How To Set GShock Hands (Analog)

How To Set GShock Hands (Analog)

Hello everyone my name is Hyun and in this video I’m going to be teaching you how to set the analog of a digital and analog g-shock watch now typically when you set the digital part of a digital and analog watch of G-shock the digit the analog will correct itself to the right time to match the digital function But there are some times when the analog will always be off So right now. It’s 12 o’clock and and as you can see on my digital Screen I’m going to adjust it so it’s 12 o’clock right now, but the analog is off so Usually when you set the digital to 12 o’clock the analog should follow? So the reason for that is on the H set handset mode the SU be sub + 0 0 0 function is not aligned to the 12 o’clock And the way you can find this in your module user’s guide book Depends on your watch this word this will work for any other watch If you open it up to the procedure lookup it will be titled to adjust home position and That will tell you how to access to the H set mode, which is the mode that you’re looking for? So from this particular watch all watches are mostly different from this main position where the data is showing and the date of the day of the week is showing you’re going to hold forward for about 5 seconds and Then it’s going to access to the H set mode the first position that you want to be seeing is the su be and what that means is the Little circle at the 12 o’clock position has to be aligned to the 12 o’clock And we’re just going to forward it until it’s set correctly And afterwards after you put that to the exactly 12 o’clock position Pressing mode again now. It’s going to go to the zero zero zero And this is going to be pointing out the hour and minute hand and this also You want to? You want to have a line to the 12 o’clock position I? Believe if I press the reverse it’s going still going to reverse direction Yep, so When you usually hold the reverse and hold you forward It’s going to automatically go and when it gets close to it You can press it again to make it stop, and you can are micro adjust it little by little all Right so they’re both at the 12 o’clock position and from here you just finish it by pressing the adjust button and now everything is set so 1202 and 1202 and That’s how you set a digital analogue watch the analog part on a casio g-shock Thanks for watching please subscribe leave any comments questions recommendations that you have below, and thank you

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  1. Hlo Sir. Sir after doing all this the problem still exists. The analog time is not matching with digital time. Pls guide

  2. Awesome job man. Thank you so much.
    I bought my G shock from Watch it and I took it back to them and 4 IDIOT watch makers couldn’t figure this out.
    YOU ROCK ❤️❤️

  3. After countless videos this is the only good quality video with accurate set by step instructions on how to do it! Thank you so much!!

  4. At first I thought you was only putting it to 1200 because that was the time. And I was upset that I couldn't get it still until I realized I needed to just set the analog to 1200 and it'll correct itself. This video saved me a bunch of time.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. This watch has been driving me crazy trying to figure out how to fix the analog hands.

  6. Literally my mum fucking bought me a fake g-shock and I got pissed off that the time was fucking wrong I tried doing this method but it didn’t work on my stupid fake g-shock now I don’t want to wear this piece of shit ever again

  7. After trying for more than 48 hrs and watching mulitple useless videos, I was able to correct the time with your help. Thank You.

  8. You are a fantastic soul on earth!!! User's Manual is a bit confusing. Your video couldn't be more straightforward!!! I adjusted my Casio GA-100 in a few minutes!! Thank you very much. From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  9. Thanks for this video. My watch has been out of sync for months. Didnt bother. I watched this vid and did as you said. Now im feeling fulfilled and in sync.

  10. Maybe if you replied and helped people with their questions, you’ll get more followers. Every time I hit adjust after I set the time, the time goes right back, it just goes back to its original time I was adjusting it from.

  11. Thank you so much. Like Daryl, I spent hours trying to decipher the instructions in the user manual. You're a rock star.

  12. Thank you so much. I've been trying to resolve it for almost 2 days and i can't fix it. I though my watch is not working. You made my day

  13. JESUS FREAKING CHRIST DUDE, you are truly a SAINT for this. I have been trying to adjust my watch since the time change last month and somehow messed up my h-setting. Thank God I found your video!!

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