How to Tell if the Fuel Pump is Bad in Your Car

How to Tell if the Fuel Pump is Bad in Your Car

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  2. hey scotty can you please make a video showing to change a fuel pump on a 2005 jeep grand cherokee 4.7 ?,

  3. after changing my spark plugs and coils on my 2005 jeep grand cherokee i still have misfire P0300. Ive tried everything. do you think itll be the fuel pump thats gone bad?

  4. Scotty I got a question I have a 90 model mustangthat will not start I replace the fuel pump relay replace the relay to the computerif you cross over a fuel pump relay 3 to 4 the fuel pump will run but it will not prime by itself any ideas?

  5. Replaced the fuel pump in my 95 mercury villager…now i noticed a strong smell from the exaust. Could that be related?

  6. I quite like my Jaguar I have now I have an S-Type 4.0 very fast and has given me not too many problems. I've owned quite a few Jaguar xj6 has and those were really good cars. Very fast very good fuel economy and zero problems on one of the cars I had for many years. Until one day the rear end bearing in the differential actually came apart. But aside from that the car is Bulletproof. I'm thinking since I live in Europe and over here you need a big prestigious car for many reasons I probably will buy an XF next. I've driven one they're a little bigger than the S-Type but the new quality is pretty good. So I think that if you know how to do things yourself on the car and you're not afraid to do that I think that a Jaguar is not such a bad car to have. A lot of the parts are Ford. and there is a good online community for help

  7. Hey Scotty I need some help I just bought a 1991 Cadillac DeVille sedan and when I try to accelerate quickly it bogs and I get no power just studder but if I accelerate slow I have no problems also when I press the brake pedal it sometimes pushes back and becomes really stiff. What do you think the problem is it has a V8 4.9

  8. Hey Scotty, I am hoping you can help me out as I have gone to multiple mechanics and still have an issue! Firstly I drive a 1997 Chevy s10 6 cylinder, It’s been randomly stalling on me mostly at idle or low speeds, it normally starts right back up. Here’s a list of parts I’ve had replaced

    *fuel pump
    *ignition switch
    *ignition module
    *ignition coil
    *fuel filter

    I highly appreciate in advice you could give me and thank you for your time

  9. Hello Scotty,
    cranks smoothe no start; open circuit relay socket pin no power on load side no power on control side is this a short to power or ground or a bad ECM. ? Toyota corolla 2000. Efi relay is good and has load and control side power, what to do next?

  10. Scotty I have a jeep grand Cherokee 97 when I'm on the road it pulls back and takes off after a few seconds do you think you could help me out a little bit.? Thnk you

  11. Buy a new Jaguar while its still under warranty and sell it just before the warranty runs out. They are fun, but expensive to maintain.

  12. Scotty, curious if you have done any videos on how to change out a thermostat? I have a 05' Chevy Uplander, and I have been having issues with finding an exact location of where it is located, aside from it being on the right side of the engine. Thanks a bunch!

  13. Hello Scotty hope all is well. Yes I'm a female and love to fix on things especially my car. The only thing is that I don't have all the tools to do it my self. I changed my thermostat on the 7 of this month and my car still runs hot on and off and my oil light comes on and off. The fans do be on when I cut on the car. I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus and is in need of answers. This a the only car I have🤦🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😂

  14. " so you have learned two things. How to diagnose a bad fuel pump, in why not to buy a jaguar"😂🤣 pulled the words right out of my head LOL.

  15. I have a 2002 Ford Ranger. Here's how I tested whether my fuel pump was bad or not. 1st: 99.99% of all engine problems are one or a combination of three things. Air, Fuel, Spark. Tools needed, Screw driver, length of hose, starting fluid. 1st Take screwdriver and loosen air intake after the air filter, 2nd spray starting fluid in hose. 3rd Start engine. If engine doesn't start you most likely have a spark problem. If engine starts then dies, it's a fuel problem. 4th shove hose in fuel tank shove other end in your ear. turn key to RUN (Not start). If you hear the pump turn on, not the pump. No noise Pump not working but doesn't mean it's bad. #1: check fuze, if good go to #2: check fuel pump relay, if good go to #3: inertia switch, if tripped, reset. If not tripped disconnect electrical connector and hot wire across leads. Still no pump start? Start praying you have easy access to your fuel pump. You're going to replace it. Fortunately or NOT there were many things that needed attention in that area with my Ranger all of which would be much easier to address by removing the truck bed, opening everything up to work on from the top rather then crawl under in the dirt. Of course even a cheap voltmeter helps in checking the wiring as you go along. I have a fistful I picked up from Harbor Freight for FREE with the coupons they always send out or the LED lights they give away. They're actually good bright lights. A fuel pressure gauge is nice to have but not really necessary.

  16. Love your channel Scotty ! I have an 2008 impala 3.5l flex engine keeps throwing p0172 zero drivability problems LTFT is always -9 or worse negative. Throttle body / TPS , purge valve, vent valve, map are all new no difference. MAF is about 5gps at idle .

    2008 impala data

    1. Short term fuel trim. -2%
    2. Long term fuel trim. -9%
    3. HO2S 1. 769
    4. HO2S 2. 803
    5. Injector PWM. 1.10
    6. Engine speed. 2825rpm
    7. Mass air flow sensor. 16.41 gps
    8. Throttle position indicated angle. 24%
    9. Intake manifold pressure 69 kpa
    10. Vehicle speed sensor. 0. Km/h

  17. I have a 1994 Olds Cutlass Supereme S 3.1 & I have a few questions.#1 my power mirrors don' work.It'll go up down & right but not left.What's the issue? How can it be fixed? #2 I can't keep my trunk opened.I need something called a tie rod end I think.I've brought one from the dealer over 6 years ago,but GM don't make them any more #3 I need a MAIN SWITCH for my windows #4 I don't have any trim around the roof line.Could anyone fix that? #5 My key fob don't work.I've ordered over a doz and they would work for awhile;10mins and it stop.What can I do? Does the car has to be RE-PROGRAMED?

  18. Not very helpful with cars that have a ECM controlled fuel pump relay. Nissan's have them and sometimes they are under the dash in a very hard to access location. 🙁

  19. What's that vacuum noise when he cranks it , I turn my truck off and now it wont start and it makes that noise too

  20. Hey i have a 2012 ford fusion and it has been dying for no reason. No check engine light is on it just cuts off. Any ideas what's wrong with it????

  21. My wife’s dream car is a Jaguar and she asked for a new one for our wedding anniversary. I need to use your video to convince her to get instead a Toyota Camry. Will tell you later what happened.

  22. I have a 2013 infinity m37x. I just noticed that I give it gas the rpms go up but the acceleration is to slow. I believe there is no fuel filter. Or there is 1 but it is in the fuel pump and it is not under the hood. Is it difficult to replace it myself?

  23. Hey Scotty. Love your videos. My daughters car is a beater. My rules are, your first car must be older than you and it must be a manual. So, I have a 2001 Nissan Xterra 5 speed, that will intermittently not start. No fault codes are given. I had it towed to a mechanic that I trust and the thing started up and ran fine. They had it for 3 days. They checked fuel pressure, electrical, etc but could not duplicate the issue. Since then it has done it twice more. It started, drove about a mile then died. Then would not start again. now its fine. It seems to happen more so when it rains but i think this is a coincidence. Do you think I could have a dying fuel pump since it is intermittent?

  24. Scotty. beam me up. ok. no pressure @ line for 98 blazer 4d 4 wd. LS. hooked positive & ground wires from battery near to fuel pump as I could. No response. Is cheaper/better to put on external pump? I replaced fuel pump last year. No fun. Any advise is appreciated. Thanx

  25. My 99 GMC started up right away when it's cold after it runs awhile an then you turn it off then cranks an cranks till it starts it acts like it isn't getting any fuel then ideals real low if you pump the gas it will start but not fast like it should 😤??🔫💪🇺🇸

  26. Hi uncle , my 2010 Ford Edge limited is dying out as soon as I start , and it stalls every other day . Could you please help? Thanks and God bless you

  27. Love the way he insults jag designer. Lol
    He's an awesome mechanic, only one in entire world. If I was super rich I would have ship my car to scotty everytime it breaks down

  28. Hi .. im having a problem in my Mazda Bj3p Familia
    There is a engine miss while I pick up the car. Most of garage people said that injector problem, delco problem, plugs and air flower sensor. I changed all, but still the problem is there. Please help me to solve this

  29. Hi Scotty,mij car is not starting, a ford mondeo mk3 from 2001 benzine, battery is oke, the starter engine is oke, fuell is oke.maybe a relais for the fuel pump, but where is that relais located???or pump maybe not working.???

  30. Working on a 2000 Nissan Frontier. Fuse is good, i am getting power to the fuel pump. Turn ignition on hearing a steady hum.

  31. Scotty kilmer follows the dentist youtuber called Kotty Scilmer for all his Tooth issue’s. Love his videos tho

  32. For the S type Jaguar it costs about $10 to replace the fuel pump. Take out the back seat the pump is on top pop the plastic lid off it and take the inside part out. The part is actually the same made by will charge you like $500 but it is identical to a Ford one. Just replace it back into the unit..takes about 1/2 hour and 10$ on ebay for the part. Jaguars are best repaired by people that know jaguars.

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