How To Restore Classic Car From Start to Finish | More China

How To Restore Classic Car From Start to Finish | More China

My name is Han Yeguang. I was born in the 1980s. I’m a man fond of classical cars. 2013, In Dalian, I started my business on classical cars. I built a repair center for classical cars. Because this is what I am interested in. My hobby is fixing these classical cars. Let’s have a look at this car! The one just came here is a Rolls-Royce 20/25 which was made in 1923. The one being fixed right now is Rolls-Royce 20/25 which was made in 1932. The great depression of London before the World War II helped Rolls-Royce go through the entire difficult times. The total output was about three thousand. And more than 70% of the Rolls-Royce 20/25 are still on the road. Generally, there are a few steps to fix a classical car. First of all, its appearance, inner mechanical parts interior decorations and the chassis frame should be tested. Then we will make a repair plan according to each parts’ conditions. Next we separate all the parts of the car just like peeling off an onion’s layers. You will see how each layer looks like. Only if you know the car, then it is possible to judge the value of this classical car. Now we have completely separated the body and shell from its chassis and engine. We made a special chassis frame for this car shell. This car owns full aluminum body and wooden frame. My requirement of this car is bare unpainted aluminum plate. Wang Dong, Ma Te, check it! Make sure there is no welds and blemishes on the shell. Eventually, the entire appearance is smooth. Some places are rotten now. We are going to make it up. As for welding, we need to do seamless welding. Finally, we should polish this extra welding mark. The final effect is that you won’t see any welding marks. A little flaw will all be exposed. All parts of the aluminum body are handmade Knock it out with a hammer more than thousand times. It needs at least six months. It is not just time consuming, but also a test of your skills. And only in the classical cars we can see these cases. The cars that we’ve repaired in these years are, nearly, from the beginning of the last century to the 1990s, there are totaling 115 classic cars According to each car’s circumstances, the repair time we spend on will be different. The Maserati formula racing car in Shanghai Auto Museum. It took us more than a year and two months to repair it. It is completely different from fixing a second-hand car or an accident car. We need to respect its actual situations. It is not turning it to a completely new car. Like this wooden steering wheel, we didn’t do any repairs to retain its vicissitudes more than half a century. Many classical cars may have been parked for years or decades. And some may haven’t been driven for more than half a century. To find components is really difficult. We usually find parts and components abroad. If we really can not find some parts, we will find some old parts and repair them. Finally, they will perform the exactly same functions just like the new components. This screw is loose. Let’s go out and try it first. Try it first, there is no big problem. We decide to take part in several Classic Rally events in September with this car. So we are going to test it over and over again. Make sure it can finish the race successfully. It gets worse. Adjust the engine. Not perfect! Try another lap! Moving is the human pursuit for freedom. That is why we organize the Classic Rally. The ultimate goal of repairing a classical car is not just to fix it up, to put it there for us as exhibition but more importantly to give it a new life, and to find its soul. The combination of man and car is probably a feeling like this. Chase the classics, restart on the road.

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  1. Some nice cars the rolls spirits will be absolute brill investment. They made fewer than the silver shadow series approx. 5000 less. many more have been scrapped-rat rodded- recycled so at the moment they are much rarer. even on autotrader uk for first time ever fewer spirits are for sale, at moment 12 spirits for sale in uk whereas 16 shadows. Lovely to see two of my favourite classic models going through. They even look better inside than modern ones in my opinion, and they are more user friendly, ergonomically better than clouds. Thanks for the vid.

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