How to Replace Transmission Shift Solenoid 95-10 Chrysler Sebring

How to Replace Transmission Shift Solenoid 95-10 Chrysler Sebring

Brought to you by, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Don from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and
next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to replace the automatic transmission shift solenoid in this Chrysler Sebring from 2004. It’s the same process on these vehicles from
1995 to 2010, and it’s also a similar process on a large variety of other Dodge and Chrysler
vehicles. The items you’re going to need for this repair
are a new transmission shift solenoid from, and an 8mm and 10mm socket and
ratchet with a swivel. You’re going to need a pry bar, a type of
cleaner, and a razor blade. Now, to access the transmission shift solenoid
we’re first going to remove this air intake box, so you’re just going to loosen this clamp
right here. Now, you just need to push in these tabs here
to separate the hose from the intake box. You just pull that away. In addition to those tabs, I’m pretty sure
there is a nut on top of that bracket right there that you’ll have to remove that was
missing on our vehicle. Then you can lift it out of the air box. Now, you’ll need to put a drip pain underneath
where your solenoid is. At the top of the solenoid there’s this harness
held in with an 8 mm bolt. We’re going to fast forward as Don removes
that bolt and then the harness just pulls right off and you can set it aside. The next thing that you want to do is remove
these three 10mm bolts here, and again we’ll fast forward as Don does this. Then you can see a flexible joint or a U-joint
between the extension of the socket. It’ll make it easier to get to that middle
one. Use some cleaner, we’re using actually carb
cleaner and just spraying it down gets some of the debris off to reduce the likelihood
of anything getting into the transmission. Once you’ve cleaned it off, just take a pry
bar and just pry it out. Then just pull back those harnesses and it
pulls right off. You’ll need to remove the gasket from the
transmission and the transmission is aluminum so be very careful not to scratch or gouge
the aluminum as you use your razor blade to remove it. The new part from 1A Auto is on the left;
the original is on the right. It’s pretty much the same in every way, but
you can see that the surfaces where the gasket mounts are thicker on the new part that seals
better. Clean off the surface of the transmission. Again, we use a little bit of carb cleaner. If you get a little bit of that stuff into
the transmission fluid it’s not going to affect anything. We do recommend doing a transmission service
change to the fluid after this, anyways, but you can see we put the middle bolt into the
solenoid and then put it into place. Just be careful that you don’t pull the gasket
over anything and just make sure it seats really well. We’re going to fast forward here as we put
the other two bolts in and tighten them up. When you tighten these bolts up, you want
to tighten them firm, probably about 16 or 17 foot-pounds. We will continue to fast forward as he replaces
the harness and tightens up that 8mm bolt. Just put your intake box back down into place,
line up those holes with those tabs, and the hole on the intake box with that stud. We’ll just fast forward as he pushes that
back down into place and reconnects the air intake hose and tightens up the clamp. We hope this video helps you out. Brought to you by, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Please feel free to call us toll-free, 888-844-3393. We’re the company that’s here for you on the
Internet and in person.

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  1. We'll keep this request in mind in the event that we need to make this repair in the future. 888-844-3393

  2. Can you please make a video on how to replace the solenoid pack on a 2002 dodge intrepid while its still in the car it would help me out alot and im sure all other intrepid owners

  3. @backander We'll keep this request in mind in the event that we need to make this repair in the future. 888-844-3393

  4. hey this video was very helpful. thank you.
    I recently changed my trans shift module on my neon. the part came with a metal like gasket, after installing it i noticed i forgot to put the cardboard-like gasket on before hand. will these cause leakage? it looked like it already had a metal one and i tightened it well. and so far i havent noticed any leaks..

  5. Hi, My 2006 Town & Country gave me a 0700 code. I took it to a very famous transmmision repair shop, they ran another tool and gave a 0740 code back.

    The guy there told me that the trany was about to crash and that I should repair it immediatley, with them, for about,$3K.

    So I went away, did more research and learned that this error code has to do with the TCC Solenoid. Do you think that by replacing the part the issue could get solved?

    Thank you.

  6. hi i have a questions about this …my QUESTION is…i have a 2001 dodge stratus automatic 2.4 an i had a transmission leak in the hose that went to the radiator i fixed it was a clamp an the leak was fixed a few days later im driving down the road an the shifting is doing fine  i get to 40 miles an hour an it must shift to a higher gear at 40 whats werid is that once the car comes down in speed to 30 miles an hour i feel a KICK or pull from the gears shifting down other then that the car runs good an no other shifting problem i can tell the gear shift smooth going up just when i get to 30 when it shifts down ….. what do you think it can be or a fix  thanks so much for your help ……

  7. @Matt Hanson
    Thank you for watching! The transmission control module and shift solenoid are 2 different parts. The shift solenoid will be in the transmission and is used to shift in and out of a certain gear.  888-844-3393

  8. I have a 95 dodge avenger 2.5 liter driving down the road going 45 the transmishion down shifts by it self into 2nd and would not change gears until i stoped shut off the car when I started it back up it shifted fine whats the problem. Thank you for your help

  9. I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring when I Drive it down the road it shifts at 20 miles an hour and then it will not ship until 45 and when it shifts at 45 it goes gas pedal goes to the floor and I have to shut the car off I leave it sit for a little while started back up then car runs beautiful what could it be

  10. I was just told that i may need to change my shift solenoid on my 98 Eclipse RS. It will not shift out of second. The car use to jerk after cutting it on and shift into 2nd and stay there. Now it doesn't even jerk anymore and will not go above 30 with out pushing the gas pedal hard. Its been sitting in the drive way for a while now and i hope this really is the problem!!!

  11. my chrysler sebring 01 doesnt shift properly recently it jerks, sometimes the car is on drive and the car doesnt move while the engine accelerates. the shifts take way longer to lock in to shifts. whats the problem. would this help?

  12. What if one of the bolts brake ?? Would I have enough room to use a easy out or would I need to remove the transmission?

  13. I have a 2.4L 2008 Dodge Avenger. It's stuck in second gear. I got a P0765 code. I installed a new transmission shift solenoid and deleted the code. After a test drive everything seemed fine. Turned on the car again and now I have the check engine light back on and it's doing the same thing again. I heard that the car might have to be reprogrammed to the new shift solenoid by the this true?

  14. 2003 Trailblazer has 2-3 shift solenoid code when check engine light came on…should I just replace all solenoids at once so I won't have issues later? Its been driving great until now…any suggestions are really appreciated.Thanks!!

  15. Do I need to have a transmission flush done after doing this repair? Some people are telling me to get it flushed and some are saying I don't need it.

  16. The video was very informative but I'm working on a 1997 Sebring convertible and the Transmission control solenoid is very hard to get at because the air cleaner is all the way on the right and the fuses and other electronics are right above the solenoid. Do you have any video that show how to remove all of that?

  17. I just bought a 2001 dodge intrepid n took it to autozone n they pulled codes p0700 n p1781 r they bad codes cuz I don't have a check engine light

  18. que buen video , lo que yo quiero saber es para que sirve el shift que esta abajo de la palanca de cambios de un cirrus 97 dice — shift +, que funcion hace porque abajo 1a dice A / S, les agradezco mucho la explicacion, que me otorgen, gracias

  19. I have a 1987 Dodge Dakota 4×4 with the 3.9 liter motor. I bought a transmission from a wrecking yard and installed it, then found that the transfer case was bad so I replaced it also. The truck shifts into gear without hesitation but will not shift thru the gears, so all i have is first gear working….why? could this be due to vacuum lines hooked back up the wrong way or leaking vacuum lines? Let me back up, does the automatic transmission in this truck depend on vacuum to shift gears? If not then what controls the shifting….help…don't know what to at this point….thousand dollars later and the truck still wont work…..

  20. Help! Replaced shift solenoid 6 months ago, now when car is put in drive, it kills the engine. Drives great in reverse. Any ideas where we should start looking?

  21. I got a problem with my 2006 chrysler 300c hemi. It stalls almost every-time I come to a stop. My mechanic said he's 95% sure its the transmission and it would cost almost $2000. I just want to know if you've had this problem before with the chrysler stalling? I've taken it to the chrysler dealerships and they couldn't tell me the problem

  22. I replace the solenoid because it was leaking oil & now my transmission shifts down on 3rd gear hard what could be the issue

  23. i had to take my dodge avenger to shop because they said it has to be calibrated is that something I could have done myself.

  24. where is the transmission control module on a 2004 sebring with the 2.7 I've looked for it but only see the computer right in front of the fues box are they integrated?

  25. Tengo un chrysler sebring touring del 2004 y me da el Codigo p0700 y no hace cambios ya le puse nueva computadora y sigue asiendo lo mismo me podrían ayudar por favor

  26. hello sir, how you doin,i have 2006 chrysler 300,2.7L V6 auto trans.but has a transmission shifting problem while in shifting on 2nd gear mostly in slow down for 20mph,,the sound of shifting its like kicking the,,please give me an idea how to fix it by my self,,im asking your consediration about this trouble..thank you and god bless you,

  27. ok Matt ill do it for my self,so the first step that ican do,i change the trans shift solenoid,the trans shift solenoid is locating inside the transmission right?

  28. I have a 1999 Toyota Solara and it shifts a bit rough into 2nd gear first thing in the morning, and then when it shifts to 3rd it goes up to 2800rpm before shifting (again, first thing in the morning when the car hasn't hit operating temperature). I did a fluid change and it smoothed it up at first, but it has since gone back to the rough shifting. I added too much fluid in, I will drain some out soon, but could too much fluid cause rough shifting? Will doing another fluid change help? If not, will changing the shift solenoid fix the problem?

  29. Is this the same process for a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus speedometer won't read hiw many miles I'm. Driving or what gear I'm shifting in but it drives just limited

  30. my chrysler 2.8 vouager has problem.with start engine i think the problem is in sensor transmision beacause i wash it and then it dosent start ,can somone help me? thank you.

  31. hello A1 auto parts, I have a 2006 dodge grand caravan that after coming to a stop or hill it seems like it slips into nuteral and I rev up the engine it then roughly go into gear, so I replaced the in and output transmission sensors and it still is doing it, but not as rough shifting as it was or as often, Can you please help, auto zone gave me these DEM readings before I reset my board but with the new Senors installed P0732,P0700,P0733,P0731,P0846,P0841? Again please help?

  32. hy I'm a customer of yours, great service great parts ?????, my TCM have a p0605 – p0700 it needs to be replaced , I bought a used one from the same year car, now my question is, does it need to reprogram?
    or is just plug and play?

  33. You guys would have 2006 jeep liberty, with a stuck key. It wont go to off. It's stuck and the shifter slips easily into other gears. The cable shifter wont return all the way back when i put in park. Would you have a video
     on this?

  34. Would a failure of this unit cause a no-shift/falling out of gear condition when cold ? – After a few minutes (or hot weather) the transaxle shifts normally, excluding an occasionally rough 2nd gear downshift.

  35. I have a 2002 Dodge stratus every once in a while the transmission will not shift out of 1st gear I have to turn the key off And then back On then the Transmission will shift perfectly there is no slipping of any gears There is no slipping out of gear into neutral it shifts on time every time it's only once in a while it will not shift out of 1st gear i would have to say one in every 8 key turns It does this any ideas

  36. hello. my 2000 plymouth voyager has (code P1782, pressure switch, circuit 2-4). is that the part shown in this video?

  37. Sometimes my automatic transmission wont go into drive when in D selection and when i bring it into manual shift mode it will indicate it being in first gear but wont move and wont visually go into 2nd gear manually, but park neutral and reverse always works, this all happens randomly when the transmission is cold or hot. When it is functioning normally it will shift into all gears very smoothly automatically and manually it will indicate going into 2nd from 1st What could be causing this?

  38. Ok so i have a 2002 dodge durango and it sounds like it is reving up really high when driving .so i was told to change the speed control i did and it is still doing the samething?can anyone please help

  39. My girl has a PT Cruiser and the transmission will not go into the first gear when it’s cold. She has to rev the engine up and it will kick into the next gear. After driving for a bit the transmission will shift good. If I replace this part will that solve this issue?

  40. 2002 Sebring wouldn't shift into 2nd from 1st, reverse works, I replaced the shift solenoid like suggested and nothing has changed. Gear indicator shows I'm in all gears, neutral and park at all times on the dash… I'm lost on what to do next.

  41. What woud cause a hard 3/2 downshift. I have replaced the solenoid and serviced the transmission but still have this issue. Any advice is appreciated.

  42. Hi Don! I have the same issue with a 2004 sedan automatic Hyundai Elantra. Can you do a video for my car model or do you already have a video for my car model? Thanks sir!

  43. Should I start with changing input and output sensors before shift solenoid? I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. Shifts really hard when I slow down and stop or when I put into drive. Also seems to get stuck in 3 or 4th fear sometimes. Codes are 700, 731, 732, and 720. Your reply would be appreciated.

  44. look at the original solenoid it doesn’t have a bolt valve ring on the right ride like the replacement. I’ve done this job but i ended up with a huge leak

  45. I'm going outside now to replace the one in my son's car. I am using a plastic razor to remove the gasket. Just thought I would put that suggestion on here. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Easy and straight forward.

  46. I once owned A 2004 Sebring. Loved the car. Only ever had typical repair items,, brakes, rotors. Tune up items. Anyhow great clear video. Good Audio. Well explained.

  47. I have a 95 lebaron but the shift solenoid i have has different pattern on solenoid and gasket if i replace it with this solenoid do i need to change the solenoid plate to or do i have to stay with older style solenoid. my cars in limp mode and will drive but wont shift going down the road it just stays in 1 gear. I already replace speed sensors. Or did prior owner put wrong solenoid on it. It was in limp mode when i bought it. Mine looks like this 1 –>

  48. And if i have to remove solenoid plate how do you remove it? Theres no video's on here showing how and i don't see any bolts / fasteners.

  49. Can you make a video or tell me where the gear shift module is located and how to change it in a Chrysler 300

  50. Can you make a video or tell me where the gear shift module is located and how to change it in a Chrysler 300

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