How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay

How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay

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  1. Bravo señor! Now please do the inside! I'm working on my 94 cav, was a Junker on a sidewalk, a gift by my father in law, i wish we were buddies man, you seem like a really swell person! Keep doing what you are doing man!

  2. Just make sure you don’t disconnect the battery right before you get it inspected or the computer will not register anything

  3. That was a awesome video so much so I'm going to start a business to super clean marine and automobile engine compartment cleaning thank you .

  4. For people with normal cars not million dollar lamborghinis be aware that cars were made to get rain and wet under the hood and you can use common sense when spraying them off and be sure to use one of the new bays with the big air blower they have now.. Blow out the spark plug holes and the harnesses and other things and start the engine and warm it up and drive it to drive out any remaining moisture been doing it for four decades never had a problem but in the old distributor days a couple of times I did pop the lid off and wipe out moisture because they had a small metal window that you could lift up and were not sealed that well. ANyone that thinks most people will lovingly take apart every item under the hood and clean each wire and every item with a toothbrush IS INSANE..

  5. rust prevention underside video plz. I hear rustoleum rust spray and undercoatings are bad cause they seal the water and rust in then it spreads and eat metal from inside out! I need to know best way

  6. Just an FYI, I owned an auto reconditioning franchise and cleaned motors for dealerships. If you detail a motor with the battery connected, make sure the engine is on. Our franchisor told us about how he got down and dirty cleaning an engine bay, than the car wouldn't start. If you clean it while it's running and be careful around exposed electronics, that would be $200 in my pocket for that alone. If not you pay for a tow, get someone to dry and replace any parts, that is money lost. I like the battery idea!!!

  7. Geez! I came back to this video because I'm cleaning my engine bay today and realised that this was two years ago I watched this! Time flies!

  8. The key here is "NEVER USE SOLVENT SPRAY ENGINE CLEANER" which gets into alternator, AC pump, & belt pulley bearings and ruins them.  This guy is really very good but should mention this.  GOOD JOB…!

  9. 3 hours to clean your engine compartment and 10 hours of staging, filming, editing, redo's, etc. etc. When do you have time for your family, sports, friends, girls, etc?? Man, you are obsessed with youtube. These vids must make a lot of $$ ???

  10. Excellent training video for OCD detail techs! I see some JUNK cleaning as I bother used car dealers and test drive their cars, lol.
    I have kids now and live in dusty West so this is my condensed version for time's sake:

    On a sunny, hot day park in a shady, cool spot with slightly warm vehicle and…
    1. Remove chunks of whatever and critters (dead or alive) from bay area.
    2. Sweep hood, motor and bay with broom.
    3. Spray everything with 2 gallons of degreaser and let soak for 30 minutes, misting with strong soapy water or degreaser every 5-10 minutes to keep moist.
    4. Wipe down anything that looks like it fell off while soaking and spray everything top-down with "shower" setting on hose.
    5. Wipe up pools of water and chunks of blah…
    6. Put car in sunny location.
    7. When dry soak with rubber/plastic container and rub in as needed.

    This takes me two hours. I'd spend all day doing the thorough one like Mr Fix, lol

  11. You sound like you are a young fella who knows what he's talking about, and I love your Confidence and pleasant demeanor.

  12. I watched to try and figure out why there’s 17k dislikes, and I think it’s because this guy is massively annoying.

  13. I love how humble you are when you speak on other basic level cars and individual circumstance. You’re very inclusive when you address the parts and I still learn how to clean an economy car! Thank you!

  14. This motivated me to clean up mine. I didn't do as good of a job, but it is much better. Cleaning the insulation is something I never would have thought to attempt, but it came out good – be careful: when they're wet, they're too heavy for the pressed piece's own weight. I also broke a vacuum tee, but it made me find vacuum leaks that I didn't know I had. After replacing fittings, the engine runs much better! I'm on brush-up roll now, and the car is showing it. Thanks! I now have a dedicated bottle of Soapy Water, too 😁.

  15. Thank You! Have No clue how to clean the engine( I'm a cleaning company but not for automotive!)
    Your video makes it seem simple and love the excitement in your voice. Saving your video and gearing up for the challenge!

  16. If you own an older car a good thing we do is spray tire shine in the engine bay after cleaning and leaving it for three days. This makes any rubber pieces like radiator hoses and such to soak in that moisturizer from the shine making your hoses look really nice it sounds weird but works well

  17. You also need to point out that the engine needs to be cooled right down before spraying water in the engine bay. You can end up cracking a manifold or anything else that is hot.

  18. find the difference:

    beware really hard


  19. Thanks for this video, i watched this a long time ago & just now coming back to say Thanx!
    I detailed my jeep a few months back & just made a quick Video detailing my F250, I posted a link to this video if people wanted more details on how too! of course i didn't detail my motor 100%, it was a 'quick' clean!

    anyway Thanx again! wow~ Going on 26million views!

  20. I took a mustang to a car detailer and asked him to clean up the garbage from the engine bay, i came back and the engine was missing. Thats one way of getting rid of the garbage from a mustangs engine bay.

  21. I have a 1997 Northstar engine in my Cadillac SLS. Those engines can be finicky. I might try just some careful water and de-greaser instead of a full detail, but this video made me feel better about the process. Because, no joke…..I'm terrified at the prospect of cleaning this engine. But it's going to be a show car, so I need to get the engine clean. It's absolutely filthy and embarrassing to look at.

  22. your ability to explain and guide every steps of the process is amazing!
    Can you make a video about French income taxes ??? Lol

  23. Very very nice video you are VERY good to explain and give complete and short informations the best of youtibe in my opinion ! Keep up the good work !! Yes please make an inside super clean interior video !

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