How to Remove Paint Scratches from Your Car (PERMANENTLY)

How to Remove Paint Scratches from Your Car (PERMANENTLY)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if vandals have attacked your car stay
tuned, because today I’m going to show you how to remove scratches from your
vehicle’s paint, all you need is a bucket of water, a clean towel and a bottle of
scratch remover, first you get your towel soak it in the water a little and rinse
it out, so your towels damp, then squeeze a little of the scratch out on your
paper towel, then go to the scratch area and start rubbing like mad just keep rubbing you got to swirl it
around a little bit, then every once in a while
squirt a little bit more on the rag to get the end of it off, just a few more
wipes and pushing and shoving and we’ll get it all off, then get another clean cloth and
wipe off the residue and as you can see the scratch is gone, but you got to
realize one thing, you also took all the wax off so now you got to re-wax that
part, so the paint won’t fade off, so open up your can of wax and put some on the
rag inside and wax over the whole area you worked on, overlap it a little so you
don’t miss any spots and remember when you’re waxing any vehicle do it in the
shade, don’t do it in the Sun, because if you do it in the Sun, it can get all
blotchy from the heat of the Sun and when the wax is drying and hazy like this,
then just get a towel and buff it all off and here we are
shiny as new, and of course realized that sometimes scratches are really deep,
and you’re going to need a big buffing machine like this to buff it out, but
don’t freak out I bought this buffer at autozone for 29
bucks, they aren’t that expensive, so the next time vandals attack your ca,r get a
little scratch out and buff them away and remember if you’ve got any car
questions visit Scotty

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  1. you might not know this but you put scratches in the car using that type of towel.  You should use a micro fiber you can get a 5pack for a couple bucks at most auto places. also if you want real detailing info look up AMMO NYC

  2. I have a white 2002 Suburban.  I just finished painting and bond owed where the Roof rack completely screwed up each corner of the car.  So I had to do all of that and it looks ok for a amateur plus its on the top of my vehicle.  The problem is, I am noticing that all around my vehicle I am seeing cracks in the clear coat,  all on the pillars and roof and here and there.   Is there some sort of wax job I can do or compound that will remove hide them when the suburban is washed and waxed.  I usually go to one of those 24 hr places and for 10 bucks it does the whole car and it looks awesome after but I still notice them.  Not many people wood, As the vehicle is white white.    Just curious if you new of any compounds that might work if I compound and buff it.

    Thanks,  I have learned a lot with your vids. 

  3. Hey ive recently bought a 250cc bike and would like some advice on maintaining it and a few tips to make it last longer

  4. This message brought to you in part by, KIT Scratch-Out and Auto Zone.
    "Making all of your car needs, simple!"
    @Scotty Kilmer

  5. Hello mister Scotty I need help ..I have a 91honda accord that won't shift gears ..when is in park drives forward …what should do???

  6. I have scratches so deep that the bumper material is visible(the paint is totally removed ) , do I need to respray the whole bumper or there is another solution ?

  7. Scotty Kilmer YOU are a freaking Genius! Thank you for your videos and sharing good knowledge on vehicles etc. Very helpful to us.

  8. hi scotty, i was waxing my car with wax and dry and now i am seeing bleach spots on my paint, how can i fix this problem? thank you.

  9. It looks like it worked well on white paint, at least what the camera picked up. My car is Royal Blue, a pretty dark blue. How will it work on that?

  10. it does not get rid of deep scratches but it did a great job for the small not so deep ones. thanks my car looks a lot better now.

  11. lol – this video just oozes "schmuck." what a blatantly lame, fake video. where to start…for one, huge gobs of scratch remover are wrong, overdo that and you ruin the paint job…and you say nothing about how long or hard to buff it, or anything else for that matter that might convince me you have even the tiniest clue. finesse and knowledge is needed on a job like this. which means for starters ignoring this moronic video.

  12. None of those "scratch out" type liquid polishes products will work on DEEP scratches, if you can feel a snag with your fingernail they won't work.

  13. Please use microfiber towels and a real buffer .meguiars sells the DA buffer attachment to a drill
    for 35 dollars
    Meguiar's DA Power System Tool + Optional PowerPak Special Offer

  14. Don't recommend buffing to people. People are more likely to go deeper into the paint thinking they are fixing it and end up damaging the paint.

  15. stick to mechanics Skotty love ya but leave it to the detailers bud….

    mechanic king right here tho

  16. those autozone buffers are junk. I bought one and after only five uses the motor burned out. Also the pads are weak and tore off after ONE use over a relatively new sedan I was waxing. Went out and got a Groits DA buffer which I totally love

  17. Deep scratches are hard to come out, but depending on the color, and professional skill of a detailer they can be made lighter in many cases as not to be as noticeable. It's not good to use the buffer in my opinion every time one notices a scratch. The reason is each time one uses a buffing machine and compound a tiny amount of clear coat is being removed. I would say no more than 2x a year to buff the whole car with compound. At that time try to remove the scratches then.

  18. ⬇️Things used in this video:
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    2. Micro Fiber Towel:
    3. Shop Towels:
    4. Plastic Bucket:
    5. Wax:
    6. Buffer:
    7. Common Sense
    8. Full HD Camera:
    9. My computer for editing / uploading:
    10. Video editing software:
    11. Thumbnail software:

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  19. I wouldn’t let you within 2 miles of my car, you really haven’t got a clue! I recommend ( Larry at ammo nyc ) you’ll learn a lot.

  20. Yes vandals have attacked my car. The neighbors cats crawl all over my dark blue suburban and my girls black dodge avenger! You can really see the scratches on the dark paint

  21. Those are not scratches, those are scuff marks which is typically paint from another car (or painted material) which transferred onto your car during collision or impact. To get actual scratches out, you would need distilled water to wash the affected area, Meguiars Scratch X to level the surface around the scratch, touch up paint to fill in the scratch and restore chipped paint, wet sanding to smoothen the excess resin and paint out, then finally polish, wax and UV treated. A typical hairline scratch about 2 cm long would take approximately 6 hours to do and 48 hours to cure completely. If it was as simple as your video demonstrated, there wouldn’t be any scratches on cars since all they need is some scratch remover and a buffer. Sorry but I’ll have to disagree with you on this Scotty!

  22. ok wait a minute. anyone notice he said he paid 29 bucks for the electronic buffer, but in another video he said he paid 20 bucks. which is it? hmm…..

  23. haters are gonna hate -probably among Chrisfix's 3 Million Followers.. most of them voters too.

    Scotty what's your take on getting a 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film -I got a 2018 car and I would very much like to keep the "look"

  24. I have a couple deep scratches where you can see the black primer coming through , will that stuff take care of it?

  25. Us detailers are cringing so hard at this. Just the fact that he polished and waxed the car, with shop towels…

  26. "How to Remove Sharpie from a smooth surface (PERMANENTLY)"
    Come on, the only reason you made this video is because you posted an amazon affiliate link in the description for the products you used. You fraudulently advertised this product because you know that if you really tried this with real scratches on your car, IT WOULDN'T WORK LMFAO. Shill

  27. Any way to remove the scratches on the plastic inside your car (e.g. door panels)? I have not seen anything on the web that talks about how to do this.

  28. If a scratch is able to be felt by a finger nail then it is usually to deep to be corrected. Paint transfer is different from a scratch and can be removed from clear coat in most cases with a cleaner or compound.

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