How to Replace a Water Pump and Timing Belt in Your Car

How to Replace a Water Pump and Timing Belt in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how to
replace a hard to replace water pump, one that’s driven by a timing belt, now on
this Toyota Camry the water pump is hiding inside the engine, it’s driven by
the timing belt so you got to take the time and all that off in order
to get to the water pump so you can change it, now it is a big job but
anybody with normal hand tools can do the job as you’re going to find out
right now now the first thing we have to do is
take off the fan belts because they’re in the way, we just loosen the bolts to
hold the alternator on, then give a little tap, it moves down and the belt comes off,
then do the same thing with a power steering belt take that off, now we get a
long cheater bar and take the bolt off that goes on the crankshaft pulley, right
here and pull and it’s a good thing this cars a standard because we locked it in
gear and had the emergency brake on so that keeps the engine from spinning so
you can get the bolt off, then we have to take the motor mount bracket off here on
the side to get room to get the belt off first the top on bolts, then the side
piece on bolts and out it comes, then you unbolt the timing cover at the top of the cover cops off, then
you go back down and pull off a crankshaft pulley, then unbolt the bottom
parts of the cover and take the bottom cover off, and when we look from the top
now, here’s the water pump here we have to loosen this pulley so we can get the
belt loose and get the belt off, but before we do that we’re going to get a
little white paint we’re going to mark the cogs so we can put it back together
correctly again, we’ll mark the top cam here, so we’ll know where it goes and
we’ll mark the bottom one too, that way if anything slips when we’re taking apart
and putting together we’ll know so we can align it right, then we loosen this
bolt, push down on the spring arm real hard, so the pulley goes down to its full
position, then lock it in place so we can get the belt off and off comes the belt, now
before you unbolt the water pump, stick a drain pan under there to catch the
coolant and there it comes out as you loosen the bolts and out comes the water
pump, now normally have to scrape the old gasket off, but in this case it was an
old metal one and it just slid off and the new pump comes with a paper gasket
that you just glue on and then bolt it on, then you slides those back in place and you
stick the bolts in it, in go the bolts, now since you went through all
that work, you might as well put a new timing belt on and throw the old one
away, then you slip the timing belt on and then when you loosen the bolt on the
tensioner, the spring here automatically tensions it right and once it’s tight
you just put it back on and make it snug then of course you put all the timing
covers and the fan belts back on but I’m not going to film that because that’s boring,
but when you tighten the belts here’s one thing to know you, as you tighten it
up, you want them tight, so that you go in the middle of the rung, you can just
barely twist them 90 degrees, then they’re snug and of course remember to
put new coolant back in so now you know how to change a water
pump on a car that has a cam belt driven water pump and yes it may be a
big job but with standard hand tools you can do it yourself and save a ton of
money and remember if you’ve got any car questions visit the scotty kilmer
channel and I’ll answer them if I ever make it out of Nashville alive

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  1. Hey Scotty, I am currently looking at getting either a 2005 Saab 9-3, a 2005 Volvo S80 or a 2006 Volvo S60. Are these cars Reliable?

  2. Hey Scotty, I recently changed my thermostat and radiator for my car, but I'm still experiencing some overheating issues. When I poured coolant into the radiator cap I saw a leak coming from below the engine. Do you think I need to change the water pump as well?

  3. i dont have a lot of standard handtools, even with the job i work at where we install car batteries, all in all it took me about 3 and 1/2 months to do this

  4. OK I never had the check engine light on…but this guy put a water pump and timing belt on my 2006 Kia Sorento so after he was done it ran good but the check engine light came on… now he does not know what to do

  5. I love your videos but this job looks like it's for more advanced DIYers. I can't even get the back 3 plugs out because I don't know how to take the manifold off and put it back right.

  6. hey Scotty so my 1st mechanic told me I have to get a new timing belt and I went to a different mechanic to get a 2nd opinion and he saying water pump. I told him my car (98 Toyota corolla) is making this annoying noise and sound. so tomorrow I see what it is and the price. can you tell me if both should be completed like right here and what price would I be looking at?

  7. Hi , good afternoon from paris, thx for posting awesome videos, I have a question about the timing belt for my car. Manufacturer's recommendations are 250000 kilometers or 155000 miles or ten years to change the belt. My car is only 8 years old and 120000 klms or 80000 miles, should i go to 250000 kilometers or respect 10 years time to change the belt? Thx in advance

  8. hi scotty . i got 98 Camry Japanese and my water started to leak and while i was driving and still drove about 15 km and got home parked the car next day it would not turn on i poped the hood ad notice coolant was missing as i fill up i notice the leak now can i fix that motor its done???? and thanks for the help in advance

  9. Hey Scotty, I'm not sure if this is my problem or If I need a new radiator. I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu that I took in for a key ignition recall awhile back. When they were fixing it they said it was leaking out anti-freeze pretty bad on the passenger side, that's where the coolant tank is located at. They said It could either be a bad water pump or hose or needs a new radiator but they weren't to sure what the main problem could be, I don't know much about cars except to change the oil in It. I know you probably get thousands of emails and request a day but I hope you're still able to maybe help me out

  10. is it normal for the car to smoke under the hood after water pump replacement? car is not overheating, but it does smoke a bit

  11. scotty i have worked on cars for many years now i can say youre video's has been very helpfull
    over the years thank you for putting them on you tube

  12. sir thank you for your videos. I have a Celica around the same year as this one and need to replace my timing belt but could not find a good diagram or anything to take the belt off. thanks to your good video I can now do it myself

  13. Scotty is the floor jack placed underneath the oil pan before you take the bracket off? My question is where to place the floor jack to be honest.

  14. thanks scotty that was interesting but i really wanted to watch you put on the bits and peices……maybe next time. but i'm not sure this is the same as my car. I have a V6 Toyota Camry Conquest, is it all in the same place?

  15. Given that everything goes smoothly (even though it never does) how long approximately will such an operation be?

  16. Brilliant Instruction on how to Replace the Water Pump and Timing Belt — just had my 1996 Dodge Dakota serpentine belt and water pump replaced properly for about $270 — For me it's WORTH the Labor Charge to save my Fingers from the Frigid DIY Chicago weather at the moment (would have been a different story if it was 70F+)

    Nonetheless, Keep Up you #PurposefulHustle my Delightfully Engaging DIY Youtube Mechanic Sir ~~

    #PurposefulSources #ConstructiveFeedback #ProperPerspective #CreativeSolutions #DivineBirthright #DivineFriendship | 777ADVENTURES

  17. Things I used in this video:
    1. Breaker Bar:
    2. Antifreeze:
    3. Plastic Drain Pan:
    4. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    5. Disposable Gloves:
    6. Common Sense
    7. 4k Camera:
    8. Mini Microphone:
    9. My computer for editing / uploading:
    10. Video editing software:
    11. Thumbnail software:

    🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

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  18. Thanks very much for taking the time to show us. I've been quoted $600 on my old 1998 4cyl, that's about what the whole car is worth.

  19. Excellent video Scotty. Yes, replacing the timing belt while you have it off for another part, is a very good idea. If you have to replace the timing belt because it broke, that is more risky and time consuming. Do it right, or you may damage the engine.

  20. So what if you have an automatic , if you mark the where the timing is lined up , will the crankshaft pulley move significantly when you loosen the crankshaft bolt?

  21. Scotty, why don't you show us how to read the manufacturer's timing gears marks and how to do the timing belt without white paint?

  22. Hi there , Should you not first Emptied the Anti Freezer before doing the Timing belt
    change ? Thanks for your teaching .

  23. hello, I have a 2007 Maxima. im trying to take my water pump out. everything is off and i have the three bolts that hold the pump in place off…but the pump wont move. I even hit it with a hammer and it wont budge. like its frozen in place. ive let it soak with some penetrating oil but still wont move. any ideas of hot to get it off?

  24. Gotta look elsewhere for how to do most work, Tommy just rushes through it to make snappy videos and make it look easy, which its not.

  25. Question 90toytoa Celica. I'm trying to take off the Cadillac converter in Arizona can I just bypass the Cadillac converter and how do I take off the three bolts with their stripped.

  26. And I have to replace a 2001 Chevy Cavalier timing chain kit previous owners that said I had to change that out is there anyway I can check to see if that's what I really need on this Cavalier

  27. So scotty i changed my timing belt but it didnt accerate. I would only rev the engine what could i have done wrong?

  28. Hello, I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey and replaced my water pump with the water pump kit. Now, I did make sure to have all gears dead centered after installing my water pump. And now my Odyssey will crank but wont star. I checked my fuel processor, and I do have pressure. I also replaced my fuel pump really under my dash above the foot petal. What do you think it might be.

  29. If anything, this video tells me to leave the job to a professional! Too many things could get messed up IMO.

  30. Omg, this is the fastest video I've ever seen to replace a water pump. Interestingly, I thought I just needed to change my timing belt, but apparently I have to change the pump too….this video helps a bunch lol THANKS😎

  31. It's nice that there are still videos with valuable info out there that don't take 10 minutes to get to the point. New subscriber

  32. I cant believe nobody mentions bleeding the coolant system after filling or draining it…..can cause so many little issues like idle rough no heat and overheating!

  33. Fan belt can not be adjusted too tight, otherwise it will increase the pump bearing load. If two belts drive, the old and new belts, length and tightness should be guaranteed to be the same, so as to prevent the imbalance and damage of the pump caused by the different forces on the two belts.

  34. How come the camshaft and crankshaft are not TDC? I thought that both are supposed to be facing straight up at 12 o'clock.

  35. So angry at myself, had a 1997 Toyota Camry with the same engine I was scared to tackle the water pump myself and didn't have the money to pay a mechanic, thought I'd be ok for a while long story short water pump blew and the car overheated and ruined the engine really liked that car but it's gone now lesson learned.

  36. I know this old video but Don’t forget to replace balance shaft o ring , cam seal ,crank seal to avoid oil leak and thermostat. Use Toyota red coolant only also the orginal gasket on water pump is made of metal sheet not paper use it and make sure the water pump bolts has to be exact torque spec

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