How to Replace a Cord Lock in a Wood / Faux Wood Blind

How to Replace a Cord Lock in a Wood / Faux Wood Blind

How to replace the Cord Lock in a Wood / Faux
Wood Blind Remove the blind and set it on a flat work
surface Remove any tassels and safety washers from
the lift strings and pull through the cord lock
Remove the end cap closest to the cord lock Remove the old cord lock with a flat screwdriver.
Slide the new cord lock into the headrail as shown and seat into place
Thread a wrt up through the cord lock, thread the lift strings in the eye of the tool and
pull through Replace the end cap, safety washers and tassels
Test your repair

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. This website has helped me immeasurably. I did a $300 job for almost nothing and gave new life to my son's blinds in his "fixer-upper." Thanks SO much for the wonderful videos because this one in particular cleared up something I thought I could NEVER do. Now I have the courage to fix almost anything with these blinds! The video instructions are clear and concise, easy to follow and the links back to the website are excellent!

  2. Hi, thanks for the really useful video. My cord will open and close my faux wood blinds for the most part, but they wont close fully. Instead some sort of gear in the blind starts clicking. Would I need a new tilt mechanism or cord lock? Thankyou

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