How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY

How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY

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  1. After 3 coats of clear gloss… There is some haziness from paint I believe. What shall I do to get absolutely clear glass now?

  2. If it was "permanent", the UV coating your headlights came with wouldn't have gone foggy and yellow in the first place. Nothing is permanent. This method shown in the video, will get foggy eventually. Maybe not in a year, but down the line.

  3. Anyone know why when I applied the clear coat I got a wrinkle/cracks in the clear coat. Any advice on how to fix that and why it happens

  4. Do you need a 600 grit to wet sand it first or can I use the 2000 grit right away. my headlight is a little bit oxidized since i did that toothpaste thing

  5. Hi Chris so I just did a headlight restoration from 600 to 2,000 grit wet sandpaper but the headlight is really hazy from the scratches so now I'm afraid I scratched up the headlight to much. Should I just do your next step with the clear gloss paint and hope it works??

  6. I drive home from work everynight at 2am on back country roads with no street lights through deer country. My car sits outside 24/7/365 – the headlights have taken a real beatin'. I just couldn't see anymore, so I replaced all my bulbs and the fog lights were outshining the headlights!!! Since the fogs are not housed under the large lens, that told me to do this fix – AMAZING results – I can see again!!! Thank you so much Chris – this saved me a lot of money and probably saved me from an accident, too.

  7. Hi Chris, you seem to have quite a few videos on cleaning headlights but this is the latest one and it also says "permanently". Am I safe to assume this is the best way to go about cleaning and restoring headlights? Thanks!

  8. Jesus guys, was your first car a BMW? Why rag on the ride? Everyone has a first, and it's NEVER your last or best.

  9. Do you still recommend this method with all you've learned over the years? Like maybe using a ceramic coating?
    Thank you

  10. in 2017 after i saw this video, i do the same thing, clean, + clear gloss, now in oct 2019, the UV coat begin not working, pop up some bubble

  11. Did not work for me. The clear coat peeled due to the temperature of the HID headlights. Looks 10 times worse than before doing anything at all. Should I have used a 2K clear coat?

  12. This is a pretty good video. However, 2 comments.
    1. Go to the auto parts store and get some polishing compound. Polish in the same way as sanding, its really just a microfine sanding step.
    2. Get Maguire's or some other (3M) Clear Coat spray meant for headlamps. That way it won't start cracking and bubbling in 2-3 years.

  13. Did it yesterday and looks good so far. I'll get a better look when I'm in the sun after work.

    One was clearer than the other and the clearest one had some of that orange peel or whatever going on so I'm thinking of sanding again but won't I have to clear coat again too?

  14. man I don't know shit about cars but this comment section has taught me that 1) this is a good tutorial and works and 2) people fucking hate PT Cruisers.

  15. My car doesn’t need to be restore… wait i don’t even have a car but yeah… I’m here just cause one day it can happen to me

  16. I watched less careful and faster surgeries than this. Seriously who has this much time and material to do this shit?

  17. Hey Chris I want to clean my headlights like this but I eventually want to apply a spray tint over it, should I only wet sand, and tint spray, can the tint be used instead of the clear coat? Or could I spray over the clear coat?

  18. Hey Chris. Great video! Here's a tip from high-end restaurants: The ultimate lint-free disposable wipe is… COFFEE FILTER. Enjoy.

  19. I recommend that you do not remove the headlights from the vehicle for the wet sand…. headlights are a funny shape and you will find it is easier to sand them when they are physically bolted to the vehicle rather than sat on a work bench.

  20. Hey Chris ! I must say I was lucky to find your channel in my recommendations.
    Your doing a great job. Thanks for sharing all the details.
    Would love to know a fix for the inside of the lights ? If it's dirty / if the reflectors are blacked out a bit?

  21. Hi Chris great video.
    I tried something like this BEFORE seeing your video and i guess i didnt do the process correctly maybe i put too much clear on too quickly and too mamy coats at too close to the lights now i have drips. Ughh
    So what do you recommend for me to remove the clear with and to start all over using your procedure???
    Should i use razor blades to remove the drips or paint thinner or stripper or courser sandpaper or what would you suggest to remove all the clear coat and drips so i can start over ???

    Many thanks again Chris for your help and your videos.
    God Bless

  22. Thanks brotha…. I used soap water to act as more of a lubricant. Both are great. If anyone cares….. this process is almost identical for tinting your tails using VHT Nightshades or mixing up your own paint n spraying. Don't it numerous times and 8yrs later; still looks like a beaut.

  23. If you have fairly new lights (like a couple of years old) & they are not hazy, can you just clean them off & clear coat them w/o using the sand paper? Would this keep them from getting hazy in the first place?

  24. How about the inside of the headlight? that is where most headlights cloud-up, anyone can clean the outside of the headlight.

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