How To Restore Your Car’s Steering Wheel (Looks Brand New!)

How To Restore Your Car’s Steering Wheel (Looks Brand New!)

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  1. Шов корявый,везде перетяжки,складки..Лучше бы кожевникам отдал,которые сделали бы так,что не отличишь от заводского..

  2. for $40 i can save my time and mental health by just buying a racing wheel, you'll be adding a roll cage in the drifstang anyway, so the will would go either way

  3. Если бы мне сделали такой руль, это был бы последний поход сюда. Шов снизу не ровный, кожа по бокам смята… Просто плохо сделано
    If I had made such a steering wheel, this would be the last trip here. The bottom seam is not even, the skin on the sides is wrinkled … Just poorly done

  4. You are an incredible content creator. Gives me goosebumps. It's not good for amateur level, it's great for ANY level. You are a PROFESIONAL. I've been watching you since 80,000 subs, I have several accounts and I'm subbed with one of them. Your production is as impressive, if not more, than your knowledge simply because you are a trained professional mechanic, so in that aspect, it's expected. You really know your shit.

  5. I just figured it out at 5:00 is what a base model car has but when you get a nicer package they just rap the same steering wheel

  6. Hey chris I have a 2002 Ford mustang v6 and me my fiance lo e the car and I decided to make a project out of it for her and I and thanks to you we are redoing the steering wheel thank you for your incredible vehicle keep it up my dude

  7. Why didn't you use glue all around the length? In any case your videos are great!:) ps – you probably couldn't imagine there are some guys who improve their English level by looking your channel. At least I do:)

  8. What would happen to the pleather/naugahyde if you hit it with a heat gun, afterward? I wonder if it would shrink tightly.
    Really great share – Every used Ford Explorer or Expedition needs this operation – the steering wheels all look like poop.
    Now, how do you reupholster the front leather seats that are always worn out??? This is the bigger downfall of every used Explorer/Expedition.

  9. Looking to repair my worn out wheel but I see I have to sew and glue and all that poop so I think I will just cut the old leather off, clean it up and be done with it. Personally I thought it looked better with no wrap on it.

  10. Are you certain that vinyl will hold up to the sun and weathering and what not? I'd hate for you to have invested all that time refurbishing upon material that won't go the distance your efforts are totally worth going far out on.

  11. Chris is so much more than a mechanic. I have done a lot of my own mechanic work but sew a new steering wheel cover!!?? No way. You da bomb man.

  12. Не ну это хуйня полнейшая так гавнисто шов сделать это пиздец. Чувак если ты попросишь сделать видос с моей работой я сделаю и ты поймешь что у меня произведение искуства))))

  13. We are opposites, I dont like the feel of a skinny steering wheel, I need to have a cover on there even if the steering wheel is mint, the cover gives it a nice thick feeling. 😀

  14. I basically subbed because I also have an sn95 Mustang lol. But I like all your videos and I'm glad I found this channel. My Stang is a 1995 v6, I put a cold air intake into it and underdrive pulleys so far. It feels faster after those two mods and after changing all the fluids. I hit a curb trying to drift it lol, and bent my rear left axle shaft and had to replace it with my dad, now I know how the differential works and how to put new rear end differential fluid in, it's not fun let me assure you.

  15. I have been on Youtube since it started. I have helped build a channel to 1 million subscribers. I am now 24 and am starting my own company based around car restoration. Your videos are what Youtube should be. Excellent detail, elaborate explanations with quality supporting visuals. I consider myself a competent individual, and yet I learn something new from literally every video that I have watched of yours. This comment was inspired by your description of how grains in fabrics work, even showing a extreme-zoom shot to explain visually. Thank you for putting this channel and these videos together.

  16. So I saw where you only disconnected the ground wire to battery and not the live. Is that the only one you have to disconnect? Cause my car has a professional sound system hooked up and the live wire disconnect is nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

  17. Wow got headache while seeing this video thats why in my country they are taking 200$ to repair while from junkyard you got it @50 $ 😁

  18. came out great for a diy now all i need it's a lot of patience or a professional to do it but knowledge is good to have no matter what thanks for sharing

  19. For the air bag to blow out the sensor needs to be connected. So before you pull out the airbag DISCONNECT THE SENSOR!!! Be careful if you try to do this!

  20. 15:26 – and that's the cherry on top of all that magnificent work, great job Chris, keep up the genius work

  21. I've done similar projects before and use a clamp to hold the material tight while I'm stitching. Thanks for all the videos man I've learned a lot.

  22. You can probably make some money by buying a $5 or $10 steering wheel at the junkyard, restoring it with this video and sell it "refurbished new" for like $50 and make profit.

  23. my steering wheel isnt ruined, but this showed me how I can customize mine with vinyl and different color stiching. thanks!

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