How to Sell Junk Cars : How to Sell a Junk Car in Indiana

How to Sell Junk Cars : How to Sell a Junk Car in Indiana

Hi my name is Daniel Baldwin. I’m the general
manager from Kurt’s Auto Wrecking in American Fork, Utah. And today we’re explaining how
to sell your junk car in Indiana. Now the most important thing you can do first is to
empty all of your personal items or anything else that you’d want to keep out of the vehicle,
and take your license plates off. Next, you probably need to find a yard or a business
that will buy your junk cars. Now the way to find those businesses is to look in the
yellow pages or do a Google search for things like recycling centers, scrap yards, salvage
yards or pick-a-parts, like our business here in American Fork. Now also, if you would like
to sell these vehicles, you need to have a title. And, it’s not a big deal, just bring
your title in when you want to sell the vehicle and we can help you fill it out. And, we prefer
it actually that way, that you do not fill out the title until you come on site so that
we can help you with that, and you can bring in the car. And also, if the car is inoperable
or you just don’t want to drive it in, we do offer towing that we can come pick up that
car, and then you come in afterwards with the title and we pay you at that time.

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