How to Replace Headlight Wiper Motor 00-07 Volvo V70

Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. We’ve been selling auto parts for over 30
years. Hey, everyone. Sue here from 1A Auto. Today on our 03 Volvo V70 I’m going to show
you how to remove and replace the headlamp wiper motor. If you need any parts for your car, click
on the link below and head on over to We’re going to open the hood. The hood latch location is on the driver’s
side, the left leg kick panel. You reach in there. You feel a handle. See it? Just give it a pull. Open the hood. Latch is located in the center. We’re going to remove the front top clips
here. I’ve got some missing, but that’s what happens
when you have used cars. I’m going to take my plastic clips out. Just like that. That is dry. There’s several missing, but over here someone
put a bolt in, so let’s see what this is. You might not have this setup because it looks
like this has been replaced aftermarket already. Now I’m going to raise and support my vehicle. I’m going to use a two post lift. You can use a jack and jack stands at home. We’re going to remove the bumper trim piece. I’m going to use a body tool. I’m going to try to get in here and separate
it. There we go. Then you’ll see some mounting bolts. We’ve got one here. Someone put a wood screw in over here. This is going to be a fun little journey together. I’m going to take this side out. There we go. There’s another wood screw and a bolt. Now we can take the centerpiece trim piece
out. I’m going to just bend the license plate bracket
just a hair. There we go. We can bend that back into place when we assemble
that. You shouldn’t have this part, but I have to
take these screws out because someone has put wood screws in, our machine screws, for
some reason. We’ll look at this as an adventure because
I don’t know what’s underneath this bumper. Now we have to take the little headlamp assembly
wiper arms off. This is just like a regular wiper arm up here,
up in the top of the car. You have this little plastic piece. We need to pull that out and expose the mounting
nut. Let me see what size that is. It is an eight millimeter. Now let’s see what happens here. Yeah, that’s on there pretty good. I’m going to use a pair of locking pliers. That worked. There it is. I’m going to let that hang. Do the same to the other side. That one came off. I’m putting the pliers behind the arm and
pressing down on the actual mounting stud. Next, I’m going to remove these two mounting
bolts in the front. It’s a 12 millimeter socket. Get this one. Now in the fender well, I’m on the driver’s
side, if I pull out I can see a little Torx head right here. It’s a T20. Like I said earlier, this car looks like it’s
been an accident. There’s a lot of things missing, so hopefully
I can give you a general idea of where to go and places to disconnect. I have just noticed that someone wire tied
the bottom part of this, so now I’m just going to have to cut that. Right down here seems to be a wire tie. I don’t know if it’s going to affect me yet. I think it is because I think this piece stays
in the fender well. I’m going to cut that off. There we go. I’m going to give this a pull back and see
how much, what else I find. There it is. I’m at this part here. I’m going to try and hold onto the bumper. I’m going to disconnect this assembly that
goes down to, it looks like a sensor. Must be an ABS, it can’t be an ABS sensor. I’m going to disconnect the wiper for the
headlamp assembly washer hose. I’m just going to take a little small screwdriver
and pry that hose right off. Set this wiper to the side. Work my way over to this side. Now I’m going to take the washer hose off
of the wiper blade for the passenger side. I’m just going to place that up here for now
because I’m kind of holding the whole bumper on. I have one more connector over here. Push in on that tab, that metal tab. Push it in and pull the connector out. Now we can place our bumper down. With a T25 I’m going to remove these two Torx
bit heads on the side. This plastic piece holds the bumper on the
cover and attaches it to the fender well. There’s also a 12 millimeter head socket right
here, and there’s a mounting bolt for this headlamp assembly underneath. That’s why we have to take it off. There’s a clip on the other side that’s broken. There is six mounting bolts for this headlamp
assembly. It’s a 10 millimeter socket. I’m going to take all six bolts out. The connector part of this plastic connector
and the mount for the regulator, for that little wiper arm, is connected down here. I do see a size difference here, and there’s
a washer difference. I’m going to use the two ones with the big
washers. Those were on that mounting piece. This one without the big washer goes to the
edge. Let’s see what we got. That looks like a longer bolt. We know the longer bolts go on the outside. Let’s see what we get up here. Yup. Looks like we can grab the assembly and pull
it out. I’m going to grab the outside blinker connector
right here, push in on that metal tab, and pull it off the socket. We have the main harness connector, which
is down on the bottom here. Push in on that metal tab, and pull it out. Now we have the headlamp assembly removed. Now you can remove the headlamp assembly wiper
motor. You follow the harness up, and you’ll see
it’s on the inside here. Much easier to get to with the headlamp assembly
out. You’ve got to push down on this tab and pull
out on the connector. There we have our headlight wiper motor assembly. To install, just reverse procedure. Bring the harness back in. Line up with that connector. Squeeze it til your hear it click. Now you can put your headlight back in. Now you’re ready to reinstall your headlamp
assembly now that you’ve got a new motor put in. You’ve got your blinker harness. You’re going to line that up with the tabs
and just lock that on. Then you have the main harness connector. That’s down on the bottom here. Line that up. Connect it. You’ve got these two tabs on top, you can
slide that in until you see your bolt holes line up. Looks good on the side of the frame over here. Now I’m going to grab one bolt and start it
by hand. I am not going to tighten them down because
I’ve got four more to lineup on the bottom. 10 millimeter socket. I just want to make sure it doesn’t slide
out and fall because this is glass. Now I have my headlamp wiper motor lined up. Just so you see, make sure that you put the
actual motor bracket behind the headlamp plastic ears. The motor regulator is the one that has a
thread on the actual metal. Take this plastic piece that holds the bumper
on, it goes up into the headlamp assembly. You can move the motor around to line up the
bolt holes. Start one bolt at a time. I can snug these down because it is not part
of the actual headlamp mount. It’s just the mount for the wiper motor. Now I can do this side mounted screw, and
the last group is over here. Then I’m ready to snug up the top. Now I can line up my side body piece here,
and I’m going to put this last bolt in right there. Now I can install the two top Torx screws. It’s a T25, and tighten that up. 10 millimeter socket. All right. I’m going to put that long Torx bit that’s
in the fender well, I’m going to reattach that. This is how it works. This piece of plastic, the bumper, is on a
slider. This slides back and forth. See the key way. This actually will draw in. Once the bumper is on, the bumper will be
on, these will line up with the inside of the fender well of the bumper cover, and as
you tighten the screw this slides into place and locks that bumper down. I’m just going to start the screw. You don’t have to take it all the way out. Perfect. I want to make sure I push that all the way
back. Here we go. We’re going to put the front bumper back on. Line up that, we have to get the washer hose
though to go through the slotted hole on both, for the bumper cover. Find the end over here. There it is. Make sure you don’t pinch it. There we go. Same on this side. You want to put the washer hose through where
the mount goes, the actual regulator goes through. Now we’re going to line the bumper up with
that guide. I’m going to take the big bolt that goes in
the center. Line on up here. Grab the other one, put that in. Before I continue, because this hose has been
routed the wrong way at some point due to the accident this car has been in it keeps
falling back through, so I’m going to just connect my washer hose so that I can let that
lay and hang free. Now I don’t have to chase it again. Now my bumper is somewhat secured. Before I re-tighten it, I’m just going to
put these connectors on. There’s one on both sides. One over here, same location. Okay. Now I’m ready to lower it a little bit more
and tighten this bumper up. When it comes to the fender well part of the
bumper, this is the mechanism that works on a pulley system. Now it’s all the way in in and there is a
lip right here on the other side of the bumper cover. You can feel it. You want to make sure that that lip is inside
here just like that. It’s lined up right there. Now I’m going to get my T25 and I’m going
to turn the screw clockwise and see if I can pull that in. It will go right up into that groove. Yup, and it’s right in there, nice and tight. Now they obviously had some issues. They ripped the rivets out. They did quite a bit. That’s why they put that wood screw in here. I’m going to do the same thing to the other
side right now. I’ve lined this piece up. It even has a dent in it from the accident. Grab my T25. I’m going to push that flare piece in. There it is, nice and tight. See how it feels. It’s caught right in there, right in the edge. I’m going to grab the bumper cover and I’m
going to pull up firmly because I want up as high as it can go, and I’m going to tighten
down the only two mounting bolts I have in the front here. Let’s do the same to this side. I’m going to make sure that. See the hose is now free flowing. It’s not riding against that regulator arm. If they turn on, they don’t get, rub the hose. Flatten that out. Take the mounting nut, start it. That is an eight millimeter. Push the cover down. Do the same to the other side. Reconnect the hose. Bring it down inside. Make sure it’s out of the way of that regulator. I want it lined up just right. This plastic cover, that’s how it goes on,
it’s got two little cut out notches. We’re going to slide it right down in there. Let it click down. Right on. Now we’re going to put the centerpiece on
first because you can see how the outer edges overlap. I flexed the plate out of the way a little
bit. Line up all those notches, and just push it. Let’s take the plate off. Now you’re going to line up the curvature
part of the part that’s cut out. Do the same on this side. Straighten your plate out. I went and got some new push pins to replace
the ones that were completely missing and the ones that blew apart. I’m putting the bottom parts of them in right
now. Lining them up, pushing it down. This one already has the center piece in. You just push it down, it snaps into place. Line it up. It’s got like an S shape to it. Line the S shape up, push it down. One more in the middle here. Perfect. Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts,
fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

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