How to Succeed in the Car Business – The Bottom Line

How to Succeed in the Car Business – The Bottom Line

everybody’s got an opinion but this is
The bottom line what it is back again Bradley with another bottom line this
one is for people in the car business you know I started out my career in the
car business and I learned quite a few things it’s a wonderful boot camp for
anyone that wants to figure out sales you can make a ton of money if you’re
doing the right thing so this one is for you guys hopefully this will start out
in a sales meeting if you guys are using this in a sales meeting man tweeted out show me a picture show me some love put
it on my facebook give me some comments and let me know that you liked these cuz
I’ll make more and more for salespeople listen man here’s what you need to do to
make a lot of money in the car business the first thing you need to do when you
get to work every single day is walk your inventory figure out what you
brought in the day before what you take in on trade and what do you have
available to offer your guests the people that walk their inventory every
single day and know exactly what’s on the lot and what you have to offer far
outsell any other sales person on the planet so walk your inventory first
thing in the morning make sure that you do a checkup from the neck up make sure
that your head is right people don’t want to buy from a pissed-off all grumpy
ass dickhead salesperson so get your attitude and check b+ smile man make
sure that you are one hundred percent positive and you look good and smell
good when I say snow good if you smoke wash your hands bro I don’t know if you
know this but just stink like ass thirdly i want you to know your product
make sure you understand the product that you’re selling for selling new
vehicles know your product and then fourth of all make sure that you
understand that you need to sell yourself because they might be able to
get another toyota corolla or another nissan pathfinder or another BMW just
like the one you’ve got because you’re selling new cars right down the road for
cheaper well guess what they cannot get you down
the road cheaper there’s only one you and you need to
sell the value of yourself to your customers because most of these cells
people they just want to worry about price well if you can sell yourself there’s
nowhere else you can be reached there’s no where else they can get you included in
the deal and if that’s not a value if that’s not worth a little extra money
man then you need to re-evaluate the
customer service that you’re giving your customers the fifth thing a car salesperson can do
if they really want to make money and they really want to be successful work
the service drive there’s more cars going in and out of there every single
day that are having troubles issues and big bills in order to fix them that you
are missing because you’re not over in the service dept I mean think about it
people are driving in there all day long what do they have they’ve got problems
with their cars well you’ve got brand-new cars with full
warranties maybe their cars out of warranty maybe their repair bill is over
$3,000 and 40 and no money down in the same payment they could get into a new
car and you’re not over there talking to people what’s wrong with you man so work the
service drive listen to your customer asked good
questions and listen to your customers because at the end of the day man the
bottom line when it comes to sales of any industry the better you are at
asking questions and listening to the answers the better you are at selling
and that’s the bottom line my friend hey what are you watching this form and
you should be walking the line checking out your inventory or learning your

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  1. Superb sales advice to make you sell any product, at any price, even in a tough economy! thank you Brad Lea😃 1.. Check your inventory each day, yes first thing as soon as you arrive👌.2. Check yourself to project a great image. Your attitude, suit, smile 👌3. Know your product inside out, back to front & upside down👌4.. Sell your self – add the unique value only you can give , which makes you invaluable as part of the deal! 👌5. Work the service drive regularly, talk to customers, help them to solve problems. 👌6.. Ask quality questions then Listen to your customer for valuable information on what problem they want to solve.🙌

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