How to Replace a Muffler in Your Car

How to Replace a Muffler in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car is making too much noise,
then stay tuned because today I’m going to show you how to replace a muffler on
your car, now many things can make noises in an exhaust system, but this is pretty
simple because the muffler fell off driving down
the road, so we’re going to jack it up in the air and see what’s left under there,
well we’ll start looking around as we can see at least the yoke is in one
piece, so we’ll bolt the three bolts off and take the yoke off, but since they’re
so old and rusty, we’ll spray a little wd-40 on it let it soak a few hours,
spray them all over the nuts, so the rust will come off, then get a giant cheater
bar and a long neck socket that’ll fit on and pull like mad and when you pull hard
enough, eventually it’ll break loose and off comes the collar, then of course
you need a new muffler and in this case it comes with all the
pipes already on, so we just bolted back on, but before you put it on, make sure
you have this flange gasket, I cemented it on so it doesn’t fall off when you
bolt it on, then you put the two flanges together and stick the bolts in and
don’t make them really tight yet because we have to adjust the back of the muffler
first so it fits on right, because this BMW has a hanger that goes around the
muffler, it bolts on and then hangs off of these rubber donuts and you have to
wiggle it so it fits right, so while you’re wiggling the muffler, you have to
make sure that these clamps aren’t too tight so they can flex back and forth
till it fits right, then once you have it all lined up here and there’s enough
clearance, tight in the back, make sure you get them nice and tight, so that
the fumes don’t leak out, then you start it up, and check for leaks, it’s nice and quiet
now and there’s no gas escaping anywhere except for the backward supposed to come
out, so the next time your car’s making noise fix it yourself and remember if
you’ve got any car questions just visit Scotty and I’ll answer them
as soon as I get out of this hearse!

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  1. If only more Mechanics were honest and genuine like you are.
    Majority are oblivious to the car problems and if it's not an easy fix or something easy but costly they can't be bothered..

  2. hey Scotty do I have to replace my exhaust pipe if i'm replacing truck makes to much noise as I accelerate.

  3. @:18 I thought he was going to do a second "rev up your engines!" and I burst out laughing! Great times Scotty, great times.

  4. Hey Scotty love the channel. thanks for uploading all the videos u do. I feel like I learn something new with every vid. so I have an 04 nissan Murano. seems like I'm loosing power from 0-40 mph. kinda getting the "pudding" feeling. here's the thing though. once I'm above 40 mph she runs like a champ. can u give me some input on what might be happening?

  5. Hey Scotty I have an Acura RSX that has this loud droning sound when your above 4K RPMs. It sounds like you're in an airplane or like theirs a big subwoofer going off. It does have Innovative motor mounts so maybe that could be it. When you put it in 6th gear the sound pretty much goes away. When I'm driving and put the car in neutral the sound goes away. Any ideas? The car came with everything I mentioned.

  6. I have an 04 BMW 525I and my muffler is welded on. I never welded anything in my life and was wondering how much it would cost for a new performance muffler such as a magnaflow

  7. Hey, Scotty. I have a 2002 Lancer. I started it up today and saw some exhaust coming from the middle of the car. No noise. Running fine. Had the motor mount replaced a few years back along with part of the exhaust.. With the car running fine and quiet could there still be a leak? Thanks!

  8. Haha! Gotta love those anti-theft devices that recognize when the car is getting jacked up for those times when someone is trying to steel your wheels.

  9. Scotty killer. why do I always have the low coolant level showing o the dashboard, even though I refill it more often than I should be?

  10. Always enjoy your videos Scotty. Always informative and to the point, just what I like. πŸ˜‰
    Could you recommend a compact muffler with aggressive sound but not loud in the cab? This will be on my 1976 CJ7 jeep with a 1988 s10 blazer 4.3 v6 engine and th700r4 tranny. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  11. If you removed those pesky restrictive mufflers you'd never have to replace them and you get to enjoy your loud exhaust

  12. I saw an ad for that movie that's coming out about autonomous cars and it actually looks really good.

    I guess Herbie the Love Bug gets the hots for Christine (the killer Plymouth Fury). Christine manipulates his blind devotion and seduces Herbie into joining her in a series of thrill kills of mostly random people. R2D2 plays the detective trying to solve the murders. It's cool someone gave him a role outside the Star Wars franchise because I know R2 has wanted that opportunity for a really long time. I haven't seen it yet but I really hope he does a great job.

  13. Im at :30 right now, but when he said what he said about your car making too much noise I laughed because I have cherry bomb glass packs on mine

  14. hey scotty some of us have pick ups why don'y you do something with pick up trucks instead of cars all the time do you have something against trucks ??

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  16. At 1:26 best advice ever! That step will definitely save me hassle and aggravation when I crawl under my truck tonight to bolt my mufflers on. Thanks Scotty! I used gasket maker to hold the gaskets onto the flanges.

  17. Is it just me that thinks it would be funny if Scotty did a how to pick up women or get ass in a truck ? It would be his comedy channel it would for sure make his views go up and he would make more money I deserves it.

  18. Scotty, why don't you cover how to change a muffler that is held by a wrap-around clamp.
    I was changing my muffler and the old clamp was rusty, I sprayed it and got it loose and all.
    Then, the pipe wouldn't slide out simply because the old clamp deformed the two pipes and created a ring towards the inside of the pipes. Luckily, the muffler's pipe was the outer pipe, so I've cut it, got a grinder and grinded a straight line through it carefully not to grind the inner pipe. Then with a flathead screwdriver I got it out in a second. It was so frustrating to figure out those steps.

  19. My first car had a muffler just as bad. The noise, vibrations and smoke was terrible. It's amazing how much difference it makes. Between you and ChrisFix I learned a lot about doing things myself which has saved me a lot of money.

  20. Scottie. I’ve worked as a mechanic many years myself. I see you advised a long cheater bar/breaker bar seems to be 1/2” drive, a short extension and socket. Exhaust hardware is usually rusted and it will round off very easily or break. And I know having a long handle with that much extension makes it easy to slip off the nut if your not straight on it. I see an impact gun on the floor. Most exhaust work is extremely hard without pneumatic tools, turbo sockets, oxy/ace torch and patience. That’s one repair I think is better left to experts. 2:42 video makes it sound way to easy.

  21. What? No ugly obnoxious show-off dual exhausts on that Big Money Wasted?

    And why was stuff moving around under there? Why was the wheel turning? You forgot to put that Breaks Many Ways into Park?

  22. i just installed a muffler axleback. but the left side bubbles a small amount when i put water on it . i tightned the bolts still a leak… could it be a gasket problem?

  23. Hey Scotty…i have a question…i had a aftermarket muffler put on…just the muffler…left everything else stock…my gas milage has decreased…people say i should unplug the battery for an ECU reset…whats your opinion?

  24. So how do you do this if the bolts are so rusted they can't be considered bolts anymore and the yolk or flange or whatever actually crumbles between your fingers?

  25. I am not sure if you are saving me money or costing me money. See, some of these repairs I am apt to let em' slide on the principle that I'll do more harm than good. But your videos always convince me that I can actually make the repair, so I go ahead and do it.
    Thanks for making these.
    Kidding aside, you've saved me a ton of cash and really expanded my knowledge.

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