How to Remove Toyota Truck’s Rear Glass Window (with regular tools)

How to Remove Toyota Truck’s Rear Glass Window (with regular tools)

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in here
at the 6th Gear Garage. I’m out here working on my $50 Toyota you just saw in an earlier
video… I’m getting it all parted out and I want to stop and show you how easy it
is to remove the rear glass from one of these trucks using some simple tools
what you probably already have. so I’ve got this truck stripped down to
the point where there is pretty much nothing left of value. The interior is
completely stripped and last thing I want to pull out of this truck is the
rear glass. Unlike the front windshield the rear window is simply held in by a
rubber gasket there’s no kind of sealant or anything involved. So really all you
need to do is kind of get it started and simply try it out. and the same goes for
these rear extra cab windows on the extra cab pickups. Now I’m sure there are
professional tools out there for removing the rear glass however I’ve
always gotten by using scrapers now you want to be careful that your your tip
isn’t too sharp because you can actually damage the rubber gasket on these two
bigger ones here actually put a couple layers of duct tape over the edge just
to be sure that I don’t cut through the rubber I like to start with a smaller
scraper you can even use a flathead if you’re really careful preferably a wider
one but this just helps you get under the rubber piece easier to begin with
and you can see right there once I lift it up, that is the edge you’re gonna
have to push this rubber gasket over in order to pull the rear window out. Now I gotta lift it up I’m gonna come back in with the bigger one and just like that so I’m just gonna leave that there it’s
gonna hold itself in place now I’m gonna want to push this out from the inside so
I’m also gonna need to focus on getting this edge here started and really once
you get this corner and this corner started the rest goes pretty easy so I’m
just gonna go under the corner here a little bit and lift it up I think sounds
like old mattress. All right there we go and now I’m just using my hand my thumb
to kind of pry the side down now as I push it from the inside the whole glass
with the gasket is going to start to move towards the outside and once you kind of
get this going on this is kind of like this is your way in here you can start
to use your tools to pry from the outside as well so now I push it from
the inside and prying on the outside and now I can actually see a little bit of
the inside of the cab now you don’t to get too aggressive and
try and do this too much at once because you can cause some damage but once you
get the scraper pushed all the way through you’re good now go ahead and
repeat farther down with the next scraper and I initially focus on getting
this bottom corner to pop out first but this this top corner here is kind of
starting to come out more on its own so I’m just going to change my plan and
focus on this top corner so here’s a close-up of what I’ve got so far. You can
see here on the inside the gasket starting to pull itself over the seam.
So now what I’m gonna do is from the inside do this with my thumb and help
push it over the seam while I’m pushing outward on the glass now you can really see how far away the
glass has come from the cab and what you do is you just kind of stick your your
scraper in and that’s going to give you enough pressure that when you pull
on the inside and pull this down with your your finger your thumb it’s gonna
automatically kind of pull it through and you just kind of keep repeating it
all the way down I’m halfway done now and you can see the window is getting
close to being ready to pop out It’s to the point now where I don’t really even
need a scraper anymore I’ve got a stuck, stubborn spot right here so I have to go back inside and help it
a little bit just as I did before I’m just pulling down that over gasket with
my two fingers. Okay I’m into the top corner now Which is always a little bit
tighter in the straight areas And this is about ready to be free. There we go. Now as you can see as I came around
the corner here I just kept pulling down there was a little bit of a sealant or a
glue of some sort in there and then I’m down to the bottom and this glass is
ready to come out there you go thanks for watching guys
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