How To Restore A Barn Find Car: Classic 1976 Corvette Stingray – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Restore A Barn Find Car: Classic 1976 Corvette Stingray – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys, today we have this awesome Corvette
“barn find”. This is a 1976 Stingray and it is a beautiful
burnt orange color but like you can see it is covered in a light blanket of dust and
that is taking away from the overall look of the vehicle. The reason why it is so dirty is because it
has been in storage for the passed few years because the owner sadly passed away and that
is how we became the current owners of this Vette. He had it parked underneath a car port with
a cover on it which let in a little bit of dirt that over time created an abrasive effect
causing scratches. We are going to show you how easy it is to
remove the dust and debris to show you that bright finish. Also, we need to check out the wheels because
they have some water spots and etching that we are going to remove to bring back that
high shine. So lets get started. We’ve taken off the beauty ring and down here
it has water spots and etching marks so using some Light Metal Polish we’ll show you how
easy it is to restore. That is going to lift off anything that has
stained the surface while leaving behind a protective layer of wax to prevent future
water spots or staining. We’re going to shake up the polish and using
a microfiber applicator I’ll spread it out and scrub away the imperfections. Just working it back and forth. Lets do half the trim ring to show a difference. See that shine? After cleaning up the beauty rings they no
longer have debris and water spots so we are going to move on to the tire. Using some All Clean which is an all purpose
cleaner to cut through any old dressing, road debris and other filth to bring back a fresh
tire or whatever surface you are working on. This car has been sitting for a while so it
has a bit of crud and grime on it. Also using the Stiffy Blue Brush to help scrub
away any debris. I’ll also use the Nifty Brush to take care
of the lettering. We want this to be really bright right? Gonna show this classic car some respect. Now we can move on to the rim, just using
some EcoSmart. This is a waterless wash and wax that takes
care of brake dust because this car is equipped with disc brakes and they tend to kick up
dust. Just start wiping off the spent product to
reveal a factory shine so it is nice and clean while also protected by a little bit of wax. Since we have taken the time to clean the
tire we might as well apply a dressing and we are going to go with V.R.P. because it
is a water based dressing that is going to give it a cool crisp sheen that is dry to
the touch. This way it won’t sling off as we are tearing
it up down the road but it is still going to have a deep black look. I’ll give you a little 50/50 here and you
can see it has a cool shine to it and this is protecting the tire against UV rays or
anything that can damage the rubber. It’s also helping to prevent the tire from
cracking or discoloring and fading but instead it has a nice cool look. So now that it is all cleaned and dressed
lets put the ring back on and it is supposed to just snap right back in place. As you saw we just finished cleaning the wheels
and polishing the beauty rings so now they look really nice. Now we can tackle the body and we always start
with the wheels because on any detail you always start with the dirtiest area which
prevents that grime from coming into contact with areas you have already cleaned. We are using Hybrid V7 because this car isn’t
thrashed with dirt but rather a light layer of dust. We could have foamed the car but we aren’t
sure how well the seals are holding up because this car is older and we don’t want to cause
any leakage. So we are using a quick detail instead, I’m
only going to do half of the car to show you guys a comparison of the before and after. Using a clean microfiber towel and instead
of the traditional four fold method we are going to fold the towel so that there are
no edges. Folding it inside of itself on this side as
well as this side and now we have a nice clean towel without any edges so we can’t scratch
the finish. Wiping off and also rolling the towel so that
we have a fresh edge instead of dragging the dirt across the vehicle. Turn the towel over to a fresh area and continue
the detail process. Give this a chance to emulsify the dirt so
we won’t harm the paint and we’ll go over here and across the euro-thane nose, boom
picking off all that grime. Look at that! Flip it to a clean side of the towel, wiping
off the hide away headlights. Probably one of the coolest parts on this
car, vacuum operated headlights and now we have a beautiful high shine. Lets finish off this half of the vehicle so
we can get a real perspective of the before and after.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Heeeey good morning to everyone at chemical guys. That car is extremely well taken care of! The previous owner probably loved that car to death I know I would’ve. So sad to hear how you all became the owner of the vehicle but their legacy will live on in the car !

  2. I have a question and you have to reply to it. First does waxes and sealant prevent swirls. Also secondly if you let the wax or sealant dry on the paint longer does that affect the durability. PLEASE REPLY

  3. Well come home Nick. Hope you guys have a great time at SEMA. I missed you guys when I went into the shop on Saturday. Great video.

  4. Nicely done. Would’ve been cool to see it get a full wash and restoration though but I’m sure the previous owner is smiling down from heaven

  5. U should have went over the car with Eco-Smart first then went back with Hybrid V7..To me Hybrid V7 is more of a spray sealent and a little expensive..Eco-Smart is also a waterless wash and wax..I need to order me some Eco-Smart and the Synthetic quik detailed for my detailing business..

  6. Wow chemguys it looks amazing! I’m a Chevy guy through and through. The car was well taken care of before you guys became the new owners. I’m glad it’s you guys that are looking after it cause it’s going to be around longer now for everyone to enjoy. Take care guys.

    Sincerely your number one fan.


  7. Smart man…Avoided the Pressure Washer. Guaranteed seals are old, hard and dry. No Bueno. I might have just rinsed it with gentle stream of free flowing water from hose, dried while still wet with Ecosmart and then the V7. Bummer, it looked to have some water spots? If ones careful, can really make old 'single stage' paint look bitch'n!

  8. Nick, you're like the Bob Ross of car detailing with some of the ways you describe what you're doing. It's great! Nice job on this Stingray.

  9. Hello, great video. Any recommendations on detailing imperfections out of single stage enamel paint? I have an equally clean 1969 barn find mercedes that has dark enamel paint, no clear coat. I've been wondering what to use to tackle it. From my experience with enamel paint it's hard to keep it from oxidizing from the use of foam. The paint has dust but a few deeper areas of water marks and a few old bird dropping shadows in on the roof. I'd like to seal it once I get all the imperfections out. I just don't wanna mess it up, as it's really nice. Anyone have some recommendations? Thanks

  10. Why even bother with the tires on a car that sat for years. Tires develop flat spots and rot over time, just replace them. Better to be safe than sorry.

  11. "Hey guys, Nick here what we have today is a 1976 fully restored Mint Condition Corvette that I'm going to clean up and detail for you – thanks for watching" LOL! beautiful car btw😃

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