How to repair speedometer of bike

How to repair speedometer of bike

Hello friends welcome to sandeep agarmor tutorial in this video i will show you how to repair speedometer and how to change speedo cable so friends this is my bike , and its speedometer is not working , so we see what is the problem there are two cables , one cable is connected to speedometer gear assembly and the other one is connected to brake shoe Speedometer cable is connected here Let’s see how the speedometer system works When the wheel rotates, gear also rotates with it The gear also rotates the cable wire If the wire is not turning, the speedometer will not work First we have to separate the speedometer cable And check the gear is moving or not Now we will remove the speedometer cable To remove it Groove which is visible in it, With a screwdriver, by pressing the Groove, pull speedometer cable This wire rotates in the cable This wire is fit in the hole When we rotate the wheel, the gear rotates This gear is moving, this means that our gear system is working correctly Now we will check its top part Now check the speedometer by rotating the front wheel that speedometer is working or not this speedometer is still not working now we will have to remove the mask of the bike Open screw to open masks. Also, there are 4 screws in the side. Open five screws To remove the mask, do not use too much force. Because the wire is connected, which can break now we have seperated the mask Among the masks, a connector is attached to the head lights It is also carefully removed Let us now see how to remove the speedo meter from the panel There are 4 screws we will open all the 4 screws but before opening this screws we will disconnect the electrical wiring Before opening the screw, remove this electrical connection Electrical wiring connections can be open, by pressing the clip, pull wired connector now we will open the screws of the speedometer open all this 4 screws now remove the speedometer carefully from the panel by pressing from the top we have removed the speedometer and fuel indicator from the panel backside of the speedometer , speedometer cable is attatched here Now we will see by opening the cable from here , that it is broken or not We will open this screw to open cable The speedo meter cable is broken The broken part of the cable, you will not see, because it is in the oil deposit One end of the cable is connected to the speedometer Now we will out the broken of the cable from Speedo Meter We have pulled out the cable broken part. now we will give you some information about internal parts of the speedometer to open speedometer we will open this screws remove its plastic cover open this two screws also now apply small amount of pressure from the back and lift it this is the speedometer assembly speed is shown by its gearing system as the gear is rotating properly that means there is no problem in the speedometer the problem was due to the broken cable now we will change its cable now we put speedometer back to its position Now we will put all the screws in their place Now we put the plastic cover, then tighten the screw also this is the new speedometer cable you can buy this from showroom and also from gaurage by telling them your bike model now you can easily see that both the end of the cable are of rectangular cross section we will put this sections in the speedometer and the front wheel this end is connected to the speedometer first we will put the speedometer and fuel indicator back to the panel put all screws in their positions carefully while connecting the speedometer cable first we will put the cable in the gearing system of the front wheel because the wire in this cable is friction less and it will come out from this end so lets put this end here by pressing it push forward now we will put other end to the speedometer by tightening the screw now we will check it by rotating the wheel that the speedometer ids working or not now the needle is moving this means we have repaired the speedometer connect the electrical wiring again connect headlight connector to the mask put mask on their position

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  1. there are many tachometer with fuel gauge inbuilt in it we can buy from amazon
    how can we fix it instead of fuel gauge

  2. bhii iska fuel काटा टूट गया इसे किस चीज़ से जोड़ जो दुबारा न टूटे इसपे वीडियो बनाये

  3. Nice video and so… Helpful but Sir please sir ye Jo blue color ka capacitor Hai uska cod ya fir uska video upadat Kare plzz plzz

  4. Sirji Meri Shine ka Distance Record metre nahi chal raha hai. Analog speed work kar ra hai leking Distance record metre nahi chal raha hai kya karoo sir ?

  5. Bro bajaj avenger 220 street main analouge meter ko digital kar sakta hain kia? Aur fual gauge ka bhi analouge se digital kar sakta hain? Aur kar sakta hain to kia kia kit lagega

  6. sandeep jeee mera beee same problem hua tha ….. but mee khud haee repaier kya … aap ka video dhakha dhakha kaaa……….. thanks a lot sandeep jeee

  7. Bhai bike m ek indicator install krna btao jb bike Ko over speed pr chalate hai toh Bo indication bling hona start ho jay

    Pls pls pls pls pls bhai btao yrrr meny bhut try Keya install krne ka bhai m bhut lafda Kiya bhut jada nukhsan kr liya meny

  8. sir my 2017 model cb shine dx analogue metere converter to shine sp semi digital metere console is possible please tell me

  9. Ji meri bike ka speed meter ki wire meter me tut gai the use nikalne ke lie meter ko kholna pada ab meter ki tedel speed treepal speed dekhata meen 10 ki jgha 30ki speed dekhata hai ab Kya kary batay sir

  10. sml bus speed metter kbhi 75 se age chal ti he ba d me 175 batati he 199 batane ke bad or o 100 batati he ese kse sudhara jaye

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  12. सर ट्रैक्टर के मीटर पर वीडियो बनाए वह बिगड़ जाए तो उन्हें कैसे ठीक किया जाए

  13. Nice video sir only difficulties cant understand your dialect im repairing my motorcycle now i never saw videos about dashboard area tnxs sir

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