever tried
to get rid of cat pee smell in a car, you know it’s almost impossible, all I did
was get a bag of zeo trap and stick it under the driver’s seat, and I just
threw it under there, and within a couple of days the cat
pee smell was completely gone, and it’s still gone today, and the neatest thing
is it lasts for years, it’s rechargeable every nine months or so you just take it
out, put it in the Sun for eight or nine hours, and it dries it all up again it
makes it ready to absorb smells, mine is still doing its job years later, and it
still smells sweet inside here in, I even hang one in my air intake inside
the house for the air-conditioning to keep the house smelling good, people used
to complain that my house stunk, but not anymore, so if your car is really
starting to stink, why not try a bag of zeo trap and get rid of it, and
remember if you’ve got any car question just visit
and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from the asylum!

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  1. Another good way to get rid of bad smell is cut an apple in half, and put the apple halves in the car overnight and let the apple halves absorb the bad smell. It also works great with getting rid of cigarette smoke stink

  2. hi uncle scotty … did that product just the same as the zeolit sand/ stone flakes?? like it use to the cat toilet or as the planting needs? sorry for the bad english

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  4. Hello i Drive a 2002 ford focus 2.0 dohc yesterday I replaced my charcoal canister part # MTC CX1689 & the vapor canister vent valve part# WEL PV519 both are brand new I got in the car this morning and the car smells of gas very strong it didn't before I changed out those 2 parts which were throwing codes, gas cap is fine,no leaks, car is running fine (although after changing those 2 parts the car died on me a few time at stop)what could it be I put on my old charcoal canister as I think that may be the problem but I don't know PLEASE HELP I plugged in my new vent valve solenoid to my old vapor/charcoal canister (parts were bought on if there any more information I can provide I can I'm in immediate hurry due to emissions test failure and now have less the 30 days to fix and retest

  5. When i bought a 2003 civic 2 years ago it smelled like cigarettes. Now that i removed the smell it smells like ass. Should i replace the seats?

  6. sir i have problems on my new car because the leather seats smells toxic how to get rid of new car smell? i leave it in the sun and open windows in a week but the smell wont disapear

  7. I had a neighbor cat pee in my car too. After cleaning it IDK how many times, I could still smell it. I was skeptical of this solution, but you have never steered me wrong, Scotty so I bought it, although I did buy a different brand. OMG it's magic. I can't smell a hint of a whiff of that [email protected]# cat. You're one awesome dude, Scotty!!

  8. I have two similar smaller bags in my car. The car had this particular smell of the previous family who had dogs and kids and everything, and now my car smells NOTHING.

  9. Scotty kilmer. I have a truck that it got wet inside. Since then it started getting mold. & i can get rid of it. any suggestions. Will be appreciated thanks

  10. Hello sir i wanted to ask u about my saab look they replace the clutch kit the clutch disc that goes on to the flywheel they put everything on so they started and everything was working well but to start the car would start without pushing the clutch so the gears would go into gears but wont move forward or backwards plz help am hurting the labor guy hasent even a clue what could it be plz help me i would really appreciated it sir thank u for your time have a good day😊

  11. There is a product called- odorcide works relly well. Its nontoxic noncarcinogenic nonflammable and nonirrating.

  12. Thanks a million Scotty, left windows open on car and rain soaked the seats. Ended up with bad smell so I’ll give this product a try.

  13. I solved the mold and smell problem of my central air system by placing a UV light inside my evaporating coil…
    Highly recommended for any Home Central Air System…

  14. Can this product work with getting the smell of coffee out of the car. Spilled coffee the other day and it smells inside my car. The floor mat and the car carpet

  15. I like how he sounds to me like he could pull of a British or Australian accent…..and like Rod Stewart (voice-wise).

  16. Scotty, pay no attention to stupid comments. The world is so crazy, but you are a great guy and I appreciate you and what you do. Thank you for all your information and Thank you for being yourself, I can tell you are a great person

  17. Reviews for this product say it is rubbish. I can't help but think scotty is being paid by companies to advertise these useless products. shame.

  18. Bolt on, bolt off, its not that easy. Some of the bolts are difficult to get to. The clearance between the rear valve cover and wiring harness is extremely tight.

  19. Does it help with raccoon crap? The same thing happened to me but instead of a cat it was a 35 lb or so raccoon on a strict diet of whatever is in the dumpster of the Mexican food place across the street. I can’t even sell this thing now.

  20. Great video man I purchased some used leather seats today and the guy had them sitting out. The bottom of the backseat where the cushion is was rained on and I didn’t notice anything until I installed them. Now my car smells like mildew, do you think this product will help my situation or any other product?

  21. You know what. I bet you that it won’t get rid of the smell of takeout Indian food. I just got some today and boy my car is stinkin up.

  22. Will it get rid of beer smell? I spill some while hooker was giving me a hand!!!!!!! Seriously will it go away

  23. Cat urine is nothing compared to tobacco/marijuana smell.

    You may not detect the smell but your wife may. So i suggest getting a second opinion.

  24. If you're trying to find this, I don't think it's sold anymore. Gonzo Odor Eliminator is the same thing though. Don't know if it's the same company using a different name, or what.

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