How to Remove X-REAS From the 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner

How to Remove X-REAS From the 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Toyota’s exclusive Cross Relative
Absorber System often referred to as X REAS was introduced on their fourth
generation 4runner it came standard on the Sport Edition
and was optional on the SR5 and Limited models. Its purpose is to reduce body roll
during hard cornering. It hydraulically connects the right rear shock with the
left front and the left rear shock with the right front. In order to install many
suspension upgrades the X-REAS system needs to be removed. This video shows how to remove the
hydraulic components associated with the the Cross Relative Absorber System using a 2004
Sport Edition Toyota 4runner as our example. Begin by raising the vehicle on
a twin post lift. Remove all four wheel assemblies using a 21 millimeter socket. Be sure to wear safety glasses when
disconnecting these hydraulic lines. Place a suitable drain pan under the
driver’s side front shock absorber. Loosen the banjo bolt using a 12
millimeter box end wrench. Let the fluid drain and then remove the
banjo bolt. Clean around the support bracket bolt. Remove the support bracket
bolt using a 12 millimeter socket. Release both hard lines from the
crossmember using a pry bar. Continue Releasing the hard line along the
passenger side frame rail using the same method. Disconnect the hard line from the center
control absorber by holding the larger fitting with the 17 millimeter tubing
rich and disconnecting the hard line using a 12 millimeter tubing wrench. Disconnect the center control absorber
from the frame rail mount using a 12 millimeter socket. Disconnect this hardline bracket using a
12 millimeter socket. The bracket is located on the frame rail just ahead
of the stabilizer link. Disconnect the bracket to the rear of
the stabilizer link in the same way. Disconnect the hydraulic flex line from
the shock absorber by removing the banjo bolt using a 12 millimeter box and
wrench. Once all the brackets and hydraulic
lines are disconnected, Remove the center control absorber and
associated hydraulic lines. It may be necessary to bend the hard
lines a bit in order to remove the entire assembly. Rhen remove the center
control absorber bracket using a 12 millimeter socket. Now remove the driver’s side front
hydraulic line assembly Disconnect the hydraulic line at the
passenger side front shock absorber. Disconnect the bracket that’s just above
the bump stop. Remove the protective shield using a 12
millimeter socket. Release the hard line from the driver’s side frame rail. Disconnect the hard line from the center
control absorber. Disconnect the center control absorber
from the bracket. Disconnect the bracket that’s just ahead
of the stabilizer link, as well as the bracket that is just behind the
stabilizer link. Disconnect the hydraulic line from the
rear shock absorber remove the center control absorber and associated
hydraulic lines. Remove the center control absorber
bracket. Now remove the passenger side front
hydraulic line assembly. That concludes today’s presentation. We
hope these instructions have been helpful to you. If ever we can assist you
with any of your off-road accessory needs visit our website at or give us a call at 801805 6644

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  1. I'm have some Monroe quick strut assembly (spring and shock) for the front of my 2011 4runner , does don't have the connection for the xres ,, what do I do in this situation.

  2. This is absolutely NOT the best way to remove an X-REAS system from a Toyota 4Runner. Although the description of how the system works is pretty accurate, you should never disconnect the system at the location in the video and spray hydraulic fluid all over the place.
    There are specific disconnect locations on the lines that allow you to remove the shocks/struts without losing any hydraulic fluid. This enables you to replace either individual shocks/struts or replace opposite corners simultaneously as recommended by Toyota. If you want to rip out the system with no care for using it again, then you're fine using this method, but even so I prefer not to spray my vehicle or shop floor with hydraulic oil.
    For proper removal, visit any 4Runner forum. Basically you want to raise all 4 tires off the ground so that all shocks/struts are fully extended (this puts equal amount of hydraulic fluid to each shock/strut so they can be replaced). Then disconnect the lines at the specified disconnect points. Remove the shocks/struts using the regular method and reinstall with new X-REAS, Bilstein 5100's, 6112's, OME, Tacoma TRD, FJ Cruiser or some other aftermarket set up. If you ever want to be able to go back to X-REAS (don't like the ride of the aftermarket setups for example), then leave the hydraulic lines installed. If not, you can remove them as well.
    Good grief, the misinformation is atrocious.

  3. Wish I could say this is a good xreas removal guide- but you shouldn't remove the system at the points they show (banjo bolt). There are specific locations along the system that have check valves that when removed at these locations prevent the system from discharging hydraulic fluid all over.

  4. I just need to replace the shocks on my 2004 four runner full time V8 with the X-REAS system what do I do where do I get those fancy shocks??

  5. So quick question, obviously removing X-REAS is going to be messy to a point with or without drip/catch pans…… questions: Once you remove the X-REAS system and all 4 shocks can you safely move the vehicle from outside (where I'd remove system) to inside location/garage to complete install of new after-market shocks? Any concerns or harm that can be done in doing so?

  6. Newbie. So just got the news that my local autoshop won't touch my suspension because….I got the Xreas. 2004 4runner sport edition. How much handling and vehicle control may be lost with the FJ/Bils combo? I do have to commute on highway during winter and don't want to compromise too much with the swap. A little is ok. Not really looking to raise or lower anything on my 4runner, just need new suspension as my tires are starting to cup, and dealer is asking $3,000 plus?!?!Any thoughts is much appreciated.

  7. I'm about to remove my X-Reas this coming weekend, how long did this process take you? specifically to disconnect/(drain)/remove all of the hydraulic lines?

  8. I want to remove my X-REAS because it's too stiff for my injured back. Any strut recomendations to something similar to stock sr5 strut? Will have have to change springs too?

  9. Im a newbe, I have a 2005 4runner with X-reas. I need shocks almost immediately. I got quoted 1700 to do front and back. Makes me want to trade it. If the system is removed because of replacement cost what shock is recommended as a replacement? and two will removing it mess with any other systems?

  10. XREAS was designed to make a sloshy SUV more pleasant on the road. I would never delete this from my Limited. You can still do a moderate lift but if you remove it, you'll ruin the road ride. You should've bought something else.

  11. Excellent video. Thanks for taking the time to help us out. I'm converting to a quality stock type suspension with this information. My 2004 4Runner has 290,000 and runs excellent. Just needs the suspension updated while saving some money. The X-REAS system struts and shocks are very expensive. Thanks again

  12. Will removing X-REAS System compromise car handling and comfort? Will installing Bilstein 5100 provide way better handling than X-REAS System? Thanks.

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