How to Replace Motor Mounts in Your Car

How to Replace Motor Mounts in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel is your car’s engine clunking when you put
it in and out of gear, well that clunking you saw under here, is
the motor mounts being worn, so instead of the engine being solid, it goes back
and forth as the engine puts out torque, now motor mounts go bad in one way, the
metal bolts to the frame, the inside bolt bolts to the motor, and the rubber keeps
the engine for vibrating, that mounts it on, and what general happens is the rubber
rips, now some of them have silicone inside and they’re thin, then they rip
even faster, they can break in two or three years, this one’s 11 years old, so
the rubbers just cracked and it’s time for a new one,
now first we’ll move the reservoir for the coolant out of the way, that way
we can get to the mount itself and the bolts that hold it in place, but we can’t
take the bolts off right now, because if we do, the motor will fall down, so we’re
getting a jack here, and we’re just sticking it under the oil pan and making
it snug, so it’ll hold in place, now in this design motor mount, you can’t get to
the bottom bolt, so we’re going to take the piece of bolts to the frame off, take
that whole assembly off, and replace it off the car, then bolt it back on, so
remove all the bolts, then we can grab the whole assembly, and pull it out of the
way, and as you can see right here, the whole thing is cracked right in half,
it’s completely split in half, so now we unbolt the old motor mount, then put the
new one in, and if you notice, there’s a lineup hole, so you can only put it on
the right way, then we wiggle it and slide it back in place, and then put the
bolts on nice and tight, then put the reservoir assembly back in place, and
in the case of this Ford, we’re going to check the other side too, because it
usually cracks when the front one cracks the back one will crack too, and when we take the
air assembly out of the way, it’s all cracked up too, so
we’re going to replace this side also, so just unbolt that mount, and lift it out
of the way, and again if you look at the new mount, it’s got a Tang, so it only
goes in one way then, you slide it in and that’s case, you got to slide it around a
little, because it wouldn’t go into the hole, but now it’s in there tight, then just bolt it
back in, put it on nice and tight,
but the air box back in place, it just snaps in, then throw the air filter and the top back
on, then remove the jack and you’re all done, so the next time your old motor
mounts crack and make your engine vibrate and clunk, why not replace them
yourself, and remember if you have any car questions, just visit the Scotty
Kilmer channel, and I’ll answer them as soon as this tornado passes over!

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  2. I changed the passenger side mount today and it's fine to support the engine by the oil pan as lons as you use a wooden block. I was scarred but in the end everything was ok.
    Just lift the rear wheels to make it easier to remove the oil pan protector and support the motor near the oil pan board but not on it.
    To change the trans mount support it by the transmission.
    Thank you.

  3. Can you do a dodge caliber motor mount I'm pretty screwed right now cause I cant line up the bracket for the motor mount near the firewall

  4. @scotty Kilmer can you do a dodge caliber sxt cause I do t know how to re align the bolts back up they just won't t go back in

  5. Hello mr . I have land rover. The support mount engine is very expensive. Do you advise me to rebuild them ?

  6. Great vid as always Scotty.
    My question is i have a 2004 g35 coupe base model automatic rear wheel drive do you know where is the safest place to jack up the motor?any help will be appreciated.asap

  7. Scotty you're the man! Any advice on replacing the left front mount on a 2011 Dodge Durango 3.6 AWD? The dealership says they have to remove the AWD to do this and it'll take 10 hours and 1250 bucks!! Hoping to tackle this myself

  8. I had a Toyota engine mount that was replaced with an aftermarket one due to the price difference. Only thing is I can feel a little more engine vibration than before.

  9. I did my first engine mount (front one) a few years ago. Believe me, it doesn't take half hour like this video implies, it took me four hours or so. I had to partially remove the sway bar as well.
    I couldn't believe all the tools I had out for doing this seemingly straightforward job. I had to grind the edges of the replacement mount assembly to get it to fit in.
    I certainly felt a sense of accomplishment but wow, I hate to think what a more involved job would entail.
    That is why I am happier to pay a mechanic who knows what he is doing. I might take on more work again, just for the experience.

  10. 01 buick Park Ave base model

    can you do a video for this car where you change the motor mounts and transmission mount?

  11. Because of this wonderful free help from Scotty I will always let the ads play. And I'm gonna watch at least one per day if not more.

  12. Hello my car wobbles under acceleration but only sometimes at random could that be my mounts the car is only 3 years old

  13. This guy is goofy, but I appreciate the video. It is about the right length, has a dialogue at a speed that doesn't put me to sleep, shows all the parts in sufficient lighting, and let's me know that this is clearly a job I need to pay a professional to do. I logged in to YT to give this a rare Like. Bravo.

  14. I had a tune-up 3 weeks ago and the motor shakes when in drive while stopped, never in park it's smooth and quiet. Could this be the cause?

  15. I have a 98 Saturn SL that's throwing a knock sensor code is there any chance a bad passenger motor mount would cause this code to get set ???

    And what is everybody's opinion on a 98 Saturn SL

  16. Hello sir m having problem with chevy cruze in india it jerks when put in first gear and when put in reverse can you help me out of this whats the issue

  17. hey scotty, on a 1995 buick regal 3.8 v6, is that a motor mount under the ac compressor? If that is do you have to take the compressor off to change it?

  18. Hey Scotty love the videos.
    Do manual transmission cars have transmission mounts just like auto transmissions do? Can not seem to find answers on google.

  19. Hi Scott,
    I have changed my engine mount but still my engine shakes when gear shifts to drive or reverse (Nissan qashqai 2009) can u help what needs to b done in this case

  20. Can you do a video on how to replace motor mounts on a 2004 Cadillac DHS (DeVille) V8? My car is doing the same thing and also the car jerks when it's shifting at a certain mph. Do that also have to do with the motor mounts? Thanks!!! I love your videos…

  21. Wow, I have this exact same car and the exact same problem. I was looking for videos on how to replace the mount. Its as if he's looking out for me😲 thas crazy

  22. I have a 2003 nissan Altima v6 an I'm assuming the engine mount wouldn't be in that same location under the coolant system. Mine is in the middle of the vehicle an seems harder to dismantle

  23. Video info doesn't address whether all motor mounts are the same on all cars. I still have to YouTube 99 Nissan sentra sedan bc having big-time vibration.

  24. I know GM Parts are the best you can get. Yes, I have seen the "Beware"
    signs all over the internet about Aftermarket Motor Mounts & Trans
    Mounts for Trailblazers, but the price for a GM Motor Mount is enough to
    make your eyes go crossed permanently! Is this just another way for GM
    to make more Money off of you or is it a FACT? I mean, If i can buy an
    Aftermarket Motor Mount cheaper, but have the Quality of a OEM Part?
    Then Please let me know something!!!

  25. I cant change my mounts Scotty. I have a Nissan cefrio engine .. the qr20 engine. They are extremely difficult… i think you call them the nissan teana

  26. Scotty, what is a good brand of motor mounts one can purchase if an oem was way too expensive?
    I been seeing various brands and some are too cheap to be good.

  27. All I wanted to know is how long it takes to take one motor out of a truck and put in a new motor in the truck

  28. I need to see a video of someone lifting the engine with just a jack and a piece of wood asapp

  29. That not a proper way to support the engine it should be supported from top with a engine supporter or a crane

  30. Woah this video is old. I just bought a used 2017 2.0T camaro manual transmission. I bought it with 6k miles so it's pretty new but I am researching mayirly on everything about the car so my question for Scotty or anyone whom knows best, are the stock engine and transmission mounts best or is there such a thi ng as upgraded brand ones? My goal if I was to change them is to extend the engine and transmission lifespan more than it already will last.

  31. When we do this job in Scotland we the biggest part of the work is fighting the rusted up nuts and bolts.

  32. So it’s ok to put the jack under the pan? It can hold the weight? I assume probably a plank of wood between the pan and jack would help.

  33. I got the clunk when changing gears from D to reverse, but i also have a shaking/ vibration going up to 60MPH and sometimes even at 25-30MPH could that also be the motor mount ??

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