How to Stop Car Windows from Steaming Up

How to Stop Car Windows from Steaming Up

Hey guys Chris fix here and today I’m going to show you how to prevent your windows from fogging up. Sure you could use products from the store to keep your windows from fogging up but did you know you could find products around your house that will do the same thing In this video were going to test potatoes, baby shampoo, hand sanitiser and shaving cream against the store bought anti-fogging treatment so lets first go over why windows get all foggy. Fog happens because theres a temperature change and because theres humidity… right now its cold outside, my body heat is warm, and my breath is warm and its humid… and thats what creates fog in the winter time. In the summer time it’s kind of the opposite, it’s warm outside… but you turn your AC on on the inside, so it’s cool on the inside and any of the moisture inside the car… is going to turn into fog on your windshield. To get the glass foggy I have a hot pot of water… as you can see the glass fogs up completely… and this is our control test, so that you know the glass will fog up. Now I can go and clean off the glass… and we will section off the window in 5 parts to test each defogger. Now with the window sectioned into 5 parts… let’s apply the products. The first product we’re going to try is the Rain.X Anti Fog… the directions say just to put some on a towel… and just rub it right on the glass. Make sure you cover all of the glass… and then take a dry spot on the paper towel and lightly wipe so it removes any streaking. So the top left square is the Rain.X. The next product we’re going to use is shaving cream. All you do with the shaving cream is get a little bit onto the glass… and then you work it in with a paper towel. I’m using a new paper towel so we don’t contaminate. Again make sure you cover all the glass. Now you buff off all of this until it’s clear. And eventually it get’s clean, this definately takes a little more effort then using the Rain.X… Ok our shaving cream on the top here is done. We’ll move down to the bottom corner. On the bottom corner I’ll be using an old scuba driving trick that I use for my mask. If it keeps the mask from fogging up 60ft under water It should work on my truck so we’ll just apply that, again making sure we get it everywhere and then we’ll get a clean paper towel and just lightly go over the top So we remove any streaking so its nice and clear When your doing this you don’t want to remove the layer you’re putting on here you just want to make sure you can see through the glass and its clear Now lets test the potato So your probably thinking potato ? what the heck ? this is one of the urban legends as a scuba diver, you’re suppose to be able to split a potato And then just take the end here And you rub it on the glass Make sure that you cover all of the glass The Liquid from the potato is actually pretty clear, Maybe this will actually work To be honest with you i’ve never actually tried it Get a clean paper towel and we’ll just lightly buff off any off the streaks And thats streak free and looks good And then the last one is going to be the hand sanitiser just get a little bit and put it right on there and then we’ll rub it right in And then we’ll get a new paper towel and buff it out Get that nice and clear just like the others So in this corner we have the rain.x Shaving cream Baby Soap Potato Hand Sanitiser Now lets go get the steaming hot water and see how it works So we have our hot pot of water Lets test it out So as we can see our rain.x And our shaving cream Worked great Now if we go down to the bottom here Our baby shampoo left some kind on residue when it gets humid so it does not look that great Actually feels kinda soapy, which makes sense Our potato again, left some kind of residue, doesn’t look that clear, its not soapy at least And then our hand senatiser which is alcohol the reason people say it works is because its alcohol That obviously didn’t work So from our results we can see the top 2 came out great These 3 didn’t work out that well The Worst being the hand sanitiser But the Potato and the baby soap didn’t work that great either So in conclusion the shaving cream worked just as well as the store bought rain.x Everybody has shaving cream at home So in my mind its a clear winner, you don’t need to go out and buy anything special It didn’t fog up, it looks nice and clear, and it was pretty easy to apply The results speak for them selves Before and after No shaving cream Shaving cream Pretty good difference there Hopefully this video was helpful If it was, remember to give it a thumbs up If you’re not a subscriber, Consider subscribing

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  1. RainX products are dangerous. They create a film which becomes blinding when the sun hits your windshield. Took months for it to come off. Does the opposite of what its designed to do.

  2. One urban legend is to lick the entire surface of the window and gently wipe off with a woolly sock. Give it a try I haven’t but you should. Lol jk

  3. I was under the impression there was some sort of device already installed in my vehicle that I could turn on and off that would stop my windows from fogging up….

  4. These are band-aids. Remove the moisture, put some kitty litter in a pillow case under the driver's seat. Or buy actual desiccant packets.

  5. I got a better one if you can—Wear something covering your ears and open your window just half an inch… Never need to use any of this.

  6. You realize you should have had another section of window untreated. That would have been a proper control. Just sayin…

  7. Shaving cream costs about the same as rain x !!! And rain x Is easier to apply and clean, so why use shaving cream ???!

  8. When your windows are all foggy, open all of them the last minute before you arrive. Chilly, but your windows will be clear in no time. Do this before you are at a full stop. You need the breeze. Good if you have a broken rear window defroster.

    Opening all windows can also be used when your air inside is warm and very moist, like when your carpets have dried up – or your dog :-). Open windows and vent moist air. And put aircon on full if it still works (unless it is too cold). Aircon dries out the air.

  9. Guy: "Why is your window soo foggy? what did you use to clean it, a Potato?"

    Chris: "Why, yes i did"

  10. Easy answer to stop fog before doingnthese steps. Stop fucking in your vehicle before you get to your destination. Lose weight sor stop breathing so hard. And finally the last step. Go down to Walmart and try the fish sandwich i sware they suck ass but my buddy told me there to die for so let me know if there good ill do a poll.

  11. You don't need all that! Just clean your window with just regular wet towel then dry. You may need to do it twice if needed, then dry it off. Use a really good cotton fabric to do the final drying process until windows smooth. If it's all clean no matter how cold it is outside your window won't fog up. Been doing this for years!

  12. Go home for lunch time instead of a forest preserve will keep your windows from fogging up and your wife from taking your bass boat

  13. I have 3 cars. I never have this issue. I see people driving down the road with fogged up windows all the time. I do not treat my windows but my cars have defrosters/defoggers. I've been told that this is a major problem but I've never seen it. Oh sure, these remedies are everywhere from potatoes to KY Jelly but really? How do you dog up the windows in your car? Ok maybe that last remedy threw light on it , but that begs the question about the other remedies. If your windows are fogging up, something is not as it should be. Note, fogging windows can be a sign of water leaking your car and possibly a leaking heater core. Perhaps a closer inspection of operation is in order? Just saying.

  14. The hand sanitizer has propalyne Glycol which is cousin to Ethylene glycol aka Antifreeze ever had a heater core leak? That's why NOT the alcohol.

  15. It's pretty easy, the wife and i just stopped having sex in the car!!!!!! 😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😁😁😂

  16. i tried Barbasol shaving cream on my bathroom mirror … it dint work and had a hell of a time cleaning mirror after that, I'm guessing it must be all in the type of shaving cream you use …

  17. I live in India and it gets really hot during the summer so a potato is a no go, I don't my car smelling like French Fries.

  18. Turn the air conditioning on. It can be on hot. I borderline have mine on all year. I've never had any issue with it turning into frost. Don't fucking aim it at the windows.

  19. As teen agers we wanted the windows to fog up at drive-in movies. We didn't go there to see the movie. We went there on a hot date and fogged windows gave us privacy. Teens don't know that today.

  20. How did you get away with not showing your face….& making some money here on YouTube? You deserve all the money you get btw…as your videos are fantastic 👌 just asking for help as a fellow youtuber…been at it a long while…with zero success 😥

  21. I'm going to try the shaving gel…My windows always fog over when my dog is in the car…he breathes so heavy, especially after a run in the park….do I shave him before or after his run ?

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