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  1. Excellent video. Thanks, Jess! Bikeshare is definitely my favorite way to get around any city.

    A lot of cities use the same bikeshare vendor (Motivate) so the cool thing is that these tips apply in any city that uses them, although the pricing may be a little different.

  2. I did the exact thing on my lasst trip there (Sept 2017) and it was so fun.
    In the centre of the city you find a docking station every other corner, so taking a new bike every 30-ish minutes to avoid the addditional 2 pound works just fine!
    + it happens I got my first bike at the exact same station you showed on the vid haha

  3. I remember using the bikes when I went on holiday to London with my boyfriend back in April. I was having the time of my life only to turn around and see him wheezing behind me as his bike had a flat tire 😂

  4. The 'santander' bikes have really helped people get around London!
    It's better than walking! 😁🚲

  5. Good video. Great info that only one person in a group needs the app. Is the £2 daily fee per person, or per app user?

  6. Very helpful. We had a great two weeks in London in June. Looking forward to a return visit in 2020. Your videos have been a great find.

  7. These bikes are incredible. I was in London two weeks ago for the first time just for 3 days, first day we travelled with buses and undergeound, and on the second day we found out Santander Bikes. That was the last day we went with bus or underground 😀 We have seen the whole London in 2 days with bikes, and we rode over 40 kilometres every day. I totally recommend this way of London Transport. And what's more, most of the time it is even (much) faster than buses (specially in peak hours) So if you go to London, definitely try these bikes !

  8. The last thing you said about biking on the street: "If you're back out on the streets, make sure you stay on the streets. If you cycle on the pavement, you could get a fine," was a bit confusing. Do Brits call sidewalks "pavement"?

  9. Your videos are a wonderful blessing! Can't wait to check out London, even more so, after viewing several of your videos. As a former NYC gal, I often wonder how NYC and London compare, so I find your perspective, and what you share valuable. Thank you for taking the time to do your videos – it's clear that you care. Your videos are accessible, easy-going, and actually there's a relaxing quality that makes your videos enjoyable! You do a great job! Again, thank you!!

  10. Hi, I'm travelling to London from NZ next month. I'm in London for 8 days. 1 day will be in Brighton and 1 day in Liverpool, so 6 days in London. I've pre-purchased the train tickets for these 2 days trips. My question is should I get an Oyster card with the 7 day travelcard or just get an Oyster card and top up  as  you go. All  our travel plans will be in zone 1 & 2. What option will be the most cost effective please?

  11. Hi! Riding bikes seems like a perfect way to move around. Im going to London next summer to visit my best friend, sadly she doesnt know how to ride a bike lol. Do they offer like bikes for two people? thanks!

  12. I'm on a budget and I like to cycle. Also, can you ride to Trafalgar Square and the other major sites on these bikes?

  13. Thanks for creating this clear, easy to understand video. You mayy want to point out to people that are not bi-lingual (en-us:en-gb) that pavement (en-gb) means sidwewalk (en-us). Thanks again, your upbeat personality makes your videos fun to watch.

  14. I'd like to rent 2 bikes at the same time. Will I pay for every bike that is borrowed after the first 2GBP even in the first 30 minutes?

  15. These bikes are very good they go good and they are also very affordable for people who want to go to work quick or if you want to just explor London

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