How To Replace Mercedes Rear Air Suspension Bags on GL Class X164 Chassis | GL450 Air Spring

hello and welcome everyone to easy step today I’m going to be showing you mercedes-benz GL450 the x164 chassis and I’m going to be showing you how to replace the rear air suspension bag both the left and the right so to get started under the hood and access the fuse box I’m going to remove 40 amp fuse this is the fuse for the air suspension and the air compressor you want to have this removed before you jack up the car and work on the rear air suspension Jack it up jacked up and put on dead jack I’m going to remove the wheel the wheels on both sides remove place them right underneath the car just for extra protection so this is the part we are going to be changing the air suspension Springs go behind the bag and look for the air line the air line itself is right there and to remove this you need a 10mm key twisting the nut once you start hearing the air leak to let it slowly leak out once it fully leaked the bag itself should be soft and it should be able to push in move the airline to aside going to remove the ride height sensor which is located right here need a 10mm socket here’s the bolt I’m going to just move it out of the way once the air is removed we’re going to twist grab it from the harder surface once you grab it you just twist it once it’s out of place we’re going to be able to tell from the bottom I’m just going to be able to move around and now that the bag freely move I going to push it right out of this hole and also to make this easier you want to remove the two 8 mm bolt as well off the ride height Center so it completely this moves out of the way both removed ride height sensor is going to move out of place and now that we have all this open space it’s going to come right out and that’s the hole and that’s the little lip that it was attached to my new airbag so the new bag comes with the new fitting for the airline which I’m going to remove now that this is removed I’m going to replace it with the old airline which is right there and I’m going to remove the old fitting from the airline and push this piece upward and once you do that you can see there’s a gap now and we’re going to move this one’s going to come straight out now I got the new fitting on and now I’m going to put the small little ring just twist this on once it’s in place I’m going to bring in the new airbag so here’s the new air spring I’m going to slowly slide it in place and this hole right here is going to go up there once again I’m going to first place it inside the hole going to connect the airline and once the fitting is sited on once the air suspension bag is installed in place I’m going to reinstall the ride height sensor with the two 8 mm bolt and the 10mm so there’s the new air suspension bag itself installed right into place and now I’m going to do the same thing on the other side and once I’m done I’m going to put both tires back on and lower the car to it then normal height level then I’m going to go back under the hood put the 40 amp fuse and turn the car on after a couple minutes the air compressor will kick in and the bags will start inflating and once the bags are fully done inflating their compressor you’ll hear it turn off then you could take the jack completely out and that’s how simple and easy it is to change your air suspension on your mercedes-benz gl-class x164 and if this video helped you out please don’t forget to Like share and subscribe button thank you

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