How to Replace Engine Crank Sensor 01-05 Honda Civic

How to Replace Engine Crank Sensor 01-05 Honda Civic

brought to you by 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet hi I’m – want a auto I hope this how-to video helps you out and next time you need parts for your vehicle think of 1a auto calm thanks in this video we’re going to show you how to replace the engine position crank sensor on this 2003 Honda Civic with the 1.7 liter motor and pretty much the same for 2001 to 2005 as well as Acura TL you’ll need 10 to 19 millimeter sockets wrenches ratchets and extensions Honda’s special crank holding tool breaker bar torque wrench jack and jack stands and a flat blade screwdriver using a 19 millimeter socket and a breaker bar break your lug nuts loose raise and support your vehicle on jack stands finish removing your lug nuts remove the wheel and tire from the vehicle pry out on the inside of the push connectors with a flat blade screwdriver and remove them from the inside of the splash shield allow the splash shield to hang out of your way remove the power-steering adjusting bolt using a 10 millimeter socket and ratchet loosen the adjusting nut the 12 millimeter wrench loosen the pivot bolt at the bottom of the power steering pump with a 12 millimeter wrench remove the adjusting bolt remove the power-steering belt move the rest of the pivot bolt on the bottom of the power steering pump once the power steering pump is free push out on the tab to release the power steering reservoir and move the assembly out of the way without disconnecting the lines remove the 10 millimeter nut holding the power cable to the back the green connector on the side the 14 millimeter bolt at the top of the alternator and loosen the adjusting nut at the back remove the power cable to the alternator 10 millimeter socket and ratchet disconnect the connector at the back and release the harness from the bracket release the harness push down on this tab on the back slide it off we’ll be removing our valve cover later so we’ll fish this part of the harness up out of the way now loosen the 12 millimeter bolt bottom of the alternator and the 14 millimeter bolt at the top loosen the adjusting bolt at the bottom until you can remove the belt from the alternator move the belt from the vehicle to remove the 19 millimeter bolt on the crank pulley you’ll need the special holding tool from Honda which sits into this hex a strap wrench to keep the pulley from turning an extension and a breaker bar get on to the 19 millimeter bolt in the center of the pulley and these tend to have a lot of torque on them they’re very stubborn so we’re going to use a cheater pipe on our breaker bar this is actually the handle off of our jack on the handle takes a good bit of force to break these loose I’ve already cracked it loose a little bit but with the cheater pipe you really got to put your weight into it to get them going once the bolts been broken loose you can remove your special tools you can use a 19 millimeter socket and ratchet to remove the bolt the rest of the way remove the pulley from the crankshaft be careful not to drop the key stock that’s inside the pulley remove the connector on the rear side of the engine disconnect it and the retainer on the lower engine cover should just pop out allow it to hang off to the side remove the four bolts on the lower engine cover here here here and here remove the lower timing cover from the engine be sure to remove the rubber seal with it remove the 10 millimeter bolt on the crank position sensor remove the sensor and bolt from the vehicle reinstall your crank position sensor this plastic stud sits into this hole in the block the 10 millimeter bolt above it go ahead and tighten that up reinstall the connector make sure that the gasket on the back of your lower timing cover is seated in place properly for reinstalling onto your motor tighten down the four ten millimeter bolts with a socket and ratchet remove your crank pulley bolt from the crankshaft install your key stock into the slot on the crank and align your crank pulley to that stall your crank bolt reinstall your Honda crankshaft holder tool use the 19 millimeter socket bring the bolt down and torque to 148 foot-pounds reinstall the alternator and compressor belt with the belt reinstalled on the pulleys retention the alternator down to the alternator install the four pin connector at the front followed by the power lead and the ten millimeter nut for the power lead tighten up the power terminal for the ten millimeter wrench or socket put the power steering pump and reservoir back to the front of the motor stall the compound to the carriage bolt secure it with the nut reinstall the tensioner into the pump install the nut on the back of the tensioner bolt just and tight for now reinstall the power steering boat loosen up your tensioner until you’re able to reinstall the tensioner bracket ten millimeter bolt then tighten it with a ten millimeter socket and ratchet go retension the power steering pump belt tighten the power steering belt until you have about a quarter inch of gift tighten the 12 millimeter nut on the back of the power steering comp tensioner bolt of the socket and ratchet tighten the 12 millimeter nut at the bottom of the power steering pump reinstall power steering reservoir reinstall the negative terminal on your battery tighten it down with a ten millimeter wrench after everything is been installed and rechecked it’s time to start your vehicle install your lower splash shield with the two plastic push pins reinstall your wheel start your lug nuts for the 19 millimeter socket using a 19 millimeter socket torque your lug nuts to 80 foot-pounds in a cross pattern thanks for tuning in we hope this video helped you out next time you need parts for your car please visit 1a auto comm also check out our other helpful how-to as well as diagnosis videos

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  1. Looks easy. My car just turned off and not running. Everything is good the only thing is the cps going to replace it this weekend. Very good video.

  2. Is there a difference in this particular tasking between the models of civics in the year category (EX, LX, DX, etc)? I hear the EX model is much more difficult. And the "Special Holding Tool", do I have to get this from a Honda Dealer…what do I ask for? Does 1AAuto have a "Camshaft Position Sensor" replacement video for the 2003 Honda Civic EX?

  3. After rainy days what causes the civic motor to idle violently while at idle as if it wants to shut down and eventually does? This has been happening to me after hard rainy days.

  4. If you don't have that special tool, any other idea how to hold it? Can the flywheel be locked or something?

  5. Just got mine replaced and this video was great for reference just makes it seem way easier than it was for my car lol! Thank you!!!

  6. My Honda Accord 2002 is giving me a code p1362 , I want to fix it myself but I'm not sure if I'm in the right track , I been told there's two TDC sensors one behind the timing belt and another one in the distributor, how do I find out for sure? Thanks for the advice!!

  7. Hi i have replaced both cam shaft and crank shaft sensor with pattern parts after fitting the car worked perfect for 2-3 weeks now the car is cutting out while driving and idling with the engine light coming up as cam sensor do you have any ideas?

  8. i have a question i changed the connector and sensor and know my car wont start. i check if there is spark in the spark plugs and there is. what could be issue????

  9. I have a 2004 Honda Civic Si coupe would it be the same place or different due to it being a si ?

  10. 2-3 hours of work to switch out the actual part that takes all of 2 minutes lol. Oh well, that’s vehicles for ya

  11. Is the crank shaft sensor the same as the camshaft sensor? I saw a video from scotty kilmer and he didn't have to do all that work to switch it. I might be wrong maybe the crankshaft is below the camshaft.

  12. Shouldn't I make sure engine is in time before removing that crank bolt/harmonic balancer? Please let me know if so.

  13. i have a 1997 honda civic dx, so i only have to remove the alternator belt and the crank pulley and the cover, to replace my crankshaft position sensor?

    "i dont have powersteering"

  14. Hello been trying to get this project completed but am having difficulty because my crankshaft and camshaft are not aligned. when i have the camshaft on up and have the two sides aligned, I don't see any marks on crankshaft. Also wanted to know the shipping time for parts to Oregon. subscribed and thanks. I recently did a valve cover and other repairs to the car and then everything started up but after couple of day…it would just die when idling and won't accelerate even if i floor it. Check engine code came with crankshaft position sensor but I had not even touched that part. Timing belt was never removed. Later it was even worse, it wont even start, starts with jump but then dies idling after a while and then have to jump again. I did clean out the EGR with brake fluid, don't know if that does any thing. Please help 2002 honda civic vtec ex

  15. sorry I am new to working on cars so please forgive if my question is stupid. When trying to remove the crankshaft bolt I accidentally rotated it clockwise just a little bit, hope that doesn't do permanent damage

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