How to Reset Your Car’s Computer, Old School Scotty Kilmer

How to Reset Your Car’s Computer, Old School Scotty Kilmer

before I started my youtube channel
eleven years ago, I used to do a TV gig yes it was called crank it up, here’s one
of my old shirts don’t make fun of the name, I did that on CBS TV for a couple
of decades and people are saying Scotty ever happened to those old videos you
did well, I dug around in my messy garage and found a bunch of these old videos, so
here’s some old school Scotty, Scotty I’m getting some readings that something
is wrong, well Hal let’s check it out now your car’s computer me and I do
everything that Hal does but if it malfunctions, you may end up walking, your
car’s computer has a lot in common with your home computer and if your home
computer has a problem a lot of times you can just turn it off and then when
you restart it, hey it can be fine but your car’s computer doesn’t work that
way, when you turn the key off the computer still has power, so here’s how
you can reset your car’s computer, here’s how you can disconnect the power to the
computer, just get a wrench and loosen the negative battery terminal then pull
it off, that disconnects the power then turn the headlight switch on, of course
the headlights won’t come on but here’s what’s happening,
there’s capacitors in some of these computers and that will drain all the
electricity out of them, so they’ll go back to their original format, you should
wait four or five minutes so all the electricity is drained, then just get the
negative terminal and bolt it back on now, comes the tricky part,
the computer has got to relearn, so start the vehicle and put it in neutral, let it
run for about four minutes in neutral, then you put it in the low gear, not
drive but low gear, leave your foot on the brake and run it for four minutes
again, then you need to take the car for a drive, you need to drive about 20
minutes at speeds over 35 miles an hour but if your computer is bad and you have
to replace it, here’s a money saving tip it used to be that you can only go to a
dealer to get a late-model computer replaced, because they were the only ones
that could reprogram the new style computers, but now there’s companies like
Cardone that sell a ready program computer
that you can plug right into your vehicle, so if your computer is giving
you a hard time, open the pod bay doors Hal, I’m sorry Dave I’m afraid I can’t
do that, now you know what to do if your computer is acting up, this is Scotty
Kilmer helping you crank it up, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Hey Scotty, I have a 2015 Honda Civic. When I start the car, about 90% of the time by horn hocks once. I was told it was something about the alarm needing to be reset. Is this something I can do myself? Thanks

  3. You can also take the positive terminal off the battery and ground it to clear codes. I did this on a few vehicle's and it worked great

  4. Always like your vids. Your teaching method is better than qualified teachers i had in school. They should have automotive repair classes in school with you as a teacher!

  5. Scotty put new alt on a now, car starts runs good 10min, then all dash lights start flashing on,/0f steering gets hard like power steering went out, then car will shut down no be down not start??

  6. A huge thanks to Scotty Kilmer for helping me fix my car's computer problems. I had my car in shop for almost 6months because the mechanic didn't know what was wrong with the car's transmission. I ended taking my car to the dealer to get it diagnosed and they mentioned that it was the tcm. They said that they can install the TCM if I bought one for $300. After watching this video, I went to the local junkyard, found a used TCM and fixed my car's problems for $40 and 15mins of labor 🙏🏻. Very greatful for your videos!

  7. Soon as the red eye came on, I said Hal 2000 and my wife said, WHO? it's the computer that you would like meet it's maker so can you kick his as% for making such a tornentfull computer, HAHAGAHHHAAAHAHAHAAAHA

  8. Mr Scotty I recently took my daughters car to emissions test. 99 Toyota Camry which they could not connect to obd. It failed to connect so test did not pass I get home and connect to my obd scanner at this point I got a message no power train data or dtcs present. Is it obvious at this point that it did connect? Oh and did have a green light on scanner. Why would it have failed or not connected atvemissions station. Please help.

  9. A laptop isnt reset when you just turn off the laptop Scotty 😀 You have to take out the small watch battery from inside to clear and reset the Bios, and you need to format the harddisk. 😀 😀

  10. Scotty was glorious in these old videos!!! How many videos has he made to date?? Don’t bother, no one can count that high!!

  11. Wow- Scotty!! Loved the old program clip. I moved away from the Coast in early 80s= missed those programs back then. Please show more!!

  12. Há há, you see how the brits were doing stuff already before the internet exist. They even had sell computers back in the 90's. Man, I feel I live in a cave now.

  13. 2012 ram 1500 no start problem.
    I replaced a cracked terminal and bad battery at the auto store. Truck started fine and I drive about a half a mile home. Parked the truck over night and no start no dash lights next day. Had the battery checked and it was good. Checked all terminals were good. Tried disconcerting battery terminals to reset the computer…no go.
    Any ideas?
    Brian Shaw

  14. I've seen people take off the negative terminal and make a connection with the live terminal to reset the cars computer, do both methods work? Yours seems a lot safer. Need to do as just cleaned the throttle body valve. Car: UK Fiesta.

  15. What happens if you just install the negative battery terminal and drive the car normally? Without doing the relearn.

  16. Anything on a 2010 Dodge Dakota?
    Need help! My Dodge is on Limp Mode and my mechanic advices to replace the transmission. My truck has 68,584 miles and it suddenly stopped shifting above 2 gear.
    -Will not shift beyond 2 gear.
    -Will not shift back to 1 gear if I exceed beyond about 1,500 rpms and stays in 2nd gear.
    -Will shift back to 1st gear if I don’t look for 3rd gear while I’m on 2nd gear.

  17. Have a problem alternator stops charging when ac is used when heater is on charges great whats wrong

  18. I love your videos. Very informative and educational. I own a 2002 Corolla that is nearing the 2 hundred thou miles and still runs pretty good. I do change oil and filter every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Learned to do that with my first car, a 78 Camaro LT which made it to 180,000 miles. I still own that Camaro but it's been out of commission for a while. Keep up the good work sir. I enjoy watching your videos.

  19. Good morning Scotty your videos are great,however I have a ?,I have a 04 Buick LeSabre,I flushed the radiator,thermastat,and heater core my heater still blows cold air the actualrator does work I even put new heater core in any ideas?

  20. So… how do I reset the check engine light on a Nissan Cube 2009? Thanks

    Please don’t ignore my message, it’s a real question.

  21. Cardone program? Could you please, make another video about just this cardone program? Please….. Thanks Scotty!

  22. I have a 2014 susuki and had the starter changed. My car has computer. So now when I turn on ac it cuts out engine. How do I reset the computer so we can see if this is the problem

  23. Ive been broke down for a MONTH the fuel pump had been going out i thought. I replaced it, Nothing. Check fuses, a Audio, GEM, PCM fuse was blown, replaced, Nothing. Checked the pump voltage and got weird readings so went over the whole dam wiring harness, Nothing. Checked the pump connectors for corrosion and it was but still, Nothing but the fuel reading would change.
    I was about to cut and direct wire the pump to the harness. If no, i was going to pull the fuse box and GEM and look for corrosion. I reset the computer like the and the pump came on… i would be happy if i new wtf why. lol. I was about ready to push the dam thing into the river

  24. I vote that we make Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel of the year I think he should get his on public television channel all the United States he should get his own Primetime Channel better than live PD way better than any on television

  25. Mines won’t even work I connected the scanner and nothing I have a 2004 f 150 truck so I tried the scanner on another car and it works so it can’t be that it has to be the truck anyone got answers ?

  26. Scotty thank you for the car computer reset tip!
    My Subaru 2010 Forester that has 364530 miles is still running with the same transmission but with 2 engine overhauls and it is almost due for timing belt replacement. I've cleaned my engine bay over this weekend disconnecting the battery and the engine would idle rough when the A/C engages. By resetting the computer according to your tip did the trick, thanks and keep on bringing your funny common knowledge videos!

  27. I'm an Uber driver and last night one of my passengers plugged his phone into the main usb port in my car. During the trip he mention that he was homeless and had been a computer hacker. After we arrived at his location he started doing weird things with his phone that started to make me feel suspicious. I closed the trip to go and pick up another passenger, but immediately noticed that there was a message that kept popping up…Vidifive… Can cars get viruses and pass them onto our phones???

  28. Hey Scotty I have a 2002 regal LS it started having trouble shifting into 2nd when at oper temp but other shifts were normal 2-3,3-4 no slippage anywhere So I changed the 1-2 shift solenoid filter and fluid . NO change . Now it wont shift into 2nd it will hang between 1st and 2nd if I go fast enough in 1st or go into 2nd for an instance but goes back to 1st or hangs between 1st and 2nd almost instantly any ideas?

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