How to Spot the Difference Between OEM VS Aftermarket Parts – Orlando Auto Body Quality Repairs

How to Spot the  Difference Between OEM VS Aftermarket Parts – Orlando Auto Body Quality Repairs

alright guys Shane Orlando with Orlando Auto Body here today to talk about aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are often suggested or used by insurance companies to repair your car I want to show you the difference this is an original manufactured equipment part. You just notice on these parts the thicknesses aren’t the same okay the factory part is thicker than the aftermarket part. On the aftermarket bumper bracket the hole is cutting it close to the edge and the american-made or factory bracket from the manufacturer has a little bit more meat on the bones. There’s been many studies about aftermarket parts first and foremost they’re not crash tested beyond that though manufacturers have put aftermarket parts on their cars and then ran them through a crash test to find out that there’s a hundred percent more damage as a result. These parts will not handle a wreck quite like the factory parts will and here at Orlando Auto Body we refuse to use them. Okay we have two radiators here okay this particular radiator came from Nissan and it has 84 cooling tubes okay those cooling tubes are necessary and the configuration that the manufacturer decided to cool your car properly. Okay the insurance company has recommended that we use this aftermarket radiator okay this aftermarket radiator with close inspection not only are there multiple you know in significant differences but the major one is that it only has 74 cooling tubes. That’s not going to perform in your car quite like the factory one that being said if you’re in a lease or you’re driving the car that’s still under factory warranty if you have any damage to the motor of that car and there’s an aftermarket radiator being used it can void your warranties. So here at Orlando Auto Body we don’t use these parts we only use original equipment manufactured parts when repairing your car. All right so I just wanted to show you an example if you look at these radiators when held up into the light the aftermarket one is a lot more transparent it has fewer tubes and cooling tubes. The factory one is a lot more dense likely to cool your vehicle a lot better just obvious when you hold them up in the light. Thank you

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