How to Sell Junk Cars : How to Sell a Car to the Chicago Junkyards

How to Sell Junk Cars : How to Sell a Car to the Chicago Junkyards

Hi my name is Daniel Baldwin from Kurt’s Auto
Wrecking in American Fork, Utah. And I’d like to tell you today how to sell your junk car
in Chicago. Now the first thing you should do before you even start anything else is
to take all your personal items out of the vehicle and to make sure you have a title
and to take your license plates off the vehicle. Now next you want to find a place that you
can sell that buys these junk cars. And what you can do is go into the phone book under
recycling centers or salvage yards or pick a parts like our yard here in Utah. And you
can call the or you can go on the Google search and type in any of the keywords there again
and they can direct you to many yards and the best thing is to call around and see who
is paying the most because you have a commodity and it is worth some money. Now it is important
that you have a title and that you can take that title in to the business that you are
selling it, selling these cars to and they can help you fill it out properly, so please
do not fill it out before you get there. And just come on in with that title or if it’s
inoperable or you just don’t want to drive it we can come tow them off then you come
in again with the title, and we pay you at that time.

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