How to start a classic car that has been sitting – 1965 Buick Skylark – Preparation

How to start a classic car that has been sitting – 1965 Buick Skylark – Preparation

Twenty-two years since it’s been driven. Ten years since it’s been started. The question now is… will it start? [Intro music] Hi. Harley here. In the last video, I got everything cleared
out from around this car. So, today, we’re going to try getting it started. I need to change the oil. I need to drain and put more fuel in it. And I need a new battery for it because the
old one went dead and is long gone. But first I need to get some supplies. [Incidental music] I’ve been so focused on getting the convertible
accessible and cleaned out around it that I forgot about this corner back behind the
coupe. It’s been a long time since I’ve pulled everything
out of here and cleaned it out and there’s just a lot of dirt and dust that had blown
back in the corner. A lot of spider webs that had kind of glued
everything together and so I spent a little bit of time today to clean this out because
I needed space for a new toy that I picked up. While I was out getting the oil and oil filter
and things like that I also got a new air compressor. I’ve been wanting a new air compressor for
a while but didn’t have the place to put one or a project to justify getting one before. And so today with this project and now having
a little bit of space in the garage, I went ahead and got one but I didn’t have a clean
spot to put it. So, I went ahead and cleaned out behind the
garage here because I think it’ll fit here temporarily for right now back here. But, I’ve got these jack stands that have
been sitting on the floor for years. They have a tendency to collect dust around
them. They have a tendency to get spider webs around
them and it’s just a pain to always keep them clean, and so they never do stay clean. I realized I have a perfect space. It’s right here between the corner of the
garage and the garage door. To put them, they should be able to just hang
right in here like this. I think that’ll get them up off the floor,
make them easier to get to, and leave more floor space in the garage. So, that’s the intermediate project between
cleaning things up and getting things going. There’s always something, isn’t there? [Incidental music] OK. The new toy has a new home. All nice and clean. Ready to get put to use. [Incidental music] So, I got the oil changed. The fuel siphoned out. The air in the tires. And I kind of ran out of steam for the day. You can check out other videos in this project,
continuing in this series, up here in this playlist. If you’re interested in videos covering everything
from woodworking to electronics, photography and working on old cars, I encourage you to
subscribe and I’ll see you again in the next video. Until then, go make something. Perfection’s not required. Fun is!

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  1. Cool car vlogging, Im excited to see it running, if I dont run my car for 2 days the breaks seize on so I cant even imagine how exciting its going to be to get this one running

  2. This video is more of a vlog style than a how-to/instructional one.
    What do you think? Like? Don't like? Indifferent?
    Let me know in a comment below. Thanks!

  3. You have just gained a new subscriber… Keep the videos coming.
    At least your Buick has a nice garage to be stored in. My '70 Nova has been outside since about 2008 and off the road since 1996.

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