How To Remove Old Car Wax – Chemical Guys Clean Slate

How To Remove Old Car Wax  – Chemical Guys Clean Slate

So we are starting up the full detail on this little Fiat car with some Chemical Guys products. Now this car you can see, was from the dealership. It’s a little dirty. But the dealership put some kind of a really cheesy coat of wax on it; we want to take that off. Before we go into the full paint correction and coating application on the vehicle. So we are going to start off with Clean Slate Car Wash Soap. Now Clean Slate is a unique kind of car wash soap that strips off any kind of glaze, sealant, or wax you have on the car. Now this finish is residue-free. So it’s not going to leave any stains. It’s not going to leave any spots on the car. It’s going to rinse away all of the coatings on the vehicle for a clean slate to go along with any full detail. So if you’re going to put on a sort of a clear bra, or a vinyl wrap on the vehicle, or if you want to do a vehicle coating, you’re going to want to take off anything that is on the paint because you want anything you want to do to stick directly to the paintwork. This also works great if you want to put on a coat of wax or if you’re going to be polishing because you don’t want any of that residue clogging up your buffing pad giving you an inferior results and taking more time. So to get set up, I have my normal two bucket car wash system. I have a Dirt Trap for each bucket. So i’m just going to take my Dirt Trap and put on in each bucket to get set up. I don’t want to install any swirls or scratches as I wash the car and the Dirt Trap is going to help me trap any heavy abrasive debris at the bottom of the buckets. That way I don’t grind back onto the paintwork and cause any kind of scratches. I also have a premium microfiber wash mitt. All I need to do to get set up, I have my buckets filled with water. I need to add 1-3 ounces of the Clean Slate Soap into the bucket. So i’ll do just over 1 ounce and i’ll activate my suds with a garden hose. So i’m making sure to wash the vehicle in straight lines. If I got any extra dirt on my wash mitt as I wiped and I were wiping in circles, you would be able to see those circle scratches easier and they would be harder to take out. So it’s important to go in straight lines, whenever touching the vehicle. Now i’m starting on the paintwork, i’m moving onto parts that are less sensitive to scratches, just like glass as the mitt gets dirtier and dirtier. Once my wash mitt is fill of enough dirt and grime, i’m going to go ahead go over to my rinse bucket. Now i’m going to scrub my mitt directly on the wash screen of the Dirt Trap. Every little funnel in there has a little ridge that’s going to knock the dirt down directly into the funnel and underneath the wash screen. Now my mitt is clean. Ring it out on the ground. Take car of an extra loose debris and grime. Now return back to my soaps solution bucket to continue washing the car. I have to go from the top of the vehicle, down. Any flat panel, I would consider to be the top of the vehicle. So things like the roof the hood, the trunk of this car had one, these are good places to start because they are less dirty than lower down vertical panels like doors or bumpers. Especially around the wheels, you’ll get the heaviest dirt, most abrasive debris like brake dust. Which is very dangerous to paintwork. It’ll cause scratches and swirls just about immediately. Now, you can see Clean Slate is removing all the dirt and grime from the car. But what you can’t see, right away at least, Clean Slate is pulling off any of the wax coatings. Any of the oily residues that are on the paintwork. That way when we go ahead and go into the Detail Garage to do the claybar service, or to do any polishing, there is going to be less contamination and less debris in our way. So as we go along with the detail process, we’ll spend less time taking care of things that just came off in the wash. Now this is a great tool to use to prepare the paintwork. So if I need to move onto the claybar service or if i’m going to polish the paint, there is less stuff in the way that I have to contend with. Now another great use for Clean Slate is after you polish the paintwork, you remove any swirls or scratches, you have any oily residue from any of the polishing compounds or have any compound dust, that you don’t want any of that blocking, your vehicle coatings, or your carnauba wax coats, you can easily rinse down the car with some more Clean Slate and knock all that off. So you get a true bond of the vehicle coating directly onto the paintwork for best results and the longest term protection. Now this car is cleaning up very nicely. It had very light levels of contamination over the whole vehicle. And i’m just working top to bottom around the whole car. Again straight lines only. You’ll see as I get lower down here this mitt is getting nice and dirty. It’s getting very contaminated, but with every dunk in my rinse bucket, i’m knocking the contamination directly through this screen. The mitt comes back clean and ready for action, everytime. Now once you’re done washing the vehicle with Clean Slate, you have to make sure you rinse it off so you don’t get any of the residue that you’ve removed from the car, staining and spotting in other areas of the vehicle. So i’m just going to rinse it down, take it inside, and dry it off, and go on with a full detail.

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  1. Wouldn't it have been better to wash half the car. Then show us how the product strips the protection off the paint by rinsing the car off?

  2. Damn can they look even harder? Let him film shit. I forgot people can't be normal like me and ignore shit. Great video.

  3. Wow, as an avid subscriber / customer i am now entirely disappointed. This whole video was just one big slap in the face, i like chemical guys and the products but this has just highlighted how dumb myself and thousands of others are for even entertaining this.

    Poor show guys, especially since you guys have even recommended "dish soap" as a good wash to strip it down, now you've bottled it up and ramped the price up to match the chemical guys brand.

    Sorry for the negativity but i can't help but have an opinion.
    Besides this, keep up the good work.

  4. This didn't show how it worked? This shown how to wash a car. how do I know that this stripped any product off? I thought you guys were top in knowing how to sell a product….

  5. "How To Remove Old Car Wax" – No, more like how to wash your car for the 1,000 time.

    Why not show a before an after proof with your product? Many state to just wash with Dawn to remove old wax.

  6. You can clearly see the water beading off the bonnet when he rinses it off in the last few seconds of the video! Doesn't look like its done much.

  7. Dawn is a myth. Wash the friggin car, Clay it, proceed!! Detailing cars requires different steps and procedures depending on whats in front of you and what the desired outcome is. There is just no' Lazy Man's' way about it… Do the work or don't.

  8. You rock Matt Chemical Guys are the best of the best. I have a 2014 Fiat Abarth GQ I love showing this car. I was not even coming close at car shows of winning. So I washed it with Mr Pink then clay Bared it then put on gloss works glaze the put on two coats of the 50/50 wax. OMG the car just outstanding so I took it a car show two weeks ago and one 1st place in my class, last Sat I put her in another car show and won 3rd place best of show I'm a very happy camper. Thanks so much for all of the great vids and great products.

  9. will this remove wax hologram (like a deatail signature)? i got a car someones waxed wrong and you can see holigrams of old wax in the sun

  10. isn't it better to put the soap in the bucket first for more ? You guys always put the soap after. I'd prefer more suds on the car.

  11. I have some old Poorboys Wheel Sealant stuck in some spots of my matte bronze wheels. Will this remove all of the wax from the wheels without too much scrubbing? Obviously, I wont want to ruin the finish. What soap:water ratio would i look at for this task?

  12. Bucket Dirt Trap = another waste of time. The soap, plus the mitt fibers will never allow a particle of dirt to touch the paint.

  13. Half cup kerosene & 2 ounces of Dish washing Dawn in a 5 gallon bucket of water to clean car then you don't need to clay bar or compound car straight to polish

  14. can ixuse clean slate car wash when the roof of my car is covered with matte black carbon look vinyl? i don't want any stains or white spots on there.

  15. I don't know about what every one else is seeing but I have experienced less contamination on the sides as opposed to the flat surfaces. I know this isn't really a decontamination video but chime in

  16. never use meguirs rubbing compound. i waxed my 70 ford f100 with it and it ruined my paint. how can i take the wax off???? i put it on about 20 minutes ago on the hood, after about 5 minutes i started rubbing it off and barely any came off. please how can i take the wax off????

  17. Can I use this on a matte finish car? I have matte specific wax on the car to protect from the elements and now I want something more durable like a ceramic coat. But first I need to remove the old wax.

  18. What would be the best product after a long winter. Clean slate or citrus? Im Going to polish the car and wax it after

  19. I put turtle wax on my car and it seems to have left a word look on the door. How do I get that was out or is it too late?

  20. Do you have to wash the car with with regular car soap after using the clean slate? Or does the clean slate act as a soap, but also rids the surface of wax? Like could you use clean slate, clay bar then wax?

  21. Took my 5 year old to the drag races the other day and he leaned up against the car and got sunscreen on the paint. I successfully got it off in one spot but there's still one that won't come off. Any solutions?

  22. Stupid question. Will this product remove was from matte paint? Accidentally got wax on my motorcycle gas tank. Super pissed…any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

  23. I TOTALLY forgot to scrub the mitt on the grit at bottom… I guess I thought if i scrub it.. and then it gets stuck on the grit i'll get that back on mit and transfer to the car..

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