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  1. I have hyundai tucson 2017. I try remote with key connect to car but not work that just demo.. mean connect care package $ 9 month? I dont understand.

  2. CAUTION: Despite the fact that this video features the registration of a Genesis (inconsistently, in the second half), if you actually have a Genesis, you need to go to a different website than the one they feature here. This was a pretty annoying and confusing thing for me considering I already knew Genesis was a Hyundai brand and figured that maybe Blue Link was still under Hyundai. Turns out if you actually try to register, you will get an error at the last stage telling you that you need to visit… MyHyundai… click the link and you end up in exactly the same place. It took a true stroke of genius (not really) to realize maybe the error message was buggy and maybe they meant "my genesis" (not a real website). Ultimately, you have to go to https://owners.genesis.com and NOT the stated Hyundai owners site.

  3. Health status doesn't really tell you all that much. My new 2019 Santa Fe has hesitation and lane changing alert work's half the time. Health check didn't show any issues.

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