How to Replace a Radiator (Complete Guide)

How to Replace a Radiator (Complete Guide)

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  2. i try what i watch but sadly after removed all the parts i dont know how to put it back. 😁😁😁. ending i call a mechanic to fix what ive done. 😇

  3. @ChrisFix Oletko Suomalainen vaikka puhut Englantia, vai miksi muuten videon otsikko on suomeksi ja muut videon lisätiedot.

  4. Hey guys! I actually stripped one of my transmission cooler lines using a flare nut wrench :/. I tried heat and wd-40 with vice grips. Anyone have any ideas for how to get it off and put the line back on the new radiator? Thanks

  5. I need to do this since after flushing my coolant multiple times it's still not clear, but looks like too much work for just me sadly. Still great to see though!

  6. If I have oil in my coolant what’s wrong with it? ( plz I really don’t know if it the head gasket or the radiator

  7. I replaced 2 front rotors and all 4 brakes in a Nissan Xterra, first time ever, it was a lot of work, I got helped from a mechanic but it was not easy since car was old and rusty too.

  8. Just wanna day thanks for your videos!!!! Make them super easy to understand and have helped me do a coolant flush and tranny fluid change with filter. Saved me 330$. Never done it before and wouldn’t have tried if it wasn’t for your videos. Thanks buddy

  9. @ChrisFix. I bought a 96 GMC Sonoma from my girlfriends grandpa. He hasn’t driven it in over 4 years. The radiator needs replaced, would it be recommended to go ahead and replace the water pump at the same time? I’m already planning on replacing the thermostat, along with the upper and lower hoses.

  10. Very helpful video!! But I'm a little stuck… I followed your directions exactly… How do I get my pants unstuck from the rear brake??

  11. Number of people who watch Chris Fix videos: 2 million. Number of people who take on the repairs: 10. This guy is so awesome.

  12. Congratulations Chrisfix! I was looking at an ad flyer for Advance Auto store and they had links to your videos in the ad. That is amazing. You are truly one of the best how to guys on YouTube.

  13. not really that simple. Considering all the vehicles are configured a bit differently. You need watch this five times and that stare at your car for a couple of hours before you begin. To remember all the fittings screws, you have document all the steps so you can retrace it. Great video though, makes me motivated to maintain the system so I don't have to do this. Coolant flush and a good radiator cap seems to be a good idea.

  14. I am in awe. This video is so professionally well-done it is a little eerie. Every last detail was addressed. It is perfection. There really isn't anything that could have been improved! YOU EVEN HAD ROVER IN THE BACKGROUND!!! WTF!!!

  15. If only this video came out 3 years ago. Would have saved me $387… keep up the good work man anyone who saves me money is a good guy in my book.

  16. So if I'm changing my radiator aswell how do I go about flushing my coolant out, I've taken out my old radiator already but I need to use the old radiator to do this and then put the new one in right?

  17. i wwnt into the store and the closest thing I could find to this "distilled wooder" you speak of was distilled waater, would this work؟

  18. In my 1997 Toyota Camry, There was coolant leaking from lower radiator hose, so we replaced the entire radiator with new hoses and coolant. Best job that was done to my 22 year old car. The thermostat was in good condition still and the radiator cap was from japan. It was cool to see the original Japanese writing that was on my old radiator cap.

  19. The radiator in my dream car is shot and needs to be replaced. (CLICK) Here is the answer to that question! (Clip activates) Chris: Hey guys ChrisFix here! Nice thinking ChrisFix!

  20. Hey ChrisFix. Would you a vid on the basic items you use and the uses for them. Explaining Anti Seize, lubricant you use to get the rusted nuts off, silicon paste uses, etc, or maybe setup a store on amazon with the products you use. Thanks. very much appreciate your videos.

  21. Hey Chris, what's your opinion on Evan's NPG+ waterless coolant? Been wanting to do it in my diesel, heard some vehicles run hotter, there's so much mixed facts out there

  22. What's up man I have a question my radiator leaked everything out the other day has a small hole in it I'm going to be replacing the radiator but theres nothing there anymore everything leaked out and it was almost like it only had water was very clear no color to it. Whould i still have to flush it or just replace the new radiator and add the new coolant

  23. I like how simple he makes it I feel confident that If I ever need to I could do this lol I don’t believe I’ll need to replace mine for a good while (2014 v6 mustang)

  24. I wish my radiator were that easy to take off, i have to take the whole front end of my car off cause the a/c condenser and intercooler are mounted onto the radiator 😣

  25. Just an FYI. In States where the temperatures get below freezing, make sure to keep an eye on your clamps after this repair, as they will allow for a cold weather leak. Just tighten them up, but do not over-tighten them. Also, you may want to do a 60/40 mix of antifreeze. Do not over concentrate your mix, and the best way to check your mix for protection level is with a refractometer.

  26. Just a word of advise from myself being electronically qualified. Always remove your Positive terminal first. You leave yourself exposed to voltages with the negative terminal loose and the positive still connected. Brilliant video non the less. 🙂

  27. I'm very clumsy…. Trying to fix one thing, I break another thing… I just watch your vids so I can talk to car mechanic without being so confused what is wrong with my car…

  28. Hey Chris, I have a 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT and I bought a new radiator for the automatic transmission but the car has a manual transmission. Would I have to plug the transmisson line ports with something?

  29. Hey Chris,

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for making these videos. I've already saved hundreds changing oil, cleaning the MAF, cleaning batteries, restoring headlights, flushing radiators brake lines and transmissions in my car. Will replace the wife's hybrid battery too, when that happens. I follow the mantra "do it once, do it right" and I'm glad you show the complete methods (torquing, threadlocking, etc).

    Haven't owned a car in 6 years (until now) so working on this thing has been a blast because of your vids.

    Thanks for your time and effort buddy, it impacts plenty of us!

  30. Thanks for your videos man. I just replaced the radiator, all hoses for silicones, thermostat, sensors – just a complete cooling system overhaul on my Saab 900 OG. And everything worked on first try 🙂

  31. When i subscribed a year and 2 months ago he had 2 or 3 million subscribers….

    He Now Has 5.55 Million Subscribers

  32. Cris, when you say simple it actually is simple. Many people are scared to work on cars cause they think they might break something and it's really complicated, but you explain everything in such detail that "it really is that simple."

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