How To Save When Buying Car Parts (Junkyard)

How To Save When Buying Car Parts (Junkyard)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, if
you want to save money fixing your car stay tuned, because I’m going to show you
how you can save money on parts going to a salvage yard, there are all kinds of
good parts in a salvage yard, you just got to go down there and seek them out,
just because the vehicles been wrecked doesn’t mean they’re aren’t a bunch of good
parts to be used, maybe you need parts for an old camper that they don’t even
make anymore or maybe you want to save money buying a used airbag instead of a
new one or maybe your seats are worn out and you want to get nicer ones, you just
have to clean the old broken glass off of these and they look fine,
or maybe you just have a thing about a old vehicles piled up on top of each
other, maybe your car’s been wrecked and you want to save money buying a used door,
salvage lots have a lot of good parts just waiting for you to come get them
and don’t just think about Salvage yards for small parts, they have engines and
transmissions too, racks of engines from cars that were wrecked and rows of
transmissions and if you find a salvage yard that installs engines and
transmissions, you’ll find that you’re going to save hundreds if not thousands
of dollars on the installation cost and if you can’t find the parts you’re
looking at the salvage yard you drove too, there’s always a salvage yard
hotline, they can call to see if any other salvage yard has the part you’re
looking for, might sound a little strange to you, but it gets the job done, so the
next time you’re trying to save money buying parts for your car, why not try used
ones from a salvage yard, let someone else’s misfortune be a blessing in
disguise for you, and remember if you have any car questions just visit scotty and i’ll answer them!

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  1. My salvage yard is Ebay but I doubt I'm always getting the best price. Of course, salvage yards around here are more expensive than ebay so what is a person to do? And at least the stuff is tested and comes to me. I don't do it for huge parts but I have ordered things as big as a bumper. And seats. The seats were way better than I could have got locally and cheaper too. I'm in the rust belt and I try to buy parts from places where there isn't any salt.

  2. Hello Mr. Kilmer, in Austria and Germany, airbags have to be fired and recycled, selling them as used parts is unfortunately illegal. Too bad.

  3. A commercial parts manager at pep boys had us open a commercial account. No charge, pretty good discount on parts and she just had us say "davids garage" as the business name

  4. No joke about the potential savings from salvage yards – bought a starter from car w/ less than or equal to 1000 miles, primary impact from the rear (very far from starter in front): $40 – dealership price for new: > $800 !

  5. +Scotty Kilmer been watching your videos for around a year now, Finally decided to Subscribe and comment 🙂 Keep up the amazing videos and hard work !

  6. When I was a teen, I bought tons of parts from the junkyard for my car like, a window, seats, spare tire. Then I totaled it, and it end up in the junkyard

  7. Hey, Mr. Kilmer. What to look for when buying a used transmission (automatic)? How would you know if it is still good? Thanks.

  8. Hey, is it normal for a V6 vehicle to idle at 1500 one day, and the next more towards 2000, and vice versa?

  9. hey scotty when ahould i replace my wife? shes making a real bad whining noise. thinking about getting a used one because new ones cost too much.

  10. Windshield reveal strips $70 each. Junk yard: $5 each. Weather stripping over both doors, $40 per side. Junk yard: $6 for both sides. Quick disconnect clips for oil & tranny cooling lines: $2 each. Junk yard, 8 cents each. Mirror: Aftermarket junk $40, or OEM $140, Junk yard: $40. Transmission rebuilt: $1700 from a remanufacturer. Craig'slist $75 for a core, $800 for parts, and I have a transmission that will handle 600 HP easily, is worth $4800, any day of the week, red race clutches, Koline plates, Kevlar bands, 5 gear planetary, improved sun gear, heavy duty sun shield, etc. One of those $6000 AAMCO jobs that just won't die, no matter how hard you try to kill it. barring running is dry, knocking holes in it, or shooting it with a .357 magnum.

  11. hello scotty, I want to buy this car which has a big deep dent on the left side. probably it extends up to 10 inches, it is possible to repair any kind of dent on any car? or how much can it cost to repair, also the paint has been scratched, its a Hyundai genesis by the way. thank you!

  12. Hey Scotty. Love your videos. You have no idea how many I've shared with friends. I sell used car parts on eBay for a living. When it comes to air bags, I always feel funny advertising them as used. If they were used, they'd be deployed and nobody would want them. While the ones I sell have been carried around in cars for years, they've never actually been used!

  13. Sometimes I'm asked if the air bags have been tested. I always respond with "absolutely not". If I tested them, you wouldn't want to buy them.

  14. As far as tires go ; they say never to buy used one's. I think my dad bought used one's when I was a kid for our second car. However it had a flat spot and that can be annoying as anything.

  15. the trunk lock broke on my crown vic. i looked online and the cheapest i could find was about 120 bucks.
    i contacted my salvage yard and got one for about 40.
    yep, salvage yards are the way to go.

  16. I have a 1991 towncar they are almost impossible to find parts for in NYC Scotty. Im going to fix it sell it and get the 98.

  17. Thanks Scotty Kilmer. imma go to a salvage yard to get new seats for my car instead of going to the mechanic. I wanna save money.

  18. I hate the all salvage yards why?
    Because they wanna tons of money for the rusty junk because they don't make the better storage place for those parts and you will never get some warranty for the used parts as the engine or the transmission or even the alu radiator is just the pure leaking junk because in the radiator was no the proper liquid and that's why thais radiator has become a junk, and they don't sell the entire cars for parts even if you will ask them you wanna pay for the all parts in there and just get that car for your own garage because you need all the parts and you wanna get those parts for the restoration long term process or just you wanna do some repair training before you will do some damage some engine parts in your car.
    So the better move is just get the next another car when those cars are still avaliable and then take all those parts what you need then you will save tons of dollars for used shity parts from the salvage yard.
    The other serious problem with salvage yard is they don't repair cars so you can't find help in there even if they got the right know how and tons of used parts plus they don't repair the cars what they buy and they don't sell those cars again even some classics and some other cars with the good condition of the engine or the body because the previous owner was just wanna get rid of that car because that car was old but it was okay.
    What can you find in this place?
    The windows? The windows are scratched so badly because the salvage yard was don't give a damn on that how they care about the car parts and just buying the front windshield in the salvage yard is the bad idiotic idea because when you wanna drive at night then you will see a shit.
    So do you wanna save money on parts then call for a discount at the car or bike parts shop and promies that you will be buying the parts over there also you should use the old dirty clothing like the car mechanics are do then you will save money on the car parts also you can find out the better prices at the internet or in the car parts shop for the same parts but in the brand new ciondition then in that salvage yard.
    So the salvage yard is the good idea?
    Only then if you know what you can find over there like the parts for the old cars or the body panels like fenders doors hood trunk etc.
    But don't buy the plastic interior panels or even bumpers because you will not gonna install again the plastic bumper without serious problems because that part is got the breakable plastic elements and you can forget about the installation.

  19. I bought my whole car at a salvage yard. Came with some bonus front end damage, but the frame was good, most of the body was good, the glass all good, the engine and transmission rock solid(though I do have to flush and refill with the proper coolant).

  20. On small parts I would just put them in my pocket and walk out the door without paying. Today I'm more honest.

  21. sad thing is the main wrecking yard where I am at has been picked about clean and just old stripped stuff. The network for junked parts is a good idea.

  22. make sure you wear your old used shoes or boots cause there's oil stains on the ground, muddy section if it rained a few days before…

  23. 0:02 I'm used to him saying "rev up your engines!!" really excitedly, so when I heard him say that, it sounded like he was depressed, I couldn't stop laughing, it was such a change

  24. some parts yes to the salvage yard .
    i got my parts from rock auto way cheaper than autozone too .they all sell the same parts make in china

  25. DON'T DO THIS! now days most online parts are about the same as salvage parts, sometimes $10 more expensive but it saves you the Hassel of removing it and it's new

  26. Nothing makes me feel more safe than a junkyard mechanic installing an engine with 200 thousand miles on it in my 1999 dodge minivan.

  27. you look at most the vehicles in a junkyard and you can tell most of them were just neglected and abused.. its sad and alot of them didnt even make it to 200,000 and my suburban made it to 453,000

  28. Junk yards are getting stupid on their prices, these days you pay new prices while new prices have went out of this world, sorry but there has to be a limit somewhere and I think we have reached it. As high as there prices are now, most of the time I just buy new, which the junk yard is exactly that, a junk yard. My big question is, why would you price yourself out of business? GREED.

  29. Where I live sometimes it cheaper to just buy new parts. We have very few salvage yards so they charge an arm and a leg for parts.

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  31. Always a good time at the yard.
    Unfortunately in NYS you can't legally buy a used airbag. Senseless state costing me more money.

  32. Salavage yards are great, especially if you're in a pinch. I fucked up a brake caliper on my car and didn't have money to buy a new one. So I went down to the local yard and I pulled a caliper off a car that had 28,000 miles! Installed and bled the brakes and the car stops great! Only paid $45 for the used part and another $10 on brake fluid, a roll of clear tubing, and a Gatorade bottle. Who knows how much a new caliper would have been along with paying someone to install it. Do it yourself! You will be satisfied.

  33. You better make damn sure whatever you buy will work for your vehicle, because these places are "all sales final". Don't act excited when they have your part, they will quote you a higher price than normal. Play the game and tell them you're shopping around and don't give a shit.

  34. For strange reasons in south Africa they don't allow people inside to view cars but always emphasizing that you must only talk to the clueless cleck behind the counter. I drove past many savage yard here and when you turn back to most of them you find Congolese guards who tells you that you can only get served on the counter.

  35. I find brand new parts all the time at junkyards. brand new 1 year old alternator for $30….autozone want $150

  36. My battery and alternator both crapped out on me recently. And while trying to take off the old alternator I made the mistake of not taking off the nut that is on top of the top alternator mounting bolt/stud and went to town and stripped the head of the stud. Ford quoted me $17 on new ones and would have to pay upfront and wait 5-7 days! Cuz it shipped out of Detroit. Went to a couple u pull it yards today, the last one I finally found what I needed on a 4 cylinder. I showed them the metal alternator stud and nut. He said thanks have a good day. Didn't even charge me for entry or the parts! Think me bullcrapping with them and being nice also helped that situation as well.

  37. YOu have to watch what you buy. When I was young and ignorant about cars, I bought some used balljoints (what was I thinking?). They didn't last as long as it took to install them. Nowadays you can't patrol the yard and remove parts. They are all stocked and inventoried which means high prices if you can find what you want.

  38. When I drove my smashed up Bravada until it stopped working, I bought another one that didn't run and did part swapping myself. I literally saved hundreds of dollars!

  39. Self-service wrecking yards. Most have half-off days around major holidays. One trick is, go early, hide your part in some other car in another section of the yard, come back on half-price day.

  40. I finally disagree with you on one thing… Them damn hotlines are a ripoff! I've got an old trooper with a gazillion miles on it and every time I called that stupid hotline I got this a-hole from Chicago calling me back named Rodney. Boy was he a prick! And tried to sale me used parts for high dollar. If the first thing outta these pricks mouth is "Ohhh parts for those are hard to find, oh look I just happen to have one" just hang up the phone. Tried to sell me a used throttle body for like $800 hate thAt guy. I paid $1500 10 years ago for this beast. I told him to just keep it ?. I called that stupid hotline years later and the EXACT same prick called me back… I gave up. But going down to them pick and pulls is a great idea! You will save ?
    PS love the videos ? You crack me up!

  41. Love the pick and pulls. Often times you will find new parts on cars. People just replace parts and hope to get lucky before they throw in the towel.

  42. Scotty please help I want to buy a used rear end from a salvage yard I need your advice !! I need the masters advice

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