How To Swap Integra Seats In Civic EK || Honda Civic Ek9 Build

How To Swap Integra Seats In Civic EK || Honda Civic Ek9 Build

first up on the Civic hatchback is you
need to remove the four bolts that hold it in you will have one up here in the
driver’s side front one here on the center side I’ll have one here in the
back and then this one right across this one is the one that is different on the
Integra rails when you swap integra seats in civic. all right so first step remove the
handles for you just got to twist it a little bit you can pop them off now we
need to remove these two Phillips head screws on both and remove the whole side
trim off of these it’s on the clock spring side then the first step is
remove this ten millimeter bolt here and then we will have once we pull the rail
back is a 12 millimeter bolt that sticks up right here
the one difference on the Integra rail is you still have this 10 millimeter but
you also have a 12 millimeter in the middle and so you have three bolts to
remove on the Integra one thing I missed is you have this cable in between that
allows you to adjust the seat front and back all you got to do is you slide down
a little washer bend up the rod and pull it out we got some Phillips head screws
to remove to go ahead on the other side is remove the Phillips head screws on
the old ek civic so which me on the other side is you need a 14 millimeter
socket get out this bolt this bolt and then you need a 12 millimeter socket to
get off this one this one’s actually hinged off the whole back assembly so
when you get these two off you’re gonna have to pivot it up to pop this piece
off all right so the last step is to hook up
your cable hookup so I look at the bottom one now it’s time to leap the top
and you feed your retaining washer back on which this will be tricky to do with
one hand there we go now that the seat is back in
the car or if you can see here it fits perfectly now I need a thread these
screws back in I recommend threading all four in and getting them lined up before
you torque them down I think the biggest improvement for me guys is just the
bolsters are nicer your butt fits in between the seats better with the most
important part is I have lumbar now whereas the Civic seat had no lumbar
support whatsoever so these ones have a little bit of adjustable lumbar just to
make it sit that much nicer I think in rooms about the same think not a bad
upgrade so guys thank you so much for watching and check out this video please
be sure to share and subscribe hit that subscribe button guys I’m gonna be doing
a ton more civic videos I got the rest of the swap to put in thank you guys for

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  1. Nice! Snagged a minty set of Integra seats and gonna make the swap. Got backs as well. Any idea what the back seat swap is like? As in, the backrests and bottoms. Gap issues?

  2. Your video helped me out. For some reason when I was looking at instructions online I thought I had to swap the part with the coiled spring attached. 🤦‍♂️ It's all good now. Thanks mang. 🙏

  3. Im taking 96 civic seats and putting them into a 88 hatchback civic Sort of theyll be half 96 and half 88 seats.

  4. Should have used em with the integra rails they fit fine the 4th bolt you need to drill and make the hole a bit bigger but it all lines up and bolts up annnd they sit lower also

  5. I was removing my seat and the wire Ripped is that wire Important? and what does it do I drive a 2000 Honda Civic hatchback cx

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