How To: Remove & Replace a Front Fender 2007-2011 Toyota Camry

How To: Remove & Replace a Front Fender 2007-2011 Toyota Camry

Hey Garage Heads, welcome back to the 6th
gear garage. Today, I’m going to show you how easy it
is to replace the front fender on most modern vehicles, including this 2009 Toyota Camry. This car was the victim of a parking lot hit
& run. I bought an aftermarket replacement fender
for $30 online and painted with aerosol cans it in a previous video with about $30 worth
of spray paint from a local auto parts store. Now that it’s dried and cured, I’ll show
you how easy it is to replace a front fender on most vehicles. Let’s start with the Removal. First, pop the hood All vehicles have bolts along the top of the
fender. On this Camry, there’s a piece of trim covering
them up. First instinct is to remove these easy bolts
first, but I like to leave them in place to hold the fender on while I remove all the
difficult ones first. Inside the arch of the fender, we have plastic
clips holding on the inner fender liner. The ones on the top are a simple plastic clip
with a center that can be preyed out with a small flat head. Once the center is out, I’ll use a tool
for removing fasteners, or if you don’t have one, some wire cutters will work as well. Just don’t squeeze and cut the clip. This one has a plastic phillips head screw
in the center and the threads can strip out easily because it’s soft plastic. So a tool to pry from the back while loosening
the screw will help the plastic screw come out while loosening. There’s what the back looks like. With the screw inserted, it spreads those
4 prongs apart. There’s another one right below it, so I
turned the wheel to get some room. As before, this one’s also not cooperating. Below that screw, on the end of the side skirt,
there’s another screw, but this time it’s metal. So that’s nice. I need to slide the side skirt out a little
because the fender tucks in behind it. Removing this screw below the door opening
will allow the skirt to move out further. Under the side skirt there are more of the
same plastic clips as earlier. I’m only removing the front two to pull
the skirt out a little bit. Now I can pop the side skirt off of the body. To do that I’m using a towel and a flat
head screwdriver. I’m just gonna wrap the blade up on the
towel… And this way I won’t scratch up any of the
paint with the blade. There we go… I only need to get the front off a little
bit to create some room. At the top of the door jamb, there’s a 10mm
bolt for the fender. Down here, you want to be careful about closing
the door on the loose side skirt, since the will rub on each other. Now with the side skirt pulled away, I’ve
revealed another plastic clip holding the plastic fender liner to the metal fender. I ended up breaking this one trying to get
it out. With the side skirt pulled out, I can access the 10mm bolt at the bottom of the fender. On the other side of the splash shield, there’s
another clip to remove. It’s on the bumper, but removing it will
let me pull the bumper back to reach a hidden fender bolt. Once I got it started with a flathead, I pulled
it out with my fingers. Next there’s a 10mm screw under the corner
of the bumper. Now I can bend the bumper out to see the hidden
fender bolts. There’s one behind this plastic bracket,
so I’ll need to remove that first. That’s damaged as well. I’m sure a new one isn’t expensive, but
I’ll just glue it, since it’s not visible. Alright the hidden fender bolt is removed! This headlight has a tab with a 10mm screw
that goes into to the fender. Let’s get that out of the way. Now I’m going to remove the top fender bolts. They’re behind this piece of trim. I do these last because they hold the fender
in place while I’m getting all the hard to reach bolts. One here, here, here, and back here. They’re all 10mm. I need to remove the trim piece as well. It’s held on with 3 of the plastic push
clips. I missed this fender bolt under the trim…
it’s in the very back. To remember which bolts, screws and clips
go where, I’m sticking them in this piece of cardboard with a drawing of the fender…
kind of like a map. And now I can finally remove the fender. I can’t lift it straight up because the
headlight tab is on top of the front edge, so I have to pull it toward the back of the
car first to clear that tab. If you’re worried about scratching the door
or A pillar with the fender, you can put some painter’s tape on the edge to protect them. Here’s what I’m looking at with the fender
removed. Don’t toss out that old fender yet… There’s some parts that need to be transferred
over to the new fender. This goes behind the headlight tab. This one where the side skirt attaches to
the fender. And this one where the fender meets the front
bumper. If you got some of your bolts/screws and plastic
connectors mixed up, Here’s a close up of my fender map, so you can see where they go. The last 10mm bolt is right here on the bottom
of the headlight bracket. Installing a fender is the reverse of removing
it, but here’s a few pointers… First I’m putting the top bolts in by hand,
just so the fender doesn’t fall off and get scratched up. Make sure there’s enough clearance between
the door and fender so that they don’t contact when the door closes. Same goes for the Hood to fender gap. Look at how nice and even the driver’s side
gap is. Here’s the passenger side before I adjusted
it. The front of the fender was close to hitting
the hood. Once all the fender gaps are adjusted, tighten
down the bolts, screws, and then pop in the plastic clips. This 09 Camry had a couple extra steps compared
to 90’s cars I’ve worked on, or even my 80’s Toyota pickups. But still simple enough to do in your garage
with basic tools. If you have a vehicle with a front fender
that isn’t this easy to remove, I’m curious what make/model is – let me know in the comments
below. I’ll put a link below to the painting tutorial
video, so you can see how easy and inexpensive it was to repair this car. Even if you aren’t comfortable painting,
you could always buy a pre-painted fender and now you know how to install it yourself,
in your garage. If you haven’t already, consider subscribing
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  1. 3 and1/2 hours in I gave up. Snapped 60 % of the thumb tabs and needlessly broke the fender skirt on my Toyota corolla Snow I got to pay 1000.00 instead of 500.00 to have someone at a body shop bail me out

  2. Thank you for the instruction, which was precise and right to the point. I need instruction to replace 2011 Nissan Juke front fender which is somewhat different from Toyota. Can you please help me?

  3. I haven't worked on a Juke, but I'd look for the bolts in the same places. It might be a little different around the headlight area, as different manufacturers attach them different ways in that area.

  4. It was very helpful thanks,
    I have Corolla S 2010 the Driver side fender and Headlight is damage I want to replace it. I will appreciate it if you can give me some important tips and guidance how to replace it. where to buy the fender and paint for it.

  5. Man This video was detailed and super helpful. My dads tire blew out on the hw at 60mph. Destroyed fender, head light, bumper. and side skirt. Mainly the fender connections. Watching your video i found out that the headlight brackets were also destroyed and that was the most damaged along with the side skirt bolt bent forward. I belive i can straighten out the sideskirt 10mm bolt connection to the new fender. And replace the headlight brakets before installing the new fender.

  6. Thank You!!

    I crashed that I literally bought 2 weeks ago in a snow storm. Replacing bumper, grill, light and left fender. Watched a few vids and it doesn't look too terrible. I'm worried about the brackets more than anything. Working on a Infiniti G37.

  7. I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra that has a fender dent that I need to fix but there is no video for that vehicle

  8. This is basically the same process for the Ford Fusion 2013 & up if anybody was looking for that info like me.

  9. Super helpful! One thing with the 2015 Kia soul… The bolts on the door are extremely hard to reach! The door is right in the way. I'm sure there's something that makes it easier to get to but I'm not sure what it is.

  10. can u do a 2007 to 2010 toyota corolla sedan

    door removal and how to make the door shut properly as my new car door is on but it doesnt shut and it keeps hitting the front fender panel

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