How to Stop Car Hesitation (Spark Plugs and Ignition Coil)

How to Stop Car Hesitation (Spark Plugs and Ignition Coil)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel Today I’m going to show you how to fix a car that’s
stuttering while you’re driving, as you can see here while you’re driving
it’s stuttering and pausing, now the first thing of course is to check for
codes, but unfortunately in this case the check engine light isn’t lit up, it’s
not coming on when the cars running and when I hooked up a scan tool as you can
see there’s no codes found so this isn’t going to help us, now you could ask the
cat but she seems more interested in cleaning herself, now this vehicle does
have a hundred and twenty three thousand two hundred ninety eight miles on it, so
basically it’s time to be logical I asked the customer have you ever had
this thing tuned up the spark plugs changed and she said not to her
knowledge, so we’ll start by checking them, always start with the most basic
things like that, now I know people are going to think Scotty isn’t the computer
supposed to find all the problems, well in one word no, they’ll only find
problems when they reach a certain parameter like if they’re off more than
twenty-five percent if you get minor glitches a lot of times the computer
won’t trip any codes so it’s no help in figure out what’s wrong, so go under the
hood and get to the spark plugs, we have to unplug the coil on plug take it out
and get the spark plugs out, so we unplug the coil here take the power off then
take this little bolt off, then we pull out the Coil on plug out it comes, now
realize that most spark plugs are five eighths inch which is on almost every
car uses for some reason Ford went with a crazy looking spark plug and it has a
fourteen millimeter socket so you have to buy a special socket for this engine, then
you get your socket wrench and take it off,
now here’s the old spark plug we’re going to measure the gap the widths here it’s
supposed to be 40 thousands of an inch and as you can see as we measure it, it’s
more like sixty thousand so it’s worn out now, so we’re going to put in a new
spark plugs, now on these modern spark plugs these are already coated so you
don’t need to put anything on them you just bolt them in and get them nice and
snug you get a nice and snug then turn it just a little so it’s tight now,
realize these engine heads are made out of aluminum so do this on a cold
engine don’t do it on a hot engine wait until the engines cold and make sure
when you plug the coil on plug assembly back in that it snaps in nice and tight
and of course change all the other seven out so you change all eight on this v8
engine and look what else I found when I got to the first plug on the passenger
side you can see the coil unplugs all covered with coolant little radiator
hoses leakin and it’s shorting this out so we’re gonna change this coil on plug
too, then after all that hot and sweaty work changing the plugs we crank her up
and let’s see how she goes, no hesitation now so the next time your car starts
hesitating and shuddering while you’re going down the road, why not fix it
yourself, and remember, if your car has any problems just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel before it’s too late

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  2. hey scotty i have a 79 ford bronco with a 351 Windsor in it and i put new plugs and wires in it but it wont start and backfires through the tailpipe and through the carburetor what do you think is causing this

  3. Yes Siri if by shuttering he means making the truck Shake why you're at a stoplight making you think you need new motor mounts it's for sure a bad coil my 04 Trailblazer had that issue went ahead and change all six coils and plugs, total cost for parts 96 bucks and he was roaring like a Monster again! Like it's seriously a must you will get the worst mileage ever with a bad coil, dealer wanted to charge between 6 and $800 just to change something that was right under the dam intake box! ridiculous!!!!!!!!

  4. Scotty I have new coils, wires, spark plugs. it ram strong for while now is sluggish acceleration on 94 oldsmobile cutlass ciera 3.1. could it be the mouthing unit the coils attach to? the coils slipped on easly

  5. From personal experience while changing the spark plugs on a 2008 mustang gt, tighten spark plugs to specs with a torque wrench.

  6. Awesome and useful video! Very clear explanations and instructions for diagnosing a car that is "hesitating"!

  7. My car Nissan Teana 2008

    My ignition coil (3) get burnent for every 80km

    The same coil

    What is the reason for coil failure

    How to rectify

    Your phone please

  8. LOVE THE CATS .MEAAUUU.MEAUU..meauuu..waww man thets was KOoOL MAN .IN.D.😊🍕🐯🐶🐼🐮🐭🐰🐸🐺🐱🐶🐯🐒🐵🐑🐼🐧🐣🐦🐢🐙🐞🐓🐕🐖🐁🐂🐲

  9. Hey scotty, i have a 1998 ford ranger xlt 3.0 automatic. 130k miles. At highway speeds between 55-70 the truck bucks and shudders. Ive currently changed plugs, wires, tps sensor, coil pack, camshaft sensor and also the camshaft synchronizer and nothing has fixed the issue. Im hoping you can give me a little advice and insight on where to go from here? Thanks!

  10. What about you said the coolant leaked onto coil…. How did you stop this ? My old car did the same but not a coolant hose anywhere near it, all other spark plugs wells where dry

  11. Is there a chance plugs may be defective? I changed my plugs like 3 months ago and for the first few months it was running fine now it started doing the hesitation no check engine light though 93,000 miles on the car

  12. Hello Scotty I like all your vedios and it always asdure me of what to do next.Right now Im expericing a problem with it sounds like hesitation. I feiel like Im dealing eith a u expetienced mechanic . So I need to no what to do as far as hesitation.

  13. after replace the spark plugs i forgot to connect one of the coil connectors, i didn't drive it, just turn the car on couple times, notice a hesitation, i turn it off, i connect the coil back, but now when going on the road is hesitating, what should i do ?

  14. My truck doesnt want to go uphill or go over 40 …..i already change fuel and air filter…change the spark plugs and wires …and clean the mass air sensor but still hasnt change

  15. My mower spark plugs has gas on iy. When I pill the other plug keeps in running, so today I pull the good plug out and the mower dies.. So does that mean it's only firing on one plug? what's happening is my mower when I give it Full Throttle it don't want to go but it runs great at idle.. Please help. It's a Honda 24.0

  16. Hi, I have a crysler 200c 2015 but when i press the gas pedal and the rpm goes up high but the runs slow. can this fix the issue? Thanks!

  17. After several months of gumshoe investigations. I conclude Scotty is a puppet mouth peice for CAT..kitty Zen..C ats A automated T translator.


  19. hi good morning, i have a problem with my g35 2005 sedan, (ignition coil screw broken , i change my spark plugs and did an oil change. i noticed that one of the coils ,#2 plug has a cotton/spongy material on top of #2 coil, when i remove it, it was a broken screw thats suppose to hold the coil down. i tried to see if i can remove, instead i put the sponge back , now my infiniti is sputtering, bucking, like misfires, I'm a young grandmother working on my car. i need some ideas on what causing the misfires i only change the spark plugs not the coils. im thinking its the broken ignition coil screw. i cannot remove it. i need a temporary fix to hold this #2 bolt screw down or find the best way to extract it

  20. darn ,my car was running great before they did the tune up , now is hesitating on third and fourth gear ,any abvice , thanks please ,also the iac Valve stoped workin but my mechanic said i could keep running the car with the valve disconnected. any advice please

  21. Hi Scotty , I have problem drive highway ,speed limit 60 , my car drive 25 speed limit ,What is the problem ,– Thanks

  22. Hello Scotty ,recently I done a tune-up an Nissan quest 2006 , we change also the valve cover gasket , plugs and coils , but when we done and start the the car we notice the catalytic converter bank 1 turn red also the car hesitation more then before . Any suggestion the we do wrong thanks!!

  23. Car hesitation?,sputering,dies at stops? It probally needs a new owner who takes care of it LOL

  24. My car needs spark plugs and coils replaced but the technician said only one out of the 5 had a misfire in it . The warranty only covers the one with misfire as the other ones are still intact … they recommend I replace all of them but the other 4 would have to be out of pocket which is $400 that I do not have. My question is , is it safe to drive my car until I can save up to replace the other 4 coils/spark plugs ? Or is it not necessary to replace them soon?

  25. I had hesitation and bucking going uphill. The spark plugs were done. Swapped them out and running way better. Thank you!

  26. 2002 Toyota Camry and my car keeps jerking back and forth when i accelerate I did do a full tune up change the maf senser and still the same problem, this started happening when I changed the oxygen senser once I've change the oxygen sensors top and bottom that's when it started jerking back and forth if you can please get back to me I appreciat it thank you

  27. That's nice Scotty. But what do the people do who have this problem who have cars with much less miles on them?

  28. Hello, I refueled my new car today, it was on reserve for the past 2 3 days and I didn't drive much. But after refueling my car started perfectly but after 10 mins or less it jerked 2-3 times severely and then it was not picking up power from the engine, I was accelerating it(pressed the accelerator fully) and the car was not picking up and the rpm was going up really slowly. It was like the brake was pressed or the break jammed but when I put in neutral the tires were free. Is this because of refueling? What should I do?

  29. Hello, Scotty. I have a similar problem…When I decelerate as I come to a stop or just decelerate in general, my car jerks a little as if I were downshifting. My car has an automatic transmission. Would that be a spark plug problem or an idle air control valve problem? Or something entirely different?…please HELP!

  30. I’ve got a question I’ve had all my sensors replaced but check engine light stays. What’s the reason for that?

  31. Great video Scotty, as always. I'll be installing spark plugs myself on my 06 Crown Vic Police soon. First spark plug change since I bought it. The first time I test drove it, it had a misfire and a check engine light. The dealer fixed it. I know the other cylinder plugs that weren't the problem during the test drive aren't the factory installed plugs. Since police idle the cars for hours and race the engines during an emergency, and long idle hours and high rpm wears plugs faster, I'm sure the police mechanics changed the plugs before the 100,000 miles maintenance mark in the manual. But I know the original factory plugs are platinum. It said so in the Ford website. So should I check the gap on the new spark plugs before installing, or install as is? I know platinum and iridium is harder than copper. So should I worry about the factory pre gap been affected because of the manufacturers storage or shipment bending and affecting the spark plug gap? Thanks.

  32. If one coil is bad is it okay to change that one bad one or should i change it the rest out too? I dont know if autostores sell them individually. Anyone????

  33. Recently changed all the spark plugs and the ignition coils. My car still has a misfire on cylinder one, but only when it heats up. I already changed spark plugs and coils around to check if they were the problem. The plug and coil that were originally in cyl. pne work well on other cylinders, and always, when it gets hot (running temperature) I get a cylinder one misfire. What could it be?

  34. Scotty kilmer can u help me have a 2005 Buick lacrosse with the 3.6 vvt engine it's doing the same thing so ik what I gotta do thanks alot

  35. I have Ford taurus 2002 automatic transmission 80000 little mileage due to car was stored . every thing is fine when i start the engine but when i drive it around 20 or  30 minutes it warms up and hesitates or shakes like gas cuts off or missfires but the engine don't idel and the the car has suffocation feeling when accelerator is pressed and does not speed sounds like no fule in the tank and the car don't run when i accelerate but when i restart the car at the same time the engine starts normally and when i press accelerate it takes some gas but don't run fine at full accelerateing and hesitates again and i do same steps until i reach my destination  . It could be the ignition coil or fule pump or any other sensor. So please Scotty help me.

  36. My car only hesitates, shudders and sometimes stalls when I first start the car it the morning. Once it gets going it goes for the whole day without any issues. The engine light does come on at times during the day (not flashing) and then will go off by itself. Sometimes the light can come on/off a few times in a day. No idea what's up with this.

  37. Thanks scotty. Just got car back from shop and was worried about fuel pump and other pain in the rear jobs. Checked plugs and one was actually barely on. Easiest fix of the day.

  38. I have a 01 hyundai santa fe 2.7 liter… weve fixed the spark plugs, new air filter, new battery, coil packs, the tranny lines leak bad their patched for now cant afford new lines… and also replaced fuel pump and the alternator… the a.c. hoses leak no a/c my heating is going out it will shut off by itself and only works on certain setting if I'm lucky… it has a rough sound to it.. it sometimes back fires has a hard time starting after filling tank.. will start and die… has a hard time starting period most times… it hesitates or stutters when accelerating which has almost caused a cpl accidents cause it doesnt want to go… we think it may be the plug wires the car is a hand me down that sat for almost a year I've had it almost 2 years now it has this like really weird noise I cant really explain also a ticking kinda noise we've fixed tires as well.. I'm not sure if its throwing codes it hasnt been hooked up in awhile.. we think some fuses have gone bad on top of the plug wires and my driver side window motor seems to be going out its making a noise and doesnt want to go more then half way up without help also seems just slightly off track… my mom who gave me the car thinks were the reason all this has gone bad but from what I can find on youtube these are common issues… anybody have experience with bad plug wires?

  39. Hey Scotty Im a giant fan love your channel. I have a 2007 Saturn Aura and it leaks oil a little and it jumps and makes a juke when switching gears! What can be the problem, any suggestions or solutions! please help and thank you 🙏

  40. I had a quick question on my Honda Civic DX 97 when I accelerate it loses power I don't know if it's because my spark plugs or cuz I need a new fuel pump

  41. Hay Scoty, what about an engine which cuts the power mid crank, I turn the self start switch, the engine turns probably half round and all the electronics die for a sec, then they start again and the cranking starts again to die as before.

  42. I change my plugs and cables I my car still hesitates at stop signs and when parked its 1976 dodge aspen canyon please help?

  43. @scotty Kilmer Hey Scotty great videos!!! 😀 they are awesome. I have a question. I have a mustang and when I go to accelerate at a stop light it takes time to speed up is this something spark plugs could fix?

  44. scotty my car was working but, it died as the car was on the fans were still running the radio was on but the gas to the car turned off had no power when i pushed the foot peddle down i turned the car off and back on the car started ticking but wouldn't turn over had full power is this an ignition coil problem? it wouldn't even start or turn over fully with my feet to the floor

  45. Hey Scotty my cars been jerking at speeds of 65-70 mph. I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla le. It did it really bad about a year ago then I didn’t drive it for 4 days at one point and it completely stopped jerking for a while. Since then I blew my engine and had it replaced and thought the problem would never come back but last night I felt it start jerking again. It wasn’t too bad but a year ago it got so bad I was worried I should pull over and took local streets back home instead of getting on the freeway. Could it be my ignition coils? Once in a while the check engine and traction control lights come one at the same time and last about a day. One time Auto Zone told me I have a solenoid problem. And I always thought it was my gas cap setting off the lights. Thanks again for your show and if you don’t get to this I understand.

  46. Scotty, What happens when I'm NOT able to get any Ohm readings from my primary…I double checked to make sure I had the common pin, and I'm unable to get any response from the multimeter @ 200 Ohms. Is that a sign of a bad ignition coil, please respond? Thank you in advance.

    Just a few more information on what's going on; 2004 Outback EJ259 2.5L. Was getting the following engine codes P0057, P0037, P0303 & P0304. I've replaced all spark plugs (cylinders 3 & 4 was oily), installed new valve cover gasket kit, and replaced both downstream O2 sensors. This took care of engine codes P0057 & P0037, but the Cyl 3 & 4 misfires still exists 🤦🏽‍♂️

  47. I'm changing the gasket seal on my 2005 Honda Civic. Oil has leaked into the spark plugs so I'm changing the coil packs too. Is it important to use genuine Honda coil packs and is it OK to just replace the damaged ones or should I do all 4? Love your videos, given me confidence to work on my own car and saving me loads! Thanks a bunch

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