How to Repair Rust on Your Car Without Welding (No Special Tools Needed)

How to Repair Rust on Your Car Without Welding (No Special Tools Needed)

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  1. that body line he was talking about, it still was nowhere near perfect at the end. you can see his reflection on it at 21:32 and its warped badly. could have been done better if he had checked the line before painting.

  2. I got a '73 Fury with some normal rust on the bottom rear behind the wheel well towards the bottom. It's got an open gash about the area of the surface of a pair of boxcutters. Can I do an adhesive body patch on that without it looking too wonky?

  3. thank you Chris for sharing you knowledge that helps alot for the people like me , this the first you video I watch after that just cant stop my self on you channel.

  4. when I was 19 I learned this process intuitively (before the internet was a real source of useful information) when i had an accident when my parents were away on a trip over a weekend. other than the curved paper and the heated can it's the same process. useful tips. I can add the recommendation to dab the spray paint nozzle with paper towel after each couple of passes to avoid splatter and if it looks bad after the primer it will look worse after paint so take the time to fix small problem areas once primer makes them visible.

  5. I've found you can just sand clear coat with wet and dry and than buffer for the same if not similar result 😊

  6. You do this when you wan't to sell the car quick as possible and make some profit also. You can by rusty cars and make this kind of repairs and sell it after. Quick and dirty fix.

  7. Thank you for the great video and congratulations on 5m subscribers! Just finished this project on my 190,000 mile Charger, following your directions. Didn't turn out perfectly but I'll take it! I'm gonna do it again to another car here shortly. It'll turn out even better having learned from the mistakes I made with the Charger. Thanks again!

  8. Whoa. Saw a few of your videos (basic stuff) and at the beginning of this here, I was like, yea, for sure. A car shop won't charge me $500 to fix this level of damage for nothing. But now, that I almost finished the video, I'm close to buying a car, let it rust on purpose, just so I can do this. Big thumps up, my guy!!!

  9. Mazda. My family will never buy mazda again, because this car is very sensitive for rust. My father had Mazda 3 first generation and he sold it as fast as it possible since rust appeared.

  10. Thanks chris my jeep needed some welding but after that was out of the way i followed too the tee and it looks completely factory

  11. Does the spray paint can deliver good quality or would you suggest me get a spray gun and get clear coat and paint and use the spray gun instead of spray paint

  12. My advice: phosphoric acid and rust converter paint to completely stop and neutralize the rust after sanding (even a microscopic remnant on a sanded surface will re-initiate rust), followed by painting. Mind, I don't know if bondo or FG filler will adhere to such a coated surface if there are big holes to be filled. Maybe better for treatment of those out-of-sight areas (i.e., back of panel).

  13. Damn, this dude is the top of top mechanics, where did you learn so much? Your videos were of great help to get a very good used car which I'm enjoying now. Thank you so much, you should be a teacher, your didactic skills are awesome!

  14. То чувство когда Американцы только только узнают шпаклевку когда в СНГ это все знают.

  15. Hey Master! Nice complete detailed tutorial… maybe you need an old school panel beater or painter out there i can perform both… 😁😂 i guess i have to make a vlog of me beating cars the old school way….

  16. Just a FYI once all metal is exposed always use Permatex 81849 Rust Treatment
    Or some other rust killer, if you use Bondo never get it thicker then 1/4 or in the near future will crack and bust threw the paint…….very good video for the people that cant cut out the metal and replace it with a new pice.

  17. You explaining all well enough everything and stap by stap showing them!.. You know bro: *You're the new Superhero!!!* Thanks a lot:)

  18. I'm seeing a lot of Mazda's lately with bubbling paint around the wheel arch. I'm thinking it's more a manufacturing problem than anything else, and probably because the paint is water based.

  19. Congratulations, you just taught more people how to make dodgy repairs to their +20 year old sports cars that they can sell as 'straight bodied, rust free'. I'm looking forward to chipping loads of filler off a rusting S-chassis.

  20. I gotta say, great instructions, fixed the rust on my '07 Rabbit's fender following your video, and it turned out pretty good!

  21. Just started a resto mod project on a 98 VW Golf GTI VR6 from Minnesota its got some rough rust spots. Gonna give this method a try. Thanks

  22. You always say 'could' instead of 'can.' E.g.: "I'm going to be using sandpaper because that's something everyone could do.' I guess it's not that big of a difference, just interesting bc I think most people would say 'can.' Choice or unconscious?

  23. Great work ,but i think u have made it so complicated , if they do all these steps in a workshop they would definitely ask for a thousand dollar but i think they do it in a simple way

  24. Very impressive and helpful!! Just need steps to guide me so I can fix my own car without spending much money at an auto shop .. I went to a local auto repair shop and they said they’d rather order a new bedside for my truck.. watching this video can save a whole lot money from my pocket .. thanks for sharing

  25. Our family businness is pannel beating and spraying on cars so we do this every single day and this video gave me a lot of tips……. tks chris❤❤❤

  26. Your van is like my expedition. The rocker panels are bad. Need to replace it. I will be able to use your video for other spots. Thanks great video.

  27. First, want to say how amazing the video is produced, and edited. Newly subscribed!
    Your information is extremely thorough, LOVE IT!
    Question, factoring in curing time of certain stages, I'm assuming you can't drive the car in between the stages of repair with the exposed metal?
    Can this be done in a weekend or 'long weekend'? (3-days)?
    I have certain rust spots that don't need as much extensive repair, looking to gage time needed to do this.

  28. Helpful tip that rubber coating actually keeps moisture in which can make it rust more and faster best thing you can technically do is just repaint it normally

  29. i keep asking why car makers don't use stainless steel panels? yes it cost more but not that much, much cheaper than constantly repairing rust and sale devaluation.

  30. When I first saw the name of the video, I preticted the car to be Mazda 3 or 6 lol. Do not buy them used if you live in high humidity areas, guys

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